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Game Boy Advance 24 3.9
PlayStation 37 3.6
PlayStation 3 Awaiting 5 votes...
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PS Vita Awaiting 5 votes...
SNES 71 3.8
Wii Awaiting 5 votes...
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WonderSwan Color 9 3.1
Combined User Score 141 3.7

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Game Boy AdvanceGamerDad (Jan 01, 2006)
Gameplay remains basically unchanged. Visit towns, gather items and clues, explore dungeons and fight all manner of monsters in random battle encounters. Newer Final Fantasy fans may not like the aged, clunkier battle system, but for many fans of the older series games, like myself, this is the only way to fight. This port isn't without its problems, though. The biggest of which is that sometimes the animations in random fights get a little choppy and slowed down which can affect the once smooth pacing of the battles. Also, the new font used for the text is a bit too narrow and smooshed up for my tastes. But these problems don't hamper the quality of the game at all. Final Fantasy IV Advance is still a must-have game for RPG fans.
Game Boy (Dec 28, 2005)
Final Fantasy IV Advance, the latest in a series of remakes of the brick-and-mortar games in the classic series of JRPGs, provides an experience that scratches both the nostalgic and contemporary gaming itch. Originally released in the U.S. as Final Fantasy II for the SNES, FF IV has received some fantastic polish while maintaining-and even enhancing-the original content. This game is a must-have for anyone who has had the pleasure of playing the original and is highly recommended for anyone who is interested to see why so many gamers find FF IV so appealing.
SNESNintendojo (Jun 14, 2003)
If you like RPG’s and haven’t played this game yet, you’re in for a treat! Both of the Final Fantasy games for the SNES are some of the hardest games to find, and with good reason too because they’re that damn good! If you’re lucky enough to see a copy of this at your local used video game store or on Ebay, you should definitely pick this game up RPG fan or not!
Game Boy AdvanceUOL Jogos (Dec 15, 2005)
"Final Fantasy IV" foi um dos melhores RPG de sua época e continua sendo um clássico. Os fãs do chamado "old school", ou a velha-guarda dos games, deverão amar de imediato, e quem não teve oportunidade de jogá-lo na época, também poderá recuperar o tempo perdido com uma ótima versão. O título pode não ter a pirotecnia dos games de hoje, mas mostra que a importância está na essência, aqui formada por batalhas desafiadoras, personagens marcantes e músicas memoráveis.
SNESRPGFan (Nov 25, 1998)
You want to talk about a rewarding game experience? The ending sums things up perfectly, and the final showdown between the forces of good and evil in this title will never be forgotten by me. Easily the greatest final battle I've ever fought. But, yes, every silver lining has its cloud. With Final Fantasy II it's the dumbed-down disease. The Japanese, as usual, get it better than us with their version having more items, no censorship, and an overall harder difficulty level. Plus the fact that they don't have to deal with a little word called 'translation'. That's it for down points folks. I strongly suggest that if you do not own FF2, try and find it then buy it. An unforgettable epic from the people at Square.
SNESRPGFan (Oct 02, 2001)
The original version of Final Fantasy 4 is very hard to come across, but if you can get a hold of either this game or its PlayStation counterpart at a fair price, and if you have a way of being able to understand it, by all means play it. It's a real shame that Square never took the time to write a good translation for the uncut Final Fantasy 4, either on the Super NES or PlayStation, because this is a top-notch old school RPG. I must say, after playing the US release of Final Fantasy 4 Easy many times, and then playing this one, I got to experience Final Fantasy 4 in a whole new light.
Game Boy AdvanceThunderbolt Games (Jul 16, 2008)
Other than these alterations, this is the same Final Fantasy IV that has made a mark as one of the definitive role-playing adventures in gaming history. While the outside may appear dated compared to modern games, the core gameplay experience remains fresh. Anyone looking for a worthwhile and challenging role-playing game should definitely pick this up.
Game Boy AdvanceAll Game Guide (2005)
The original Super NES title was a genuine milestone in the genre, and serious RPG fans owe it to themselves to experience the game, especially with such an attractive and faithful re-release available in Final Fantasy IV Advance.
If this is the future of role-playing, I may have to quit my day job - I'll never get enough sleep to function there. It's Final Fantasy II, another in the popular series, and it's a real gem. I would go as far as to say that it's the best RPG I've ever played on a cart-based system. If you own a Super Nintendo, get it. Get it now.
