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WindowsIGN (Oct 30, 2000)
Lights, camera.. entertainment? Unbelievably, the title's good for a few laughs when no better alternative rests within immediate reach. Despite being based on a second tier television show, Family Feud puts on the airs of a prime time contender. Granted, the game isn't deep or humorous enough to inspire a devoted following. Plus it also forces solo players to sit through computer turns. But give this puppy a chance and you'll be pleasantly surprised by its self-aggrandized dorkiness. Who knows, you might even learn something about the way the world thinks. Not that that's necessarily a positive.
PlayStationPSX Nation (Jan 18, 2001)
I still love watching "Family Feud" from time to time (Loui Anderson notwithstanding), but the PSX version sounds/looks only marginally like the TV show while playing exactly the same with way too many repeat questions to make it last longer than a brief (but very enjoyable and guilty) rental for its fans. Better luck to both Hasbro and the license now that they're both in the hands of the French (Infogrames liked Hasbro's games so much that late last year it bought the company).
PlayStationAll Game Guide (2000)
Family Feud is good for a rental if you have a friend, child, or spouse who wants to play the game with you, but personally wouldn't buy it, not even from a bargain bin.
PlayStationIGN (Dec 01, 2000)
There are better game-show games, better game-show conversions, and let's be blunt, a nigh-infinite better things to spend your money on nowadays. Let's can my nostalgic baggage for a little while and ponder whether anybody watches Family Feud any more anyway. This is an utterly mindless experience for one player, and if you've got friends that you want to play with, You Don't Know Jack is a much better choice. So don't bother, even for the bargain price this one's liable to be offered for.