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Browser 7 2.1
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Combined User Score 7 2.1

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BrowserBright Hub (May 15, 2010)
Farmville is an easy game to play that is fun for all ages. To get the most out of the game invite your Facebook friends to be a part of your Farmville community. Grow some crops and compete to see who can become the ultimate Facebook farmer.
BrowserGameZebo (Jun 23, 2010)
FarmVille is not a complicated game by any stretch. There are no dragons to slay, no race cars to drive, no dungeons to conquer. FarmVille is a game about planting strawberries and squash and watermelons. It’s about building a fence around your sheep. It’s about getting your friends to help you raise a barn. It’s a simple, family-friendly farming experience that everyone can enjoy – and just like the delicious taste of farm fresh fruit, once you start it’s pretty much impossible to stop. Maybe Dr. Phil was right!
92 (Mar 01, 2010)
K dispozici jsou tu také stovky různých úkolů, například sesbírat určitý počet ovoce, nebo postavit na své farmě několik okrasných staveb. Rozhodně je jen tak nesplníte, časem autoři přidávají další a další. Odměnou jsou samozřejmě virtuální peníze a tuny zkušenosti (měřit zkušenost na tuny sice není správné, ale zní to hezky :). Při budování své farmy se rozhodně vyblbnete. Časem pravděpodobně omrzí, ale i tak se sem tam vrátíte. Autoři jsou neuvěřitelně aktivní a neustále přidávají nové a nové možnosti. Farmu můžete rozšiřovat, kupovat pozemky okolo. Máte-li třeba v práci čas vždy jen na pár minut, toto je ideální hra.
iPhoneApp Spy (Jun 24, 2010)
Farmville for your iPhone is a great way for players to access their farm without the need of a PC, but it's no replacement for the full experience on your browser.
iPhoneAppSafari (Jun 23, 2010)
Choose from a variety of seeds to grow beautiful fruits and vegetables. Earn coins and XP to decorate your farm or expand your acreage. Work faster with vehicles like tractors and seeders, and rear livestock including cows, sheep, and pigs. The more you help your neighbors, the faster you’ll level up. Exclusive iPhone/iPod items available!
BrowserMMOhut (2010)
FarmVille isn’t one of the most popular games on Facebook for nothing. There are more farmers on FarmVille than there are real farmers in the U.S. This addictive farming simulation game allows players to test their agricultural skills like no other. Whether Co-op farming with friends, harvesting sugar cane, collecting butterflies, painting a stable, or teaching a dog new tricks there’s always something to do in FarmVille. It’s a challenging game that is constantly upgrading keeping the gameplay interesting. Despite the mandatory spamming FarmVille is loads of fun.
iPhoneSlide to Play (Jun 24, 2010)
The only real problem is that some features are not available through the FarmVille app. Temporary events and challenges like the Tuscan Wedding, pet dogs, and building construction are all unavailable, along with players’ little FarmVille avatars. This lack of some of the game’s most interesting content is a big drawback, making computer access necessary for any serious farmer. The convenience factor of being able to play FarmVille on the go is a big plus, and the touch controls are easy to master. But even though it’s functional, this free app is still no substitute for playing FarmVille online.
iPhoneGamePro (US) (Jun 25, 2010)
The iPhone version of FarmVille requires a Facebook account, so many of the people who have been avoiding the game because they're also avoiding Facebook siren song of social networking will be disappointed with this portable release. The game runs a bit sluggishly as of right now, so unless you're a FarmVille addict who absolutely has to have access to your farm all the time, this app isn't going to satisfy you until it gets a second pass under the debug machine at Zynga. If you'd like to know what it's like for a more "hardcore" audience to start a farm in FarmVille, take the time to listen to this excellent episode of our own GamePro Culture Club podcast.
iPhone148apps (Jun 29, 2010)
In the end, it’s not a game but a task manager; you don’t play the Farmville app so much as you make it part of your workflow. Which makes sense, since Farmville and its ilk aren’t games in the traditional sense. The main purpose is to let you tend to your time-sensitive crops and other in-game tasks when you’re away from the desktop, which, If you’re into Farmville, is probably just what you need to stay connected to your virtual farm.
BrowserCommon Sense Media (2009)
Parents need to know that FarmVille is available only to members of the popular -- but not always child-friendly -- Facebook social network, and that's why we rate it iffy for young teens. The game itself is clean, safe, and loads of fun, if not especially educational.