Family Guy Video Game! Screenshots

User Screenshots

PSP version

All video cuts from the show are in 4:3 aspect ratio.
Stewie Griffin portion of game. Jump around in search of parts for his rail gun.
Stewie Griffin can fly using balloons but no too far as they tend to burst.
Using his mind control gun, Stewie Griffin can control other characters to make them do his dirty work.
Most of the time you will need to use Stewie’s gun’s to get rid of enemies.
The Brian Griffin portion of game is based on stealth. You must get to different objects without being seen by other characters.
The Peter Griffin portion of the game is brutal and based on combat. You go around town and hit all who stand in your way.
Brian can disguise himself in some levels. Not all of them are equally convincing.
Mind-controlled Death can kill a mindless nurse for Stewie.
Peter’s mini-game has you press buttons fast to open the conch and smash the man inside.
Another Peter mini-game. Here you repeat music pitches from the nearby cabin.