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FIFA Soccer 2002

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PlayStation 2

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FIFA Getting Better but Lots of Room for Improvement PlayStation 2 BBop78 (3)

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Platform Votes Score
GameCube 5 3.0
PlayStation 8 2.7
PlayStation 2 10 2.8
Windows 29 3.5
Combined User Score 52 3.2

Critic Reviews

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PlayStation 2Playstation Illustrated
FIFA Soccer 2002 is a must for soccer fans, but even a great buy for your average video game enthusiast. It packs enough action for the sports freak, and can easily adapt to any player with the amount of customization. This of course, keeps the player's interest. It has decent replay value as well, with all the game options you can control. All in all, a great game. Don't forget to ask Santa for this one.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
I have always been a fan of ISS and always will, but Fifa 2002 will feature in my PSone favourites for a while yet. I was very impressed with the improved gameplay features that made me want to keep playing for longer than a week; unlike previous versions. All together it’s a very well polished game. For once, Fifa 2002 isn’t just an update, but an upgrade. The best Fifa game yet, to look at, to play and to listen to! One every soccer fan should have in their collection.
Finally, all your favorite game modes are back: Friendly, League, Custom and 2002 FIFA World Cup Qualification. There are over 75 licensed national teams and 16 licensed leagues including the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish Premier League, the French LNF, and Major League Soccer (MLS). That's about it. AT wholeheartedly recommends you go out and buy this game. The only annoying mishap by the programmers is the "rain bug." The visuals look all messed when you select the rainy conditions. Other than that, there are a few less significant bugs like, baldheaded goalies having hair when you zoom out, and some silly collision detection issues during scoring celebrations.
Like most EA Sports series, the FIFA series receives an annual upgrade that addresses some concerns and leaves others for the next installment. In this way, FIFA Soccer 2002 is no different from its predecessors. However, EA Sports decided to key on gameplay this time around, and in the process it has successfully propelled the game dangerously close to reality. This should sit well with anyone who truly appreciates the nuances, subtlety, and pace of the real-world sport.
PlayStationPSX Nation
To the poor souls of sports gaming without access to more powerful systems or used copies of last year's edition, "FIFA 2002" is an amusing and deep virtual prelude to the biggest sports tournament in the world. The new control adjustments make this at least an appealing rental proposition, but that new feature is present in all installments of the series. The PSOne is being really squeezed out.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme
If you've ever had a passing interest in any console soccer game, this game is an absolute must-have. You should get up, get your keys, head to the mall, buy the game, stop at the post office, mail me $20, go home, and then play this game until your eyes bleed. If you've got a few friends that are into soccer, the game gets even better as you and your friends try and perfect your passing and the your runs up field. This review would be longer but it's time to go play some more.
WindowsPC Gamer Brasil
O espetáculo do futebol entra mais uma vez em campo. FIFA 2002, desde o dia 26 de outubro nas lojas do Brasil, chega para mudar completamente a visão que tinhamos das últimas edições. A série FIFA (a partir de agora, a série passará a se chamar FIFA Football), tradicionalmente conhecida por seus impressionantes gráficos, teve a façanha de melhorar ainda mais a qualidade de suas animações e modelos. Mas a mudança mais significativa de FIFA 2002, em relação à edição anterior, foi a jogabilidade. Justamente por este fato, a EA adotou para o lançamento do novo produto o slogan "Reinventando o Futebol".
As the first and only soccer game available for the GameCube, FIFA 2002 is an excellent start. The gameplay is tight, the graphics are impressive, and there are plenty of gameplay modes to explore. If it weren't for the lack of an ability to adjust team strategy on the fly, pick your own teams for tournament play, or perform special dribbles with any sort of effectiveness, FIFA 2002 would be approaching perfection. If you're a fan of soccer and own a GameCube, you can't go wrong with picking up FIFA 2002.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer
Denna upprustning var precis vad FIFA behövde och 2002-versionen känns mer som ett helt nytt spel än vad de andra har gjort. EA visar åter igen var skåpet ska stå och demonstrerar också att de minsann inte alltid lever på gamla meriter. Genidraget med nytt passningssystem utökar avståndet ytterligare till de få (om några) konkurrenter de har. Köp det här spelet.
GameCubeConsoles Plus
Un bon et très beau jeu de foot qui ne rivalise quand même pas avec la profondeur d'un Pro Evolution Soccer.
The game has all of the ingredients for setting the pace for future releases on the Cube. I highly recommend this for at least a trial run, and hope that Electronic Arts sees the success in the GC and will release new titles for it, instead of giving us second hand ports...
