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Sometimes beautiful, otherwise a meandering mess. Xbox AkibaTechno (228)
Sweet disappointment Xbox MAT (97902)
Not what I expected PlayStation 2 GNJMSTR (148)

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PlayStation 2UOL Jogos
Desde "Parasite Eve" os videogames não tinham uma experiência tão aterrorizante - não com simples doses de adrenalina com zumbis quebrando janelas repentinamente, mas com terror psicológico que vai fazer você dormir com a luz acesa.
PlayStation 2Just Adventure
There are some things in which certain cultures excel. For example, when it comes to sports cars, the Italians stand out. For basketball, you can’t beat the Americans (well, unless it’s the Olympics). Well, when it comes to horror, leave it to the Japanese! And with Fatal Frame 2 the Japanese have outdone even themselves. I waited several days after finishing the game before writing this review, so that the initial enthusiasm would subside and I could be objective. Now I can honestly say that with Fatal Frame 2 we are presented with what is probably the scariest, most haunting and most unsettling of survival horror games!
PlayStation 2WomenGamers.com
Although, I have seen good and bad reviews of this game. I think that some people were so freaked to the point where they put down the game forever. And peed their pants. You have to have a sharp eye to spot key objects that are imperative to the plot. You have to conserve your resources. There are no cheat codes for this game. Players with little patience with find this game aggravating as - well, as hell.
XboxEurogamer.net (UK)
Even with Resident Evil 4 sitting in my Cube, Project Zero II still got played the whole way to the end before I returned to being decapitated by bonkers Spaniards. That's high praise, and so is this; Project Zero II is the single best example ever of the "Silent Hill approach" to horror gaming, deftly stealing the crown from the Silent Hill series itself (which has, frankly, been in a bit of a slump lately). Intelligent, macabre, scary, superbly directed and perfectly pitched for casual players and more hardcore gamers alike, this game does for survival horror what the influx of Japanese and Korean movies has done for horror cinema in recent years. You'll never look at butterflies the same way again - and you may want to sleep with the lights on for a few nights.
With the shear amount of new and even ‘decent’ games available today, Project Zero II still shines with the best of them. Why? Well simply because it’s one that you will actually end up finishing (and more importantly wanting to). The actual mechanics may be the same as any other survival horror you have encountered before but the way Project Zero again mixes a tense genuinely scary storyline with the novel ‘camera’ aspect actually brings back the ‘horror’ in a very stale and repetitive survival genre. Get it, play it, and if you haven’t, get the original Project Zero when you have finished it.
Tecmo has obviously taken pains (and time) to make this version of Fatal Frame II not just a solid port, but a must-see release. And even if the game had more direct competition on the Xbox, it would still stand out as a great experience. By adding an FPS camera and 5.1 sound to an already impressive story, this "director's cut" proves that horror is alive and kicking, even without zombies and guns.
XboxPGNx Media
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut is a solid addition to the Xbox library. The game’s core gameplay is great, and there are a number of extra modes to extend the game’s replay value extensively.
Fatal Frame 2: Director’s Cut stands as one of the creepiest and most disturbing game experiences I’ve had in a long time. The game has a brooding sense of atmosphere and a great story that is the stuff of nightmares. Pick it up if you are a fan of the survival horror genre.
XboxWorth Playing
If you're an Xbox owner who's just now getting your hands on Fatal Frame II, then you're looking at one of the best horror games of this console generation. It'll take you six to eight hours to beat the main game on Normal Mode, but then you've got extra endings, costumes, and minigames to unlock. If you can get over the admittedly wonky premise, you'll find an intense, involving horror experience.
XboxExtreme Gamer
Fatal Frame II is great adventure that any thriller/horror fan will enjoy. The Director's Cut is a much improved from the PS2 version with some extra features. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butteryfly DC will have you glued to your seat with cat like pupils, homing into every sound. This is one of the years finest adventures and worth checking out.
