FIFA 98: Road to World Cup Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Lots of new options, such as creating your own players and team
Game settings
Creating a player. No portraits yet, pity...
Creating your own team
Corner kick
You can also transfer players
You can practice lots of things
Team statistics
Goaltender kicks
Penalty kick
Selecting a league
League standings
The computer plays other matches in the tournament itself
Pre-game menu
UEFA cup standings
Team covergae
Choosing a formation
Choosing your players. Revivo was still playing for Israel at that time...
Getting started
Dangerous situation!
Oh no... goal...
Re-playing the whole thing
Trying to attack...
Throw in
That was so close!!
Playing in the air
The goaltender is desperate, the other team rejoices

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
Select your team for a friendly match.
Select which stadium to play in.
Controller configuration.

PlayStation version

Main menu
Starting the road.
Selecting stadium and weather.
Team management
Replaying a corner goal.
Celebrating a goal.
Nice fmv before the match
Teams entering to the stadium.
The 23 protagonists
2nd half kick off
That was close.
Trying to penetrate rival defense.
That's a GOAL!
Match open view
We are World Cup Champions.
Final round playoff tree

SNES version

Title screen
Main menu
Lots of stuff to adjust...
Practice mode
Practice corner kicks
Penalty kick
Game menu
Selecting a zone
Team statistics
Standings, round 1
The goaltender couldn't stop that penalty kick...
Khayim Revivo has joined the national team in that year! Good addition!
Choosing your team's strategy
Choosing your team's formation
Getting started...
Dangerous pass from the line
Goaltender Ginzburg in control... for a change ;-)
Wow, that was close!
Corner kick. It's getting dangerous, guys!
It's not that I didn't expect this goal...
Re-playing this disaster...
Selecting a league
US soccer league. Surely not as popular as MLB, NBA, and NFL?

Windows version

Intro Video
Intro Video (Final Part)