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Fantasy Zone II

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Back of Case - Sega Master System (Europe):
    Opa-Opa is at it again. Only this time the perils are greater and the rewards even better. Enter this zany world of characters again for real thrills and challenges.

    Opa-Opa ist wieder da. Dieses Mal sind die Gefahren noch grösser, und ebenso die Belohnung. Erneug willkommen in dieser merkwürdigen Welt seltsamer Typen, mit viel Spannung und Herausforderungen.

    Opa-Opa est de nouveau là. Cette fois ci, les périls sont plus grand et les récompenses encore meuilleures. Entrez dans ce monde irrationnel pour de grands frissons et défis.

    Aqui tenemos de nuevo Opa-Opa. La deferencia es que esta vez los peligros son mayores y las recompensas mucho mejores. Vuelva a entrar en este absurdo mundo de caracteres y sabrà lo que en realida significa el desafio y la aventura.

    Opa-Opa ci riprova. Solo che questa volta i pericoli sono maggiori, ma le ricompense ancora piu grosse. Entra di nuovo in guesto mondo di esseri fantastici per nuove ed elettrizzanti avventure.

    Contributed by ケヴィン (4100) on Aug 09, 2008.

Back of Case - Sega Master System (US):

    Opa-Opa is at it again in this zany return to his original homeland some ten years later. Welcome to Fantasy Zone II where perils are great and rewards even greater.

    During your visit you'll discover that peace is at stake once again and those who threaten it are more cunning and wicked than before. So beware, the evil Blackhearts are near and they're not alone.

    Scores of unusual and seemingly innocent creatures will enthusiastically approach you. But don't be fooled. They're not here to help. They're henchmen for the dark powers of the Blackhearts.

    And they'll sabotage every chance you've got to protect the warp gates from total ruin. So fight valiantly, because just when you think you've made it, the Blackhearts will be waiting.

    Contributed by coenak (3566) on Jan 14, 2008.