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US) (Dec 14, 2005)
In addition to a well-laid out story, the pixel art is incredible, the gameplay is sensible, and the music is enjoyable. Final Fantasy IV is possibly one of the best, if not the best, game of its series. Even for those who aren't immediately inclined to pick up an RPG, this is definitely one you would not want to miss.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy (Dec 16, 2005)
Despite a few GBA quirks, Final Fantasy IV Advance is a great version of an RPG milestone. The story seems a bit simplistic by today's standards, but it's also uncommonly charming. The quicksave feature makes it an excellent candidate for fun on the go... assuming you can hold back the tears when yet another beloved character sacrifices themselves for the good of the world while you're playing on the train to work. Such an outburst might earn you some odd looks from your neighbors, but hey, this is one game that's worth a little embarrassment.
SNESRPGFan (Oct 30, 2001)
Besides the horrific translation, nothing is wrong with FFIV. The game was very long as compared to the games of 1991, taking a little over 26 hours to complete. The game wasn't overly difficult, but there were a few bosses that left me quite the frustrated boy (die, you evil wall, DIE!). This game is a classic, plain and simple. It may cost a pretty penny but there's nothing like playing an original Final Fantasy IV cart on your good old SNES.
SNESVideo Games (Feb, 1992)
Geradezu umwerfend sind die vielen spielerischen Details, die die Programmierer diesem Pracht-Modul verpaßt haben. Zwar ist die Hintergrundgeschichte eher altbacken, aber durch geschicktes Ausnutzen von Überraschungen, einer tüchtigen Portion Humor und dem, erst auf den zweiten Blick genialen Charaktersystem durchläuft der Spieler das komplette Gefühlsspektrum. Echte Puzzles und komplizierte Rätsel müssen mit der Lupe gesucht werden - das Hauptaugenmerk bei Final Fantasy 2 liegt deutlich beim Erforschen der verschiedenen Gebiete, dem Vertrimmen von Monstern und dem Sammeln von Items.
SNESPower Play (Feb, 1992)
Final Fantasy 2 ist das mit Abstand schönste Konsolenrollenspiel. Gegen den Spielwitz dieses Prachtmoduls verblaßt sogar das Sega-Konkurrenzspiel "Shining in the Darkness". Leider wird die Grafik von Final Fantasy 2 dem 16-Bit-Standard nicht gerecht und unterscheidet sich nur unwesentlich von den NES-Fassungen. Über entgangenen Augenschmaus trösten dafür die exzellenten Musikstücke und zahlreiche spielerische Feinheiten hinweg. Final Fantasy sprüht nur so vor frechen Details, knackigen Monstern und erfrischenden Handlungssprüngen. Rätselkönige fühlen sich streckenweise etwas unterfordert; wer lieber auf Entdeckungsreise geht, Gegenstände aufspürt, Monster vertrimmt und sich an der tollen Story erfreuen will, bekommt ein erstklassiges Spiel geboten - wir wollen mehr davon.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2006)
All in all, a good port of a fantastic game should give old players a reason to relive the magic, and newer gamers the chance to get in on the secret.
Game Boy AdvanceGamingEvolution (2006)
Final Fantasy IV Advance is possibly one of the greatest RPGs ever released in the gaming world. It introduced many elements that became the springboard to many popular games known and loved today. Introducing one of the greatest and addictive storylines, players will be hooked through this game. As well as an amazing plot, this game has incredible gameplay, graphics, and sound for its 16 bit capabilities.
SNESPlay Time (Oct, 1992)
Insgesamt sucht diese Dichte an Atmosphäre und Spritzigkeit an Einfällen seinesgleichen, zumal auch die Unterstützung durch gelungenen Sound und stimmungsgeladene Musik nicht fehlt. Hier wurde ein ganzes Stück Arbeit geleistet, leider hat man in der ganzen Euphorie die Grafik links liegen lassen, die ist in ihrer Unschärfe definitiv unter SF-Niveau. Das kennt man besser. Die benutzerfreundliche Batterie zum Abspeichern von 4 Spielständen wurde erwartungsgemäß nicht vergessen. Keine Ausrede, da müsst Ihr dabeigewesen sein. Derzeit das Top-Rollenspielteil mit Echtzeitsequenzen für Euer hässliches quadratisch-graues Entlein.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN (Dec 14, 2005)
Final Fantasy IV Advance is one hell of a great pickup for portable gaming fans and is an even better acquisition for old-school players that can't get enough of it. No other port of the title has been as thorough or content-packed as this one, and when it's blown up on your Game Boy player, don't be surprised if it sucks into its world for much longer than you'd expect. It's only real hitch is that it has been seen several times before and compared to today's more complicated RPGs, is a little too basic. Still, if unadulterated fun and strong storytelling is what you look for in your RPGs, then you can't do much better.
