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Arcade version

Title screen
Intro showing the boss, Wolfgang Krauser
Character selection screen
Andy Bogard performing his Hisho Ken move
Joe Higashi hits with a high kick. As the rounds change, so do the backgrounds, signaling the passing of time.
A quote from Joe
Getting burned by Mai Shiranui
Intro to Duck King's stage
The stage itself, with Duck King walking towards Billy Kane
Joe Higashi's stage - Billy Kane attacking from above
Laurence Blood blocking an attack by Billy
The final fight against Wolfgang Krauser
Tung Fu Rue quote
Tung Fu Rue buffing himself up, Geese Howard feeling the pain
These two don't need to make themselves bigger - Axel Hawk punching Big Bear
Being a boxer, Axel doesn't do any sophisticated throws. Here he just holds Kim Kaphwan and punches him
Terry Bogard executing his Power Wave
Jubei Yamada posing after a win
Jubei's technique is more spectacular compared to Axel.
Cheng Sinzan getting hit by Wolfgang Krauser

Game Gear version

round 1 begins
Map screen
Vs screen
small but tough
Special move
spinning sticks
You win

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Select your difficulty (including the new levels BEGINNER and EXPERT) and fight on!
"How to Play" screen: Terry Bogard and Geese Howard are demonstrating the basic commands.
The cast of characters increased: now you can play with the previous games bosses (Geese, Krauser etc.)!
Choosing the first enemy to fight: doubt!
Vs screen.
Here in this anime-style intro, you can see that Terry Bogard, the King of Fighters of the last two games, appears to be ready for more action...
You can also see that Geese Howard, the final boss of the first game, apparently DIDN'T die, and is still alive, well, and kicking...
And, last but not least, you can clearly notice that the return of Wolfgang Krauser, the final boss of the previous game, is quite apparent!
Why are Terry and Joe fighting against each other? Aren't they supposed to be friends?
Using his learned matador skills, Laurence Blood throws down Tung Fu Rue like a bull. Notice the beautiful mountain scenery?
Here in this screenshot, you can notice that Andy Bogard is crouching down on the floor. Is he doing this to perform a low attack, or to avoid being hit by Wolfgang Krauser?
Kim Kaphwan and his strength and Tae-Kwon-Do skills appear to be too much for Duck King. This battle should be over very shortly...
It appears that Axel Hawk and Mai Shiranui BOTH took damage that time...
Cheng Sinzan takes an unseen blow from Geese Howard.
Terry Bogard attempts to attack Big Bear with his Burn Knuckle. Will the move connect, or will Big Bear counter or block it? Nobody knows...

Neo Geo CD version

Here is the title screen, with some basic options.
Character Select. Everybody from Fatal Fury 2 has returned, including the now-playable bosses, and Duck King, Tung Fu Rue and Geese Howard from the first Fatal Fury have returned as well!
Mai Shiranui is hitting the brother of her one true love? Andy is not going to like this... ;)
Terry Bogard's Burn Knuckle may not have looked as powerful back then as it does now, but, even then, it still packed quite a wallop and quite a punch!

SEGA CD version

Fatal Fury Special Title Screen
Intro: Terry Bogard
Intro Image 2
Intro: Wolfgang Krauser
Mai Shiranui hitting Terry Bogard
Terry Bogard hitting Joe Higashi
Andy Bogard kicking Terry Bogard
Player Select: Ryo Sakazaki vs Big Bear
Before battle Ryo Sakazaki vs Big Bear
Joe Higashi tornado vs Terry Bogard
Ryo Sakazaki vs Big Bear fighting
Terry Bogard hitting Joe Higashi
Winner Screen for Big Bear: Whoops! I hope that heals all right...
Terry Bogard blocking Kim Kaphwan
High Score Screen
Mai Shiranui vs Terry Bogard

Sharp X68000 version

Main menu
Intro featuring Wolfgang Krauser von Stroheim
Option screen
High scores
Fighter selection, the X68000 version has Ryo Sakazaki available right away in two player vs mode
Duck King showing Mai some breakdancing
Duck King wins... quack!
Billy Kane using his staff against Kim Kaphwan
Tung Fu Rue's stage, if you select the alternative costume the character's name will appear in red
Laurence Blood stabbing Andy Bogard
Geese Howard kicking Terry Bogard
Ryo Sakazaki firing a projectile against Cheng Sinzan
Axel Hawk knocking out Joe Higashi
Wolfgang Krauser punching Big Bear

SNES version

Title screen
Options menu
The modes of play
Select one of 15 fighters. Of course the Bogard brothers are present again
Australia: Andy Bogard vs. Big Bear
Trademark Fatal Fury: Terry Bogard and Kim Kaphwan standing on two different planes
Battle of the old geezers: Jubei Yamada vs. Tung Fu Rue
Hot babe: Mai Shiranui sets Lawrence on fire!
Saturday Night Fever: Duck King and Geese Howard duke it out inside a night club
Korea: Joe Higashi performs a weird throw on Kim Kaphwan
Near the Tower Bridge: Cheng Sinzan and Billy Kane launching projectiles at each other
China: with this special move Tung Fu Rue is even larger than Big Bear
Lawrence Blood tries to stab the immortal Geese Howard
Victory: your performance is rated on the attributes Time & Life
USA: Axel Hawk knocks out Jubei Yamada
Count Down mode: Wolfgang Krauser doesn't need 3 minutes to finish off Mai Shiranui
First stage
Shining ball
New challenger
High jump
Don't even try!
Fight in Korea
My back...
Mirror match
Another challenger
Come here and kiss my foot!
Nice kick

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
The former Fatal Fury bosses star in the intro...
Funny difficulty level selection
Player select. It's brothers fighting each other!..
Sorry, brother... :)
Match-ups also show the country of the opponent
It all started as a friendly meeting in a nice country house...
...but got out of hand when we went into the canyon. I'm going back to Thailand, Americans are too unpredictable for my taste
Mai kicks Big Bear where it hurts most...
...and Big Bear hugs and kisses her in return. You see what a tender soul lies beneath the brutish look!
Ahh, it feels good when a kick connects. Especially with the beautiful Thailand background
Mai is doing her victory pose. Buddhist monks are watching respectfully
Winner screen
The next challenger is a new guy... old Chinese master
Beautiful Chinese scenery!..
The master actually apologizes to the opponent after defeating her :)
The two Japanese fighters are more interested in the battle than in the lovely art...
...in fact, the old guy is so angry that he destroys the pictures! Vandalism is not the answer, old man!..
This biker was just quietly driving through the streets of Seoul, unable to understand what was going on...
...until night descended. Kim elegantly kicked Mai into the air. The biker began to understand what was going on
This is a challenger? This is a Hong-Kong businessman!..
Hong-Kong scenario. Cheng does his customary ape-like taunts
Mai's bonuses are rolling, and Cheng simply doesn't get it :)
The old Chinese master desperately tries to keep up with the disco rhythm
Hey, why so violent? Don't destroy anything on the match-up screen, please. I still have to submit this screenshot to MobyGames, you know
It's night in Japan... and Mai is about to do a pole dance. Hopefully :)
Looks like Mai is tap-dancing on this new guy's head :) Note how the head changed into a hand in the background
Mai defeats Andy in Italy, and those cute chicken are watching
Mai vs. Mai! Day scenario in Japan, pure existentialism

Xbox 360 version

Xbox Arcade title screen.
Emulated arcade title screen.
Difficulty select.
Primer on the controls, updated for the Xbox controller.
Character select.
In other words, don't call her babe.

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