PlayStation 2Gameplanet
All of the elements in Project Zero 2 combine to create a game full of high tension, allowing the player to feel an almost claustrophobic fear. Gamers used to adventure titles will feel slightly lost without a weapon to rely on, but the Camera Obscura will quickly become a firm friend. Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly is an unforgettable experience, highly recommended for those that can handle it.
PlayStation 2Game Freaks 365
The visuals, both the game itself and the cut scenes, combine with the eerie music to successfully fright anyone who plays it. The environments are dark and creepy, while sounds in the background intentionally try to raise your hair up. Every aspect of the ghosts, such as facial expressions, is designed to make you hit the panic button. The PS2Ã's most scary gaming experience is Fatal Frame II. I suggest picking this title up, that's if you can handle the amount of pressure it will put on you and your nerves.
PlayStation 2Gamesmania.de
Project Zero II ist für Fans von Resident Evil oder Silent Hill eine Offenbarung. Die Atmosphäre ist dermaßen unheimlich, dass man ständig ein flaues Gefühl in der Magengegend verspürt. Leute mit starken Nerven werden an der Geisterjagd garantiert ihren Spaß haben, zumal der Spielumfang gegenüber dem ersten Teil deutlich erweitert wurde.
PlayStation 2Game Chronicles
There are two types of terror in today’s movies and games. There is the cheap thrill of a screeching black cat leaping out of the dumpster, usually enhanced with a loud hit from the soundtrack, and there is the subtle psychological terror that is created with a carefully crafted blend of visuals, sounds, and an engaging story that turns the process of scaring someone into an art form.
PlayStation 2GameZone
Overall, Fatal Frame II : Crimson Butterfly is (hands down in my opinion) one of the more enjoyable gaming experiences that I’ve had to date, not to mention the scariest by a long shot (I played Silent Hill 3 periodically while playing this one just so I wouldn’t be freaked out anymore if that tells you anything). If you enjoyed the first one, the enhanced graphics and sound along with a shocking and scary storyline will surely appeal to you, and for those of you who enjoy being scared but never played the original and are looking for a good game that will make you sleep with the lights on … this is the one.
Ihr habt zu hohen Blutdruck? Einen Herzschrittmacher? Kein Freunde? Dann solltet ihr einen großen Bogen um Project Zero 2 machen. Tecmo lockt euch Schritt für Schritt in eine bitterböse Alptraumwelt. Die Atmosphäre ist so beängstigend, dass man sich selbst als gestandener Resi- und Silent Hill-Veteran andauernd die peinliche Mann oder Memme-Frage stellen muss. Grauenvolle Filmfetzen und mordlüsterne Fratzen tanzen unbarmherzig auf eurer Psyche. Dem Nachfolger fehlt allerdings der Innovationsbonus, denn weder am Spielprinzip noch am Kampfsystem hat sich etwas getan. Auch die Steuerung gehört in die Mottenkiste und die veraltete Kameraführung sorgt schon mal für Orientierungsfrust. Aber hier schafft der rundum gelungene Director`s Cut der Xbox mit der sinnvollen Ego-Perspektive Abhilfe: Das Horrorerlebnis ist hier einen Tick ansehnlicher, komfortabler und intensiver. Und schließlich gibt`s hier noch den gnadenlosen Survival-Modus für ganz harte Geisterjäger. Zugreifen!
XboxDaily Game
Super scary fun. Well worth picking up.
Either way, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director’s Cut is a great pickup for anyone who enjoys the horror/survival genre but is finding the majority of the recent releases too repetitive. Tecmo offers fans a creative twist that they insist doesn’t even belong in the genre all together. Sure, there are a few issues that keep the game from going over the top, such as the relative ease of solving the game’s puzzles, but the dark and gritty atmosphere is where the game’s drama takes place. We can only hope for more of the same creative style in future games that will continue to offers players an alternative to the violent and bullet ridden titles that fill the action/horror genre.
PlayStation 2Jeuxvideo.com
Tecmo parvient à faire de ce nouveau Project Zero un survival horror encore plus réussi que son prédécesseur. L'ambiance est phénoménale, la richesse visuelle et sonore exceptionnelle et le gameplay toujours aussi pertinent. Une aventure terrifiante à ne surtout pas manquer si vous avez le cran de vous y plonger.
