Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Next Fight.
Let's Fight.
Knee to the head.
Missed her kick.
Punched in the shins.
Low sweep.
Low punch in the head.
Another low sweep.
Attempted high kick.
Knocked you flying.
You lose.
Sore ankle.
Missed that high kick.

Neo Geo version

How to Play
Player Selection
Fighting Yungmie
Falling down
"This isn't happening", Yungmie says
Nice knickers
Fighting Ray
Fighting Lee
"Don't you think it's raining too much to fight?"
Fighting Feilin
Fighting Feilin at a festival?
Fighting Jean
Fighting Jean outside Café Le Pierre
Fighting my evil twin brother
Fighting Matlok
Fighting Kyoko
Fighting Marstorius
Fighting Sackay
Fighting Zazie
Fighter of Flames
Zazie holds Mizuguchi up in the air
Fighting Clown
Clown jiggles Mizuguchi using his feet
Fighting Karnov
Fighting Ox (extra round)
High Scores
Ryoko VS. Yungmie

Zeebo version

Intro cutscene.
Title screen.
The only thing added to this version are these pop up menus. Here, for instance, you select number of players, access the options menu, the help screen or exit the game.
Character selection screen.
The next fight announcement screen.
The pop up menu has, under the help section, all the moves for each character. Here we have Misogushi's moves.
Lee finishes Misogushi with a Zesshou Hou.
The background changes on second and third rounds, here we see rain. Lee hits Misogushi with a Senkyuu Tai.
Yungmie throws an Aura Smash.
Yungmie hits Misogushi with a Nerichagi.
Misogushi's hit by Ray's Wheel Kick.
Ray throws a Big Tornado.
Feilin finishes Misogushi with a Mantis Chop.
The scenery is destructible. Here Feilin just broke a decorative clown statue by kicking Misogushi against it.
Jean knocks Misogushi down with a Sliding kick.
Jean throws a Ball Rose.
Misogushi attacks with a Renzoku Keri.
Misogushi throws a Tiger Bazooka.
Matlok throws his Spinning Wave.
Each character has his/her own signature throw (or throws). Here Matlok performs his Monkey Flip.
Ryoko shows her Ippon Seoi.
Rioko uses a Zenten Ukemi against Misogushi.
Marstorius applies his deadly Double German.
Marstorius performs a Body Press.
Zazie burns Misogushi with some Hellfire.
Zazie tries a Quick Vulcan Hook.
Samchay throws a Mattron Dusalop.
Samchay hits Misogushi with a Ti Kau Koon.
Clown uses a Spin Attack.
Clown's projectile attack Pick a Card.
The aftermath screen.
Karnov starts off spitting his Fireball.
Karnov sets Misogushi ablaze with his Fire Breath.
The highest scores.

Official Screenshots

  • Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshot
  • Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshot
  • Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshot
  • Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshot
  • Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshot
  • Fighter's History Dynamite Screenshot