Fighting Warrior Screenshots

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Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
Let's fight.
Demigod: Maahes.
Striking the opponent with an upper slash.
The demigod illusion avoids a lower slashing.
Demigod: Lizard or Amphibian?
These deities come in cycles.
- Are you a pale representation of Heqet or simply a frilled lizard?
- Which one do you prefer?
- Uh-oh...
This magical device when hit offers either a benefit or an hazard to our hero: they too come in cycles.
- And you stay there, do you listen?
Your reflection:
This is a strong foe which uses different combinations of blows.
- Hail inverted one!
The landscape will also begin a rotating cycle.
(Dancing the Jungle Boogie.)
Striking the opponent with a middle slash. That powder looking thing it's his blood gushing.
Demigod: Anubis (I bet).
A lower strike will finish my opponent. He has only one piece of energy left. His look will start to flash in a spectrum of colours when that happens.
(our hero is being a little harsh because they are going to sacrifice Thaya.)
- Get out of my way, miraged one... no one shall block me from saving my love...
(Usually he is a very polite gentleman)
Two magical devices.
- Where's Thaya you puny hyena?
- You certainly shout a lot for a demigod resembling a Chihuahua...
Demigod: Mafdet.
(The demigod is going to shut our warrior's mouth, I bet.)
(Yup, he is being beaten real bad on the face.)
This is the gate to the portal triggered by the special magical device.
- Ok, ok... I promise the next time I will bring a juicy bone....
(Our hero was capable of convincing the demigod that he was being exploited by the Evil Pharaoh.)
- Piece.
- Piece Bro.
The Showdown: Evil Pharaoh.
And here lies the powerless and helpless bandaged princess imprisoned by the Beast, ready to be buried alive for an evil sacrifice.
(Oh no!! The Winged beast was preparing a trick and blows a powerful double kick on our warrior's lower parts!!)
(Miraculously our hero dodges the attack and rips the throat of the surprised beast like a chicken)
The huge lifeless body falls echoing a big bump. It shakes the temple's walls covering the air with dust and the faces of the lovers.
- (intensive coughing)
Releasing Thaya.
But the mission is not over. Our hero has to act like a surgeon and untie the princess with a surgically strike using his sword.
An intense fragrance is released in the air making our hero's heart pulsate like a mad accordion. Love is in the air.
Both lover's hands are shaking not knowing if this is really happening... And trembling she said fading her voice in a whisper:
- My love...
The Evil Pharaoh had a last trick on his sleeve. The odyssey was frozen seconds before they could embrace themselves... and the game crashes.

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Start Screen.
Let's fight.
Taking a flying kick.
Attacking low.

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
High attack
Trying to hit low, but the enemy is about to jump
Stage 2 Demon
Stage 2 Moleman
Stage 3 Blue dude
Stage 3 Tiger

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Game start
Squaring up
Middle blow
He's recoiling
I win
Second opponent
I guess that's a draw?
I lose
Demigod: Canine/Feline.
The journey will be tremendously harsh. This is just the beginning long before our hero saves his love from being sacrificed.
Mutual kidney strike.
Last breath of this demigod apparition.
Demigod: Feline/Canine.
Arrows are a constant headache. Don't let them distract you from the combat.
Is this an "Egyptian" boys band?
Striking the demigod in the kidneys.
Demigod: Amphibian.
- May I call you Heqet?
These magical devices scattered on the route of the game can trigger many types of powers. Strike them with your sword.
A powerful blow on the warrior's face.
Opening a secret passage.
The magical device opens a secret passage to the temple when smashed by your sword.
The opponent evades the low blow by jumping.
The warrior is preparing to counterattack a middle strike.
Sun Ra moment.
- Stay still kids... Say cheeese!!!
The Temple: The Evil Pharaoh.
You have meet your nemesis at last. Finally you understand that the Evil Pharaoh has many forms to manifest himself.
The battle begins. The winged beast is going to blow the courageous warrior with a powerful kick.
He uses its tail to strengthen the powerful blow. The injuries are doubled for our warrior as long as he attacks the adversary.
Our hero slices the throat of the beast getting advantage for the difficult victory ahead. Beware that every attack has to be accurate.
Releasing Thaya.
Even at this point you have to use your sword with precision. Place it exactly at the position of the loose bonds.
And then, only then, you can rest and enjoy the last moments of the game.
Princess Thaya was imprisoned by the Evil Pharaoh to be buried alive as a sacrifice for the gods.
Finally she is free to hold in her arms her saviour and lover.
"Hold me in my arms" said the deeply moved princess to her brave warrior.
At last the lovers embrace themselves and share their tears.