The game makes FIFA stand for perfection again or at least near perfection. I couldn’t find any bugs or things that bothered me so hard; they made me put it away (like FIFA 2001). It you want to play soccer, buy this, if you don’t want to play soccer, download the demo and then go buy it. And please excuse me now, I’m off winning the Champions League
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Wer das brandneue FIFA 2002 spielt, wird schnell merken, dass er sich im Gegensatz zu den vorigen Teilen der beliebten PC-Kickerei gehörig umstellen muss. Mit dem Pass-System überarbeiteten die Entwickler bei EA Sports in Kanada einen entscheidenden Bestandteil grundlegend (siehe Kasten). Ein riskantes Unterfangen, das leicht hätte schief gehen können. Nach ausführlicher Testerei, gewonnenen Meisterschaften und zahlreichen Mehrspielerpartien steht fest: An die neue Steuerung muss man sich zwar zunächst gewöhnen, aber sie ist gelungen und macht FIFA 2002 simulationslastiger, realistischer und schwieriger als bisher.
PlayStation 2Gamesmania.de
Realistischere Fortsetzung mit teils sinnvollen, teils unnötigen Einschnitten. Die Unterschied zwischen zwei FIFA-Versionen war noch nie so groß wie diesmal.
Realistischere Fortsetzung mit teils sinnvollen, teils unnötigen Einschnitten. Die Unterschied zwischen zwei FIFA-Versionen war noch nie so groß wie diesmal.
The PlayStation version of FIFA 2002 doesn't quite have all the features available on the PlayStation 2, but it makes a solid case for an investment on its own. The gameplay is tight, the game looks really good, and it presents enough of a challenge to tie up a soccer enthusiast until the wee hours of the morning.
PlayStation 2GameSpot
While die-hard fans of Konami's international hits ISS Pro Evolution and Winning Eleven may not find that the renovated gameplay is as realistic as those found in other titles, it would be hard to argue that FIFA 2002 is not in itself an enjoyable and fairly accurate representation of their favored sport. FIFA 2001 was a technically sound, albeit arcade-style soccer game, but those players willing to spend the money on an upgrade should find that the positive additions made to the series in 2002 are substantial and well worth the expense.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Das neue Pass-System ist, einmal verinnerlicht, schlichtweg ein fußballerischer Segen und erlaubt traumhafte Kombinationen. Bis in die Haarspitzen motiviert und erfolgshungrig kam bei der Jagd nach Titeln dann doch leichte Ernüchterung auf: Wieso spielt der Computer so unberechenbar (Stichwort Fernschüsse)? Warum sind stupide Alleingänge statt präziser Kombinationen der sicherste Weg zum Torerfolg? Diese spielerischen Mängel, fehlende Einsteigerfreundlichkeit und die Sparmaßnahmen beim Spielumfang (Training, WM) kosten Fifa 2002 zwei Prozentpunkte. Virtuelle Fußball-Profis sollten trotzdem zugreifen: Eine realistischere Bolzerei für den PC gab es noch nie.
PlayStation 2GameZone
Due to various additions and refinements, the gameplay in FIFA 2002 is now up to par with the great graphics and sound found in the game. The result is a next generation soccer game that is enjoyable to play and more importantly, an accurate simulation of how the game is actually played by the pros. Whether you're a current FIFA 2001 owner or a soccer newbie, I'd recommend picking up 2002.
As if the fact that GameCube launches late in Europe wasn't torture enough to PAL gamers, EA adds insult to injury by releasing its first soccer game for the platform early. Let's face it, MLS or no MLS, US football fans are still in the minority -- but that hasn't stopped EA from bringing another great footie game to those of us who care. Like FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 for N64, FIFA 2002 is designed to get you ready for next year's WC tournament. This translates into exciting league and qualification matches, but it also means that another, more complete game is just around the corner. We're not complaining, though. FIFA 2002 is an excellent soccer game that makes the wait for the World Cup a whole lot easier.
PlayStation 2IGN
Electronic Arts should be commended for its efforts, though, as the change from FIFA 2002 to FIFA 2002 is pretty dramatic and the company managed to do it without doing anything that would alienate current fans of its game. It still has some ways to go before it replaces Konami's series in the hearts and minds of many soccer diehards, but as is FIFA Soccer 2002 is a splendid soccer title.
PlayStation 2Futuregamez.net
This is a tough game to assess. Electronic Arts have made a bold decision to move FIFA away from an arcade style to more of a simulation game. The problem is that Konami's ISS and Sony's This Is Soccer 2002 have that genre pretty well covered. Still, the changes Electronic Arts have made in FIFA 2002 are significant and yet won't alienate fans of the series. Graphically, FIFA 2002 is very solid with some wonderful texturing and fluid animation while the number of options is impressive. Is it actually better then This is Soccer 2002 from Sony or Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer? That's a tough call. While I haven't seen Konami's effort enough to judge it this game is about level with Sony's stunner from a couple of weeks ago. It's your choice, but whichever game you chose you can't go wrong.
