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Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Screenshots

Xbox version

Main Title/Main Menu
Game protagonist, Mio, shown in the intro cinematic
As the story progresses, game will show many interconnections between Mio and Mayu, and events from the past which happened to Sae and Yae
Following crimson butterflies will usually get you into trouble
Main Title (from the in-game prologue)
FPS mode lets you play entire game through Mio's eyes (until you pick up a flashlight, the game will seem pretty dark to you)
Glowing light-posts serve as saving points (won't work with enemy in vicinity)
Found a secret passage behind the storehouse by following the butterflies
It appears that the village is not entirely empty afterall
Camera Obscura is your main weapon to use against wandering spirits, although it can reveal other things by taking pictures of certain places
With dense fog around, flashlight doesn't do much help
Running across the long bridge surrounded by drowned spirits
If feeling lost, checking the map might provide the necessary help
At some points in the game you will control Mayu but only to see where she is going (at that time, the game picture will look like in some old B&W movie)
Sometimes your vision of Mayu will play tricks on you and put you in great peril where quick thinking counts a lot
In-game menu lets you update your camera, listen to the spirits via special radio, read collected memos and books, and more
The more points you try to gain, the greater risk there is of you needing extra medicament, you'll just have to think which of those two you value more
Fatal Frame shot does the most damage to the spirit that is attacking you, but requires very precise timing
If you let the spirits grab you, your health meter will decrease, of course
Color matching puzzle needs to be solved in no more nor less than six turns
Mayu doesn't feel so good, which is probably why she constantly begs you never to leave her alone
Game is split into chapters each named after the events that are making them somehow
When you have spirit in sight of your camera, aiming circle will start to fill with power for the next shot (in case of becoming red it will ensure you a Zero Shot)
Triple shot means there were three souls in range of your aim and will result in you getting more points and saving the film
The key thing in this game is that once you start to run, never look back... but what you'll do is entirely up to you ;)
After finishing the game, you will unlock new features and will be able to buy additional costumes for Mayu and Mio
One of the new set of costumes (of course, there are those that are covering very little body parts as well)
Some of the promotional images and various artwork can be additionally be unlocked