FIFA Soccer 97 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

EA logo
third person perspective

Genesis version

Title screen (Genesis gold edition)
Match select
Starting a World Cup
The list of the games that the game simulates, and the game you play yourself
Wow, all the Israeli stars are there! ;D
Choosing a strategy
Starting the game
Throw in
Replay. Just like TV!
Goal kick
Indoor soccer

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Main menu
A game in progress
Opposing players standing around looking at the ball.

SNES version

Title screen
Main menu
You can also play indoors
Choosing playoffs
Team statistics
Cup standings
Game menu
Hey, familiar names! Tal Banin is still in the national team, eh?
Setting up strategy for your team
Choosing formation
Come on guys! You know you can do it!
Uh-oh, dangerous situation...
Boni Ginzburg in control :-)
Oh no... this is going to be a goal...
League standings
You can create your own custom cup and choose all the teams yourself

Windows version

Title Screen
Select Mode
Outdoor Soccer
Main Menu
Pre-Game Screen
Controller Select
Options Screen
Indoor Soccer
Goal Scored
Red Card