Farming Simulator 2009 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (demo version)
Movement without a vehicle (demo version)
The first mission: the obstacle course(demo version)
The main menu.
There are quite a few missions in the game. The game's tutorials are also classed as missions and can be located by scrolling down a few screens
The game's configuration settings are accessed via the main menu
Starting a game in Career mode. The game has fixed save game slots which, naturally, are not occupied at the start of a game
In career mode the player selects their level of difficulty and then watches this screen while the game loads. Once loading is complete the START button appears and the game is ready to play
This is the players first view of the farm. The white symbols are information points, beyond them is the farm's equipment.
The player starts with a tractor and a harvester. The harvester is expensive to run and the player must watch the fuel and the grain capacity levels when using it.