Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Loading screen
The game starts with a fully animated and voice excerpt.
Peter fights the chicken, the president of Fox.
Each action requires some coins and time.
You can speed up time by buying a lot of clams.
Two activities to choose from.
There are many buildings you can buy, but most of them are not available right away.
Additional featured items for coins or clams
Peter's activities. Drag an icon on the right to the left to start it. Some will yield additional items for other quests.
Bonnie Swanson is unlocked as a new character.
Peter level up and gains access to new actions.
Setting up Bonnie's bake stand. There is freedom in placement, but you cannot put it in the middle of the road.
It will take some time before you reach this building.
Promotional offers pop up.
Zoomed out view
Conversation between Peter and Jerome
You constructed McBurgertown.
Peter's activities
Overview of the available characters so far
FaceSpace, the Facebook parody
Peter and Jerome are doing the ethnic handshake for a few hours.
Overview of the activities in progress
Bonnie is doing a show with the stripper's pole.

iPad version

Splash screen.
Individual characters level up in addition to you.
In-game social network "updated" by the characters.
Typical Family Guy humor.
If only he yelled the level up comments.