SNESTotal! (Germany) (Apr, 1996)
Eine Story voller Wendungen und Überraschungen, Charaktere mit Persönlichkeit und speziellen Fähigkeiten und natürlich auch eine ordentliche technische Gestaltung – das ist es, was die Herzen von Genre-Freunden höher schlagen läßt. Heutzutage (und insbesondere nach den Grafik- und Soundorgien von „Final Fantasy III“ oder „Chrono Trigger“) mutet die Gestaltung zwar etwas bieder an, damals war sie jedoch ein Meilenstein und hat noch heute ihre Reize. Für erhöhten Herzschlag sorgt übrigens auch das damals revolutionäre Kampfsystem, bei dem der Spieler kaum noch zur Ruhe kommt. Entscheidungen müssen blitzschnell getroffen werden, denn der Gegner hält überhaupt nichts von Denkpausen – Echtzeit-Streß in den Dungeons ist angesagt. Begeisterte Rollenspieler sollten sich diesen (leider nur als US-Import erhältlichen) Oldie unbedingt antun – sofern sie ihn noch in die Finger bekommen können...
Game Boy AdvanceMeristation (Jun 02, 2006)
Dentro de la relajación que vive Game Boy Advance en términos de lanzamientos, Square Enix nos sorprende con una pequeña joya que se vuelve en un imprescindible. Final Fantasy IV Advance es un remake de la versión de Super Nintendo original, con algunas novedades y toda la magia de siempre.
85 (Nov 19, 2010)
Final Fantasy IV s'impose tout simplement de lui-même. Servi par des personnages profondément humains et par un scénario aux innombrables rebondissements, ce quatrième volet apporte un nouveau souffle à la série. Techniquement supérieur du fait de son passage sur Super NES, cet épisode trouve enfin ses marques après trois premiers épisodes marqués par la réflexion et l'expérimentation. Il faut cependant faire la distinction entre la version japonaise et la version américaine du jeu. En effet, afin de toucher un public plus large, Square fait censurer quelques éléments et rend le jeu plus facile et accessible pour les joueurs occidentaux. On note aussi quelques dialogues ayant disparu entre les deux versions, mais rien qui ne puissent réellement briser l'alchimie de cet épisode.
Game Boy AdvanceVideo Game Generation (Feb 04, 2006)
If you're a fan of RPGs, you need to play this. If you're a fan of Final Fantasy who started playing at number seven, you need to play this. If you played the game way back when…it's worth it for the new dungeons and story sequences and the improved translation. It's rare that a game this old manages to stand up so proud next to its modern counterparts, but Final Fantasy IV Advance has managed to emerge as one of the best role playing games on the Game Boy Advance, and a worthy collection to the library of any gamer who doesn't just hate RPGs like a plague. If you've never played this before, add another half-point to my score below. Highly recommended.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2006)
If you haven't played the PSone version included in Final Fantasy Chronicles, you'll thrill at the expanded combat commands and new dialogue. However, if you've already played that re-release, even the new dungeons aren't enough to warrant another purchase.
Game Boy Advance1UP (Dec 09, 2005)
Perhaps the best part of FF4A is the fact that it will be followed up by its vastly superior sequels in the coming months. After all, the only thing better than one enhanced classic is three. But for the time being, FF4A is more than enough to keep Final Fantasy fans wallowing in cheerful nostalgia while holding up to the scrutiny of a new generation of gamers.
Game Boy AdvanceN-Zone (Jun 10, 2006)
Wer mit der angestaubten technischen Präsentation leben kann und die Muse hat, sich in die hintergründige Spielwelt hineinzuversetzen, wird mit einem äußerst umfangreichen Rollenspiel belohnt. Beim genialen Kampfsystem wird den heutigen Spielern wieder einmal vor Augen geführt, dass Spiele schon früher richtig komplex sein konnten. Wer die Final Fantasy Anthology (PSone) nicht besitzt, greift zu!
