FIFA 2001

FIFA 2001 Screenshots

PlayStation version

After displaying the game's load screen screen, EA Sports logo and licensing information there's an animated sequence that showcases the game's action
The game's main menu The Inside EA Sports option just contains the game's credits and a video montage of other EA games
These are some of the game's configuration options
The player can play friendly matches between any two teams from all over world. All leagues and tournaments are available too
Playing a friendly match. This is the team selection screen. The highlighted control scrolls through countries from Austria to Sweden and has more countries under International & Other
Playing a friendly match. The load screen shows the controller configuration. The same setup is used for leagues and tournaments
The players take to the field. There's no flash stadium fly-by just the players names and commentators discussing the upcoming game
The kick off. The active player has a yellow circle round them. The active player is changed by the pressing cross
A goal kick. The symbols show who the keeper can pass the ball to. The same idea is used for corners and throw-ins. The current active player, Yorke, is nowhere near any of them
Half time is one of the few times the stadium is on view
When the game is paused, here it's at half time but it can be during a match, the player can change the team's tactics
Changing the way the team plays. Each of the options in the list can be changed via the left/right controls
Taking a corner. As with free kicks and throw-ins the corner taker can target a player identified by the square and circle icons
A goal is scored. Quite a neat piece of play by the AI who tackled the keeper. Cue celebrations and action replays
End of match statistics. The same screen, different numbers, is shown at half time too

FIFA 2001 Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen

Demo version
The demo version starts with the players on the pitch waiting for the player(s) to activate their controllers
This is how the player in possession of the ball is indicated. The cross, circle, square and triangle buttons all produce different kinds of shot, lob, pass etc. Demo version
A free kick. I swear it was a genuine tackle

Demo version
The players leave the field at half time. In the demo version that is all the play that is allowed
The end of the demo version shows the game's main features

FIFA 2001 Screenshots

Windows version

Gameplay Shot. Lining up for a cross is still a good way to score an easy goal.
Gameplay Shot: Oh! So Close!
Gameplay Shot: A Free Shot on Goal.
Hanging Around. When you're the Manchester United Goalie, you can get away with it.
Loose balls by your goal can result in mistakes such as this.
Gameplay Shot: Play day or night, clear skies or rain.
Gameplay Shot: A number of camera angles are available, from telecast to action (as shown here) to a tower view that brings back memories of watching pixels play soccer.