PlayStation 2Game Over Online
My complaints are probably unique to me, however, as a survival-horror expert and adventure-game fanatic. I still have to give Fatal Frame 2 a lot of credit; it may be a lot easier than the original, but in almost every other way--graphics, sound, atmosphere, storytelling, sheer style--it's a drastic improvement. With better puzzles and more challenging combat, Fatal Frame 2 could've been one of the few games I'd be willing to call an "instant classic," but as it stands now, it is simply very good.
PlayStation 2IGN
If you're a fan of the oft-criticized survival horror sub-genre, then the Strapline above probably tells you everything that you need to know. Developed by the same team responsible for last year's Fatal Frame (and before that Deception), the newly unveiled Crimson Butterfly aims to improve on its predecessor in just about every way.
PlayStation 24Players.de
Ihr habt zu hohen Blutdruck? Einen Herzschrittmacher? Kein Freunde? Dann solltet ihr einen großen Bogen um Project Zero 2 machen. Tecmo lockt euch Schritt für Schritt in eine bitterböse Alptraumwelt. Die Atmosphäre ist so beängstigend, dass man sich selbst als gestandener Resi- und Silent Hill-Veteran andauernd die peinliche Mann oder Memme-Frage stellen muss. Grauenvolle Filmfetzen und mordlüsterne Fratzen tanzen unbarmherzig auf eurer Psyche. Dem Nachfolger fehlt allerdings der Innovationsbonus, denn weder am Spielprinzip noch am Kampfsystem hat sich etwas getan. Auch die Steuerung gehört in die Mottenkiste und die veraltete Kameraführung sorgt schon mal für Orientierungsfrust. Aber hier schafft der rundum gelungene Director`s Cut der Xbox mit der sinnvollen Ego-Perspektive Abhilfe: Das Horrorerlebnis ist hier einen Tick ansehnlicher, komfortabler und intensiver. Und schließlich gibt`s hier noch den gnadenlosen Survival-Modus für ganz harte Geisterjäger. Zugreifen!
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is a unique horror game, one that tests whether you are really a fan of being scared or just a fan of cutting zombies in half. This is not an action game, it's a slow-paced adventure yarn packed with creepy noises, horrific imagery, and a great sense of the macabre. If you want zombies exploding onscreen, go elsewhere. If you love movies like The Ring and want a truly creepy experience, this is your game. While there are still some issues, this is a definite improvement over the original and with luck the third installment will lead to the survival horror promised land with a tale and an experience that is second to none.
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director's Cut is an absolutely great update to what was already a wonderfully spooky game. There's a little something for everyone here--first-time players can enjoy the easier traditional modes, experienced players will enjoy the added challenge of the survival mode, and the extras flesh out the game for all. If you've never plumbed the secrets of All Gods Village and you have an Xbox and a hankering for horror, this game is easily recommendable, and even if you played Fatal Frame II on the PS2, the additions made here are worth checking out.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target
Ghosts are a thing of the past. Get it? A thing of the past! Eh...all joking aside, there has never been a game that combined the spiritual realm with that of the living in such a way that could make a person be weary of every passing turn. That was until early 2002 when Tecmo entered into the horror foray with the first-ever game of its kind where ghost busting was not done from the bullet of a gun, but simply instead through the flash of a camera. This Fatal Frame as the title came to be called, suggested the fatality of a restless ghost through the frame of a mechanical box. As most horror entries come into fabrication, more sequels seem to follow. So inevitably, naturally, and finally, Tecmo has brought forth its second entry into the series that has come to awe those whose courage benefit the dryness of their pants, within this winter's recently released horror adventure, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.
PlayStation 2GameSpot
It can be difficult for a survival horror game to make its mark on a genre already full of bloodthirsty zombies and narrow-beam flashlights. The original Fatal Frame managed to stand out due to both its dark, strongly Japanese atmosphere and its unique gameplay mechanic, which used a camera imbued with special powers to dispatch spirits to their eternal rest. At its core, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly doesn't deviate much from the formula established by its predecessor, as it treads the same ground of mysterious, ancient Japanese rituals and features innocent young girls pitted against perpetually unappeased ghosts. While the game isn't terribly difficult and doesn't create an entirely new mold for itself, it still manages to weave an unsettling tale--full of secret sacrificial rites--that draws you inexorably deeper.