PlayStation 2The Video Game Critic
This groundbreaking soccer series returns with slightly refined graphics and gameplay. Whether it's worth upgrading from FIFA 2001 depends on if you're a hardcore fan or casual gamer. The frenetic gameplay is exceptionally fun, despite the lack of scoring inherent in soccer games. Responsive controls really put you on the field.
FIFA 2002 wird die PC-Fußballfans spalten: Ist es besser als der Vorgänger? Optisch auf jeden Fall. Hinzu kommen mehr Spielmodi, eine freie Steuerungsbelegung und das neue Pass-System. Und genau bei diesem innovativen Feature liegt der Knackpunkt: Realismus-Fans werden es zwar begrüßen, aber auch sie müssen sich erst langsam die nötige Technik aneignen, bevor Spielfluss aufkommt - um so unverständlicher der fehlende Trainingsmodus! Arcade-Fans, die einen schnellen und spektakulären Torerfolg suchen, werden über die Langatmigkeit des Spielaufbaus meckern, über die Fehlpässe fluchen und wehmütig an das eingängige Gameplay des Vorgängers denken. EA hat mit FIFA 2002 bemerkenswerte Ansätze gezeigt, aber insgesamt kein rundum begeisterndes Produkt à la NHL 2002 präsentiert. Doch zum ersten Mal hat der PC-Spieler die Qual der Wahl zwischen zwei guten und gleichzeitig total unterschiedlichen Soccer-Games: FIFA 2001 oder FIFA 2002.
Rather than just produce another in the series, EA Sports has succeeded in putting out a ground-breaking title that greatly enhances the feel of playing a real soccer match. With excellent controls, graphics, sound, and a huge variety of gameplay modes, this one is a game you should pick up. As I said earlier, if you're not a soccer fan, you will be after playing FIFA Soccer 2002. Buy this one if you've got a GameCube.
PlayStation 2Gamezone (Germany)
Im Grunde sind FIFA 2002 und Pro Evolution Soccer beides Spitzenspiele, die sich auch optisch längst nichts mehr nehmen. Für welches Game man sich entscheiden sollte? Ich weiß es ehrlich gesagt nicht! Bei einem schmalen Spiele-Budget würde ich vermutlich eher zu Pro Evolution Soccer greifen. Dort wimmelt es zwar nicht so vor Lizenzen, aber spielerisch bietet es aufgrund des immer noch ausgeprägteren Simulationscharakters auch über einen längeren Zeitraum mehr Herausforderung fürs Geld. Wenn ich tatsächlich trotzdem bei FIFA 2002 bleibe, dann weil es für meine gelegentlichen Fußballnachmittage, auch ohne Trainingsvorlauf mehr Spaß, sprich Tore verspricht. Und eins steht sowieso fest: Mehr "neues" FIFA gab´s noch nie fürs Geld!
WindowsGamezone (Germany)
Durch das komplett optimierte Gameplay und die sehr schöne Grafik bietet FIFA Football 2002 ein sehr angenehmes Sporterlebnis. Wie bei allen EA-Sports-Titeln sollte man den Kauf aber nochmals überlegen falls man bereits den Vorgänger besitzt. Für Fifa-Fans aber wie immer ein Pflichtkauf!
PlayStation 2Gameguru Mania
Despite the improvements in the passing, shooting and refereeing, FIFA 2002 is still essentially an arcade-style soccer game for casual gamers. If you like Soccer (or better FOOTBALL because I live in Europe ), you will 100% like it, anyway better soccer game for PC doesn't exist :) Definitely FIFA 2002 seems to be a far longer-term investment than previous FIFA series.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Gedurfd? Misschien wel, maar ik ben ervan overtuigd dat zelfs de meest geharde veteranen van deze reeks in luttele uurtjes gamen het spel beter dan ooit zullen vinden.
WindowsSuper Play
FIFA 2002 är ett modigt avsteg från det vanliga Electronic Arts-receptet, och till stor del är det också lyckat.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine
The beauty of the GameCube controller is that you feel like it was specifically designed for every title, and this is no different. The only gripe I have here is that you have to double tap for special moves. Otherwise, it's similar to the PS2 edition. Between this and Sony's World Tour Soccer, it's a banner year for the Beautiful Game.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine
Ironically, even without some of the old tricks, 2002 doesn't seem as smooth at times. There is redemption, however, in the new World Cup qualifying rounds and a host of new teams. FIFA still does soccer best, but there is room for improvement.
Très probablement l'une des références en la matière sur PC qui nous offre une fois encore la célèbre griffe FIFA mais dans une version 2002 qui ose le changement et n'hésite pas à modifier un élément aussi sensible que le gameplay ce qui n'est pas forcément pour nous déplaire.
