Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory

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Arcade 1 2.0
Neo Geo 2 4.0
Neo Geo CD 2 4.2
SEGA Saturn 1 4.0
Wii 1 4.2
Windows 8 3.1
Combined User Score 15 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Neo GeoDefunct Games
Let me get it out of the way now. Fatal Fury 3 is the best of the Fatal Fury series. The improvements aren't as noticable as from the first to the second, however, I would argue that what they have improved warrants the "sequel".
Neo Geo CDGamePro (US)
FF 3 isn't a groundbreaking classic and may keep up with the other entries. There are enough techniques and hidden moves, though, to keep fighting fans more than satisfied.
Neo GeoGamePro (US)
Instead of simply adding more fighters, FF 3 does more with fewer fighters (hidden moves and so on) and a unique method of gameplay. Rather than rehashing the same game, SNK has done something new to breathe life into the series.
WiiDefunct Games
Even if you weren't a fan of the first two outings, Fatal Fury 3 is worth the nine dollars. I can see it in your eyes; you're ready for another fighting game. Well don't hesitate, because Fatal Fury 3 is easily the best fighting game to hit the Virtual Console all year.
WiiNintendo Life
With the release of Fatal Fury Special, Neo Geo fighting fans were treated to a rather significant upgrade from the previous release of Fatal Fury 2. Not content to rest on its laurels, SNK decided to give the standard series one last hurrah with this fourth and final instalment. And while long-time fans will appreciate the new additions, it also has enough playability and variety to bring in a whole new generation of fighting game aficionados.
Neo GeoVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
Fatal Fury 3 isn't the fighting game to end all fighting games, but it'll do. The visuals are solid, the sound is decent and - at long last - we have a correct English translation with Japanese voice-overs! If you've got the dough lying around (and you already own Samurai Showdown II) it's probably worth it. When I buy my Neo Geo, I'll get it.
Neo GeoDigital Press - Classic Video Games
There's plenty of merit here, and SNK's decision to work the game completely over again is commendable (and almost makes up for the Fatal Fury 2/Special debacle). While not all of the ideas are decent ones, they don't completely kill the game either. This is still Fatal Fury, and while it's obviously evolving into something else, this third addition is a positive one.
Wie bei der NeoGeo-CD Version kommt die Musik direkt von der CD (die übrigens im Laufwerk bleiben muss!) und ist somit absolut glasklar und wunderbar zu hören, zumal jeder Kämpfer sein eigenes Thema besitzt. Die Musikstücke selbst gefallen mir persönlich nicht so gut, aber das mag Geschmackssache sein. Die Effekte sind gelungen und wenn man einen Fußtritt ins Gesicht bekommt, dann wird das akustisch auch sehr gut untermalt. Kommen wir zum Knackpunkt eines jeden PC-Spiels: Die Steuerung. Ohne Gamepad oder Arcade-Joystick sollte man Fatal Fury 3 noch nicht mal in Erwägung ziehen, da man absolut keine Chance hat, selbst den schwächsten Gegner zu besiegen. Aber mit einem von beiden ist die Steuerung nahezu perfekt und man kann die tollsten Combos hinlegen.
Neo GeoElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
The classic fighting series continues with it's third installment in the series. Although there are some fighters missing from the previous versions. I do like that fact that they kept the ones with the most "appeal". Also, I like the new fighters and their special attacks, even though some of them aren't anything new. The animation is very cool and, above all, the play control is what makes this game work. The addition of different fighting planes adds to the fighting scheme. Cool!
That's all solid, and it all makes Fatal Fury 3 another perfectly fine choice for VC fans looking for a fighting fix. I'm just not sold on why the series' simple fighting system needed that complicated third plane.
Neo GeoAll Game Guide
Aside from those problems Fatal Fury 3 is a fairly solid fighting game. It sports good-looking backgrounds and well-animated characters, and fast and furious three plane fighting action. Fighter fans coming from one-plane Capcom 2D fighters will appreciate the added strategic element in being able to dodge in and out of the foreground and background planes. But fans of the Fatal Fury series are used to more and may be disappointed by this offering.
WindowsImperium Gier
Czy jest coś, co może uratować ocenę gry? Niestety nie. Nie będę już dalej wymieniał jej wad, tylko przejdę do sedna - ocena 2/10. Czy komuś gra może przypaść do gustu? Nie sądzę. I tym optymistycznym akcentem, zakończę moje rozważania.