Sound Capabilities Attribute Image Dolby Surround
Input Devices Supported Controller Pad
Number of Players Supported 1-6 Players

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Business Model Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required 80386
Minimum OS Class Required DOS 4.0 to 6.22
Minimum RAM Required 4 MB
Media Type 3.5" Floppy Disk, CD-ROM
Minimum CD-ROM Drive Speed Required 2X
Video Modes Supported VGA
Sound Devices Supported Adlib, Adlib Gold, Gravis Ultrasound / ACE, Gravis Ultrasound MAX, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland MT-32 (and LAPC-I), Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE32, Sound Blaster Pro
Input Devices Supported Gravis Gamepad, Joystick (Analog), Keyboard
Multiplayer Options Same/Split-Screen Multiplayer
Number of Players: Offline 1-2 Players
Notes 5Mb Hard Disk space. 486DX2/66 Recommended.

Game Boy
Miscellaneous Attributes Super Game Boy Compatible

Game Gear
Number of Players Supported 1 Player
Miscellaneous Attributes Password

Multiplayer Options Same/Split-Screen Multiplayer
Number of Players Supported 1-4 Players
Multiplayer Game Modes Bots, Free-for-all / One-on-one, Team
Miscellaneous Attributes 4-way Play, Password

Input Devices Supported 6-button Controller 
Number of Players Supported 1-4 Players
Miscellaneous Attributes 4-way Play
Notes Dolby Surround

SEGA Master System
Media Type Mega Cartridge
Number of Players Supported 1 Player
Miscellaneous Attributes Password

Number of Players Supported 1-5 Players
Miscellaneous Attributes MultiTap, Password

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