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Fight Night Champion

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PlayStation 3
Xbox 360

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 3 1 2.6
Xbox 360 2 3.6
Combined MobyScore 3 3.3

The Press Says

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Xbox 360gamrReview
Due to a refined physics engine highlighting real-time bruising and flexing muscles, the streamlined yet involving Full-Spectrum Punch control, and the deep, though challenging Legacy mode that sports a detailed create-a-boxer, Fight Night Champion is the pinnacle of the franchise. If you plan on jumping in the ring for the first time or are coming back for your fifth rematch with over 50 licensed boxers including Ali, Tyson, Pacquiao, and the infamous "Butterbean," Champion is the best the sport has to offer, making it a worthy contender for your $60.
Xbox 360Thunderbolt Games
Boxing may not be the powerhouse it once was but movies like The Fighter reveal it still has a cultural relevance today. Champion mode pulls inspiration from the likes of Rocky and Raging Bull to craft a narrative around the sport that people still find engrossing. It’s the perfect path for the series to take and we can only hope the next Fight Night builds on this promise, telling more tales from the world of boxing.
Xbox 360GamersHell.com
For fans of Fight Night, everything they know and love about the series is still here, looking and controlling even better. For everyone else, the Champion mode is the game-changer, and it's hard to imagine anyone who is a fan of good storytelling not getting pulled in deep. Clichés or not, Fight Night Champion scores a KO.
Xbox 360AusGamers
Fight Night Champion is an impressive game and a superb addition to the Fight Night series, with the excellent Champion Mode offering fans an absorbing and entertaining story.
PlayStation 3Fragland.net
Fight Night Champion is still the champion amongst boxing sims which may not be too difficult when you're alone, but it does it in style. The gameplay feels better than before and graphically it's still gorgeous. Only too bad that the concept suffers from a weak career mode. Combining the Legacy and Champion modes could deliver a perfect balance but that would need some more work from EA sports.
Xbox 360Xbox360Achievements
Fight Night Champion is a triumphant return for EA Sports stalwart boxing franchise that still has one of the best simulated fighting systems around as well as some great visuals. Champion Mode is a surprisingly involving new addition that actually makes you care about what happens to its protagonist, as he embarks upon his Rocky-esque journey. Ultimately then, Fight Night Champion is still the undisputed king of the ring.
PlayStation 3Brash Games
Fight Night Champion is an involving experience and should be enjoyed by most boxing fans and it’s the best edition of the series so far. With a bit more polishing and a more engrossing ‘Legacy’ mode it could become the greatest of all time. However, as it is, Fight Night Champion is a definite two weight world champion in a division that isn’t at its best, but that’s no bad thing. Hopefully the next in the Fight Night series will continue this upwards progression to perfection.
Xbox 360Power Unlimited
Het is niet alsof EA slackt met zijn Fight Night games, want elke round is weer een stuk beter dan de vorige, en de Champion mode in dit deel is een idee dat grenst aan briljant. Maar het boksen zelf mag wat mij betreft na zoveel delen wel een stukkie uitgebreider, échter en spannender...
PlayStation 3Thunderbolt Games
But, that one issue overlooked, Fight Night Champion is a solid boxing game. It doesn’t do a very good job through the story mode at introducing newcomers to the mechanics of the game and it can quickly devolve into something that hardly resembles a “sweet science” when players aren’t sure what they’re doing, but once you get the hang of how the game works, it’s a thing of beauty. It controls flawlessly, is stunningly presented and the storyline, though cliché, really works to engross players, even those that don’t know anything about boxing. Fight Night Champion has some rough edges that must pull down the score, but it is still an enjoyable experience that I definitely recommend to interested players.
Xbox 360Brash Games
Like your mother, while you may have the odd tantrum with it, the fact that she’s doing it for your own good makes a difference. Sure, with Fight Night Champion you’ll be doing plenty of sulking in your room, but you’ll also come back to it and make amends. Legacy mode has a number of repetition problems, not just in the fighting itself, but in the training and stupid, stupid email system that no game has ever needed, but every developer insists on including. If you can give it the right amount of time, and are prepared for the “realism” of boxing, then this is a game with plenty of legs.
Xbox 360videogamer.com
There's just not quite enough meat on Fight Night Champion's bones to recommend it to owners of previous games, however, and Champion mode itself is little more than a brief diversion you can bash through in an afternoon. The core mechanics still do a good job of imitating the sweet science, but EA could have done with a longer rest before getting back in the ring.