Game Boy (Jun 16, 2006)
Wenn ihr wissen wollt, wie das moderne Final Fantasy seinen Anfang nahm, dann solltet ihr hier zuschlagen! Euch erwartet ein langes, abwechslungsreiches, anspruchsvolles, aufregendes, teilweise frustrierend schweres und reizend veraltet präsentiertes Rollenspiel der alten Schule. Und die subtilen Erweiterungen und Verbesserungen machen das Modul sogar für Besitzer des SNES-Originals bzw. der PSone-Neuauflage empfehlenswert - immerhin basiert das Spiel auf der kniffligeren Japan-, und nicht auf der entschärften Easytype-USA-Variante. Allerdings gibt es der rostigen Präsentation zum Trotz merkwürdige technische Probleme: Mitten in furiosen Kämpfen hakt manchmal einfach die Steuerung, Befehle werden nicht erkannt, Items nicht genutzt - merkwürdig und nervend. Außerdem ist das Ganze wie gewohnt alles andere als einsteigerfreundlich.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot (Dec 12, 2005)
And if you either got in to the Final Fantasy games later on in the series, or just haven't played this game before, don't miss out on it this time around. After all, even if you set aside this game's importance to the Final Fantasy series and role-playing games as a whole, the bottom line is that Final Fantasy IV Advance is a captivating, long-lasting game filled with exciting battles, great characters, and incredible music.
You get incredible animations, sizzling sound and music and a game that is so involved, so intense, it has to be experienced!
Game Boy AdvanceLegendra (Dec 19, 2007)
Un très bon RPG à découvrir ou redécouvrir pour les autres, malgré ce portage peu utile (à part pour le côté accessible pour nous autres Européens). Encore de nos jours il porte les qualités indispensables d'un bon RPG, complété par un petit bonus de fin, bref du tout bon pour ceux qui aiment les bons jeux et ne font pas la tête à Square-Enix.
SNESLegendra (Apr 10, 2012)
Épisode mythique d'une série mythique, pierre angulaire qui va redéfinir le genre RPG, grand jeu qui s'impose de lui-même au joueur par ses indéniables qualités et un charme indescriptible, Final Fantasy IV est un jeu marquant à bien des égards. Une véritable quête passionnante de bout en bout, un monde magnifique et une bande son magique, sur lesquels le temps a bien peu d'emprise. On pourrait blâmer la difficulté parfois bien haute et l'obligation au grind, inévitable revers de la médaille mais finalement petit prix à payer. Un épisode charnière à découvrir ou à redécouvrir, d'autant plus que les versions et remakes ne manquent pas.
SNESLegendra (Jan 16, 2003)
En conclusion, pour moi Final Fantasy 4 est le meilleur des Final pour son scénario très recherché et pour son ambiance particulièrement tragique. Je vous le conseille absolument si vous êtes fan des Final et même pour les néophytes car c'est un jeu d'une approche assez simple.
Game Boy (2006)
Final Fantasy IV Advance est un RPG de qualité et qui dispose pour la première fois de textes localisés dans la langue de Molière. 15 ans après sa sortie sur Super Nes, il reste un titre à conseiller aux amateurs du genre.
80 (Mar 08, 2012)
Final Fantasy IV est réellement le tout premier volet de la saga à proposer une aventure bien plus profonde et humaine. Cependant, et malgré les qualités évidentes du titre, on ne peut que pointer du doigt ce portage pur et dur de la version Super NES. En l'absence de nouveautés, passez donc votre chemin si vous avez déjà goûté à la version d'origine.
Game Boy AdvanceRPGFan (Dec 04, 2006)
It should be pretty obvious by now to most of you that Final Fantasy IV does not stand the test of time for new gamers. Those who, like me, got their start on the NES or SNES, however, should enjoy the little trip down memory lane, and will definitely appreciate the extra content. This game is a must-buy for anyone who played Final Fantasy IV on the SNES and liked it, as well as for those new gamers who want to see how things were like back in the old days. Otherwise, and this kills me, you should pass by this game in favor of something else.
SNESRetrogaming History (Nov 17, 2008)
Se siete dei fan della saga Square non potete non giocare a Final Fantasy IV. Se invece siete degli amanti del J-Rpg in generale sappiate che, per godervi questo gioco, dovrete accettare i limiti delle meccaniche imposte dalla visione ludica di quel periodo. Superato questo ostacolo si potrà allora gustare di un titolo che storicamente è importantissimo per ciò che verrà dopo.
Game Boy (Jun 02, 2006)
A l'instar d'un Tales of Phantasia, la sortie de Final Fantasy IV Advance sur GBA est un événement à ne pas manquer pour les amateurs de RPG. Il s'agit vraisemblablement de l'un des chapitres les plus réussis de la saga, autant pour l'intrigue que pour le système de jeu. Preuve que la loi des portages a parfois du bon, surtout quand elle permet de faire découvrir aux joueurs européens des titres qui ne sont jamais sortis chez eux en version française. Je vous laisse méditer là-dessus en rêvant d'une illusoire conversion de Final Fantasy Tactics sur portable et d'une confirmation de Valkyrie Profile PSP dans l'hexagone.