Tecmo levert dus opnieuw een kwalitatief goed product af. Iedere survival horrorfan, moet deze game op zijn minst gewoon is proberen al is het maar om van die unieke sfeer te proeven waarmee de game doordrenkt is. Crimson Butterfly kan niet terugvallen op een uitgebreide reclamecampagne of een grote hype die de game verder stuwt, maar het uiteindelijke resultaat mag zeker en vast gezien worden. Het is nog vroeg, maar we hebben naar mijn bescheiden mening al de eerste bescheiden sleeper hit van 2005 voor handen gekregen. De reeks heeft misschien niet de naam van de groten, maar verdient zeker en vast een plaatsje in hun midden.
There’s not much to recommend it over the original Project Zero, but if that title left you wanting more, there’s plenty here to be getting on with. If you’ve not played either title, I’d say pick up the original (available for some criminally low prices inline) rather than this enjoyable but ultimately routine sequel.
Sometimes when you play games, you need to take a leap of faith. A leap that requires you to suspend your disbelief and your inability to see yourself in the role of the protagonist, in order to enter the game world presented to you. Looking at the game box, I could see a few chains around my metaphorical ankles. Firstly, I'm not Japanese. Secondly, I'm not a teenager, and finally, I'm not a girl. As you can see, Crimson Butterfly is one of these games. Thankfully, my leap of faith didn't result in me plummeting Wile E. Coyote-style into a canyon, ending up in a comical puff of dust.
PlayStation 2G4 TV: X-Play
Options are generous and include control options and multiple difficulty levels. Bonuses include multiple endings, an unlockable challenge mode, costumes and accessories for the girls, and new camera enhancements like a modest zoom function. With a great core story and plenty of incentive to replay, "Fatal Frame 2" is a horror-themed title that anyone should consider playing. If you're brave enough, consider playing with the lights off.
PlayStation 2DreamStation.cc
In the end, Fatal Frame II is a beautiful game. The game manages to combine 3rd and 1st person gameplay into a nice package containing a haunting story and excellent graphics and sound. There are some minor issues with the camera, but they don’t hinder the gameplay. This is a game to be played in a dark room but the player may want a friend to be around encase they get frighten from playing too long. Also the player shouldn’t rush through the game, they’ll miss some of the nice extra touches that the game has to offer.
PlayStation 2Super Play
Ett lysande mellanting mellan Pokémon Snap och ond bråd asiatisk död.
PlayStation 2Eurogamer.net (UK)
If you feel like you've had your fill of this type of game, then there's not a huge likelihood that Crimson Butterfly will change your mind about that. For the aficionados, though, it’s another wonderfully honed effort from Tecmo that firmly establishes the team alongside Konami and Capcom in the horror adventure stakes. Although not much of an advancement from the woefully ignored original, its storyline and atmosphere carry it into 'worthy sequel' territory. Would we shell out full price for it? Yes, on the basis that it's one of the most gripping, if not exactly groundbreaking games we've played so far this year, but check out the cheap-as-chips original first if you haven't already - if you have the stomach for the fight.
PlayStation 2GameSpy
I'm guilty of using the word "creepy" too much. According to me, the dude at EB is creepy, that stuff near the drain in my bathtub is creepy, and alcoholic drinks with milk in them are creepy. The word has just about lost all meaning, which is a shame, because every once in a while something comes along that's just so above and beyond unnerving and scary that only one word will do -- creepy. A couple of years ago, it was The Blair Witch Project, and now it's Tecmo's Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. If this one doesn't wig you out, you're just not paying attention.
