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Back of Box:
    A magical mystery with a vengeance! Take the part of a feuding medieval wizard and slug it out, spell for spell, with an amazingly cunning computer opponent.

    All the vast power of your computer has been focused into the provision of a devilishly cunning artificial intelligence, which can make rational descisions faster than you can press the fire button! And it's after you!

    Have you got what it takes to measure up in combat, the magical way? There are no rules to learn, except that anything goes - and probably will! Get him before he gets you!

    Move through the stunningly illustrated world of Middle Ages England and fight it out with your computer. In this unrivalled game of skill and cunning.

    May the best wizard win.

    Contributed by jeff leyda (1729) on Apr 15, 2003.

Unknown Source:
    "A medieval blend of Wizardry and Arcade Action"

    Contributed by Old man gamer (389) on Jun 15, 2000.