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FIFA Soccer 2002

FIFA Soccer 2002 Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The first screen tells the player that this is a licensed game. This is the second screen, this shows the leagues that license it
After the licensing information there's an animated sequence culminating in a spectacular goal, the ball's just out of shot.
Why do these things never end in a spectacular save?
The game's title screen appears at the end of an animated introduction sequence
The games main menu
The Inside EA Sports option contains the game's credits, an alternate intro, FIFA Outtakes, a training video and an NBA Street Trailer
The Options tab on the main menu contains all the game configuration screens. Here the player can tinker with match settings, default camera angles, controller buttons, sound settings etc
The Game Modes screen
The Creation Centre allows the gamer to create a player, a team, a league or a cup
Team Management allows the player to configure any team in any league
Creating a new player
As usual there are lots of physical characteristics to choose from. Here attributes are assigned and the higher the values are set the more the player costs
Creating a team
Naturally the player can specify the kit but they are also allowed to pick any player from any team in any league
The player can create their own leagues and cup competitions and fit them into the season. Teams can be manually selected or auto selected which may result in Barcelona playing Kansas
The Team Management option within the Game Modes section allows the gamer to change the line-up, squad, tactics and formation of any league or national side in the game
Setting up a friendly match via the main menu's Play Now option. No disrespect intended to Albania but I'm looking for an easy match here
While the game sets up a friendly match it displays this load screen reminding the player of the main controls
The players take to the field in an animated cut scene. Arsenal are playing in a yellow away strip
The kick off of a friendly game using the default camera viewpoint
When a player is in a good position to run onto a ball they get this glow on their back and the path of their run is shown briefly
The goal keeper, David Seaman with his trademark pony tail, will kick the ball in any direction or, if TRIANGLE, CIRCLE or SQUARE are pressed he'll send the ball to that player
The in-game pause menu
Here the game's default camera angle has been altered to give a closer view of the action, this can be done at any time via the pause menu
The pause menu has an instant replay option. This allows the action to be viewed from any viewpoint, paused, zoomed etc.

FIFA Soccer 2002 Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Just before the battle begins...
Choosing sides
First attack
Active player
Top-down view