XboxArmchair Empire, The
Fatal Frame 2 is refined enough so that fans of horror games will find plenty to like, although it won't make anyone like the genre if they don't love it already. And since the bonuses are mostly negligible and graphics are actually worse than the PS2 version, it's hard to justify the Director's Cut's existence. It's still Fatal Frame 2, and is still therefore a pretty good game – but if you've already played it, there's really no big reason to pick it up again, especially at the full retail price.
Graphically this game is good. Using lots of washed out grey and black colour palettes the impending terror is set right from the off. The characters of Mio and Mayu are nicely animated and help further the believability. The village itself is very well constructed and you can see a little bit of every horror classic ever in there somewhere. Sound has always been an important part of scariness and it is used very well in Project Zero 2. Overall, if this is your type of kick then Project Zero 2 will definitely give you a good old cold shiver, the only negative point from me is the girls move a little slowly and this can make things drag a little.
XboxMS Xbox World
Project Zero 2 is not that different to the original game, which is not a bad thing at all. Those new to the series will do well to have a look so as to experience something different from other more action orientated titles. With its supernatural element and intriguing method of disposing enemies makes Project Zero 2 pretty unique. As I mentioned earlier the overall speed of the game might just annoy some people but I feel those with more patience will definitely be rewarded. A solid title full of scares and one that should be investigated if you are unfamiliar with the series and looking for something different or are a fan looking for more horror Project Zero style.
Classique mais prenant, Project Zero 2 vous scotchera sans peine à votre écran. Pour peu que vous n’ayez pas peur de regarder la mort en face… et de la prendre en photo.
"Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly - Director's Cut" is a decent addition to the popular creepy zombie or ghost genre. If offers new ideas to the genre, that has been lately overwhelmed with RE-clones. Expect no combat or heavy guns in this game, it's all about the "camera obscura". That's your only weapon but is very effective in defeating the malicious ghosts. The prequel to the original game offers more depth in gameplay. However if you're looking for a full-of-action (ghost) game, skip this game and stick with the zombie Resident Evil franchise. Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly is a must have for fans of genuine horror games.
PlayStation 2Gamekult
Project Zero II s'inscrit dans la lignée du premier épisode en conservant les mêmes défauts - lenteur des déplacements, lourdeur des combats - tout en accentuant les nombreuses qualités du jeu d'origine. Adoptant un traitement assez subtil de l'épouvante qui puise dans les mythes japonais, le jeu de Tecmo peut compter de nouveau sur une ambiance exceptionnelle, servie par une abondance de cinématiques d'une rare qualité et un scénario aussi étouffant que surprenant, à mille lieues des fusils à pompe de Resident Evil. Dommage que la trop grande facilité nuise au sentiment de peur, et que l'effet de surprise soit moindre qu'à la sortie du premier. Une valeur sûre de toute façon.
PlayStation 2Thunderbolt Games
The game only takes about eight hours to complete, but it feels much longer due to the repetitive backtracking. There is plenty of replay value since the game needs to be completed once more on a higher difficulty setting to unlock the “true” ending. There are also new functions for the camera, outfits and other similarly neat things unlocked once the game is finished. Whether or not Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly is worth the time depends on your patience for backtracking and routine item hunting. If these things can be overlooked, then there’s no doubt that a terrifying trip to All God’s Village is in order. Just don’t forget your camera.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US)
Twin waifs get terrorized by flying kimonos and rolling balls while chasing glowing butterflies in this prosaically paced shocker that goes for the brain instead of the throat with lackluster results. Part mystery, part psychological torture, Fatal Frame II embraces both the best and worst elements of the modern Japanese horror film, and its hair-raising visual creep-outs and deft handling of foreboding folklore are undermined by a steadfast reliance on survival/horror-genre trappings and boring gameplay execution.
XboxThe Video Game Critic
The controls are responsive enough - until you need them the most. During ghost attacks the frame rate suffers and the controls become flakey to say the least. As you encounter more powerful ghouls, successfully executed "fatal frames" are anything but, and you soon learn the concept of instant death. I should also mention that my copy of the game is buggy and requires about 10 minutes to load a saved game! In the final analysis, Fatal Frame 2 is undeniably scary, but lousy design and technical glitches prevent it from taking the series to new heights.