Fast Lane! The Spice Engineering Challenge Screenshots

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Atari ST version

Title picture
Choosing a track to practise
Choose a driver
We practise in France
Adjusting the car: you can change the amount of fuel, set the angle of spoilers and see the damage of the systems
Cockpit view. You have to start the engine first and then change gears with the joystick or keyboard
System report during a race
Starting the championship
Qualifying is before the race and starting with this picture
Trying a fast lap
Leaving the road costs a lot of time to return
My best lap was at least good enough to qualify for the race
The starting order is presented extensively with qualifying times, names of drivers and their cars
The race starts
The green thing in front of my car is an opposite car: the all look the same, they only scale, you do not see them taking the curves. And it seems they are hover over the road
Trying to overtake this one
Impressions from another track
Oooops! I crashed