PlayStation 2Gameplanet
The gameplay is now far more arcade-oriented which may turn away some of the gamers who prefer soccer sims, and yet FIFA 2002 might have the opposite effect and grab the attention of arcade gamers who have ignored the series up until now. If anything Electronic Arts appear to be molding its latest game in direct competition to Konami's ISS Pro Evolution series, which may gain it some new followers but lose some of their mainstay fans. We like the new passing system, as it provides added freedom and strategy that has been lacking from the series over the last couple of years.
PlayStationGamezone (Germany)
Durch das komplett optimierte Gameplay und die sehr schöne Grafik bietet FIFA Football 2002 ein sehr angenehmes Sporterlebnis. Wie bei allen EA-Sports-Titeln sollte man den Kauf aber nochmals überlegen falls man bereits den Vorgänger besitzt. Für Fifa-Fans aber wie immer ein Pflichtkauf!
PlayStation 2Armchair Empire, The
Despite some glaring visual flaws there is a lot to sink one's teeth into here. Every team that matters is in FIFA 2002 to play, plus plenty of teams that don't matter. The controls are great, and the sim-oriented gameplay is surprisingly fun, though certainly not for everyone. Even after all these years FIFA still offers plenty of good times for soccer playing console gamers.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux)
Ondanks de vernieuwde speelstijl blijft het gebrek aan controle nog altijd een domper op de gameplay van het beste voetbalspel op de pc!
I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised with FIFA Soccer 2002. It may have its flaws, and doesn’t break any boundaries, but overall it’s a fun soccer game. All the official teams, players, and stadiums are all represented well. It’s rather easy for pick-up-and-play. Hardcore soccer sim-players may want to hold out, and see what’s on the horizon for GameCube. If you can’t wait to get a Soccer title on the GameCube, FIFA is a good GameCube first effort.
PlayStation 2PlayFrance
Finalement, FIFA 2002 marque assurément un changement dans la série. Délaissant le côté purement arcade, les développeurs ont voulu donner un souffle nouveau à leur soft en lui apportant une touche de simulation. Il en résulte un produit hybride sans grande saveur auquel les puristes préféreront, sans aucun doute, le Pro Evolution Soccer de Konami. Il n'empêche que grâce à sa sublime réalisation, ce jeu pourrait être à même de conquérir les joueurs adeptes de football grand spectacle avec retournés acrobatiques à tout-va.
PlayStation 2Computer and Video Games (CVG)
Even with the new changes, this still feels and looks very much like a FIFA game - you can still pull together simple and effective passing moves, and smack ridiculous shots at goal, so fans of the series won't be disappointed. But with the awesome Pro Evolution Soccer arriving on the scene only a couple of weeks after FIFA's release, EA's golden boy is going to have some pretty stiff competition.
PlayStation 2Jeuxvideo.com
EA Sports réalise donc une bonne performance avec Coupe du Monde même si on se demande si ce volet était bien nécessaire seulement quelques mois après la véritable édition 2002. Sans grandes innovations et avec des modes de jeu en nombre bien plus restreint, les joueurs devraient vite faire leur choix...
Une édition 2002 qui apporte à la série des FIFA un gameplay plus technique, même si les matches ont toujours un goût arcade très prononcé. Malgré son contenu très fourni, ce titre n'impressionne guère par sa réalisation et ne propose rien qui justifie vraiment son acquisition auprès des possesseurs de l'édition précédente. Une version PSX de FIFA plutôt anecdotique donc, surtout quand on sait que sur la même machine, ISS Pro Evolution 2 arbore des atouts autrement plus prestigieux.
Le côté arcade tant décrié dans les précédentes versions est un peu délaissé et nous avons moins l'impression d'assister à un match d'Olive et Tom. Le terrain n'est plus traversé aussi rapidement et les différentes techniques sont beaucoup plus réalistes et précises. On a davantage l'impression de faire ce que l'on souhaite et même si de nombreuses tactiques seront à revoir, le plaisir de jeu est bien là ! À défaut de supplanter les ténors du sport sur consoles et malgré mes critiques parfois très négatives, ce FIFA 2002 est largement au niveau et, démontrant une fois de plus le savoir-faire d'EA Sports, il s'impose comme la référence du football sur PC... Craignons cependant qu'Electronic Arts nous sorte comme en 1998 une version spécifique pour la Coupe du Monde dans quelques mois.
PlayStation 2Game Critics
This game is not a complete waste of time. It's a very good-looking, slick soccer game with many nice add-ons and a palatable control system. FIFA 2002 is the only game I've played where people have walked into the room and thought that it was soccer on the TV. But that mirage vanishes once the game is held up to any amount of serious analysis - FIFA 2002 may initially look like soccer, but it plays and feels nothing like the real thing.