Felix the Cat Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen
Starting out with the boxing glove
The second weapon shoots stars in all directions
Driving a motorcycle
The tank is the strongest weapon
The first boss
Flying level
Advancing from umbrella to baloon...
... to plane
Inside a pyramid
The second boss
A homage to "Felix in Hollywood"
These bags serve as entrances to bonus rooms
The second boss
Swimming level
Riding a dolphin
Underwater level
In a submarine
The third boss
In space
On an alien planet
Game over

NES version

Title screen
The first level
Driving a motorcycle
The first boss
Felix is "laffing" after defeating a boss
Flying level
A bonus room
In a pyramid
Collect milk bottles
Life lost
Game Over
Special platform to higher jump
Star Attack!
Fast ride
End of level
Water part of level
Felix don't like water. Another life lost.