FantaVision Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

This is the UK game, SCES 5002, but it still caters for multiple languages
The game's title screen. The background changes in a series of bursts of fireworks
This is from the rolling demo that plays at the start of the game, it really is very pretty
The game's main menu
The start of a game on the easy setting. The energy bar in the lower left will decrease as fireworks escape detonation
So here I have connected six orange peony fireworks. Pressing the circle will detonate them
A daisy chain is a chain with two or more fireworks of one colour, a wild firework, two or more of another colour etc. They are hard to construct and score more bonus points
Game Over - not enough points to progress
At the bottom of the screen just above the power bar is the word STARMINE. When the player lights up all these letters the STARMINE bonus is awarded
The thirty second STARMINE bonus is about to start. All fireworks are of the same type so really big chains can be constructed
Playing the STARMINE bonus. At one point the chain was so big that when it detonated the entire screen seemed to be a vivid green. Missed that but this is close
The first of two score screens at the end of the STARMINE bonus
The final STARMINE score screen
The end of Stage 1
The second of two end of stage score screens. before Stage two starts the player is given the option to save the game so that it can be replayed.
Stage 2 starts in a different, but similar location
There are different high score tables for the different game types
The game configuration section
The game has five tutorial lessons. This is the basic one which shows the controls. There are three advanced lessons and one about the two player game