Fighting Soccer Screenshots

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Arcade version

1st game.
Kick Off.
Pass it.
On the Attack.

Atari ST version

Introduction shot 1
Introduction shot 2
Title screen
Just kicked off
The screen fades back after a goal
A corner is swung in

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Short intro
Running towards the goal
This won't be a problem for the keeper
Two players jump up for the header

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
And here is a rather tense moment, as this man aims to score a crucial goal for his team...
GOAL! hang on he's clearly saved it hasn't he?
Title screen
Select your controls
Game selection
And in the final round of the preliminary contest it's Great Britain versus Japan
Kick off
An early attack here
And here's the corner...looks more like a throw-in
Oh he's jumping!
And this is more like a throw-in
Nice of them to plug the arcade publishers, they could easily have replaced it with the Activision logo if they so wished
End of match! We win!
And here's the bracket for the Olympic tournament
Our next match is against the mighty Brazil
Goal kick
Hang on aren't the players supposed to be behind the goal mouth for a goal kick?
Oh what a save!
That's it, it's all over and Britain have been beaten here, they are eliminated!
Game over