Game Boy (Mar 05, 2008)
Somit bietet "Final Fantasy 4 Advance" nach wie vor ein absolut gelungenes Unterhaltungsprogramm, das aufgrund der aufgezeigten Mängel von mir nur acht Punkte erhält. Allen, die es noch nicht kennen, kann ich es bedenkenlos empfehlen. Aufgrund des am Anfang angesprochenen hohen Beliebtheitsgrades ist vor kurzem in Japan ein drittes Remake des Spieles für das Nintendo DS erschienen. Geduldige Naturen sollten sich vielleicht lieber diese Ausgabe vormerken.
Game Boy (UK) (Jun 09, 2006)
But for everybody else, even those who may have played it before on the SNES or PlayStation (this version has upgraded graphics, better translation and some new unlockable features), there's a depth of enjoyment to Final Fantasy IV Advance - even pathos - that few other games can match. Get it and it will stay in your GBA or DS for weeks, if not months.
Game Boy (May, 2008)
To sum up, the new stuff IS really cool, and it adds a lot more to the game that we owe every single lifeform in the universe too. I just wish it were smoother and more canonical, and that it didn't give you the feeling you get when a movie's basically over but still goes on for another half hour.
SNESneXGam (2002)
Insgesamt zeichnete sich bei FF4 schon recht deutlich ab in welche Richtung sich die Serie entwickeln würde. Das ATB-System wurde in den Nachfolgern nur geringfügig verändert und fand erst im PS2-Epos Final Fantasy X einen komplett neu gestalteten Nachfolger. Die Story mag teilweise recht Klischee-haft wirken, erfreut jedoch mit Tiefgründigkeit und Umfang - Für Fans!
Game Boy AdvancePortable Review (Feb 14, 2006)
As stated earlier, the replayability to this game is not in experiencing each and every scene again and again. It is having to go through Zeromus several times so that you can fight through the Lunar Ruins, effectively doubling this game in length. Even though fifteen years old, FF4A still holds the charm it possessed when I first encountered it. If you like RPGs, this is a definite must for those who enjoy the genre.
WonderSwan ColorGame Daihouko (2002)
グラフィックが綺麗です。 音はチョイとこもったような音が出ます。 操作性は斜めに歩けません!ただダッシュはできます。 今結構安いんでお買い得だと思います。 ミニゲームもあります。 セーブデータがかなり作れるのも魅力だと思います。
Game Boy AdvanceDiehard GameFan (Dec 22, 2005)
With its excellent and fast paced storyline, FFIV is one of the more addictive entries into the series for me, even if the graphics and music are somewhat outdated. It’s a lot of fun to see what happens to Cecil and his companions as you progress through the story, and you level frequently enough to constantly feel like you are progressing with your characters at a pace equal to the story so you don’t need to stop and grind out experience if you don’t want to. Still, the game isn’t anything new for most people, and some may only play it for a short while then put it down for something fresh. But if you are like me then there is plenty to enjoy here, and you’ll find yourself playing it until you’ve managed to complete it.
70 (Jan, 2008)
All in all, the game is a classic that, unlike many classics, is still worth playing today. I suppose that it may not have quite the same effect on those who have never played it before, but it’s at least better than Dragon Warrior in that respect. That’s for another review, however.
Game Boy AdvanceGamezine (May 28, 2006)
Voyez à quelle école vous appartenez et faites votre choix, d’autant que la cartouche Super Famicom ne souffre pas des quelques bugs rencontrés sur cette version GBA. Ok, l’intérêt reste bien présent malgré cela, mais ça gâche un peu le plaisir de jeu. En somme, vive la version Super Famicom, même si elle n’est pas portable, et vivement Final Fantasy III sur Nintendo, qui s’annonce comme un vrai remake, lui.
Game Boy AdvanceGameplanet (Mar 07, 2006)
The game has three main areas, which are the main menu, inventory and battle screen. The main menu is a map of the area where your character is located. Battle screen is self explanatory as is inventory. As Cecil, you get to travel through towns, caverns, forests and various other landscapes as you progress through the game. The graphics and detail are standard for a GBA game so in other words, not too great. But it's not the graphics of the game that matter. The storyline and characters are the essence of what makes Final Fantasy IV Advance fun to play.
PlayStationneXGam (Dec 27, 2009)
Insgesamt zeichnete sich bei FF4 schon recht deutlich ab in welche Richtung sich die Serie entwickeln würde. Das ATB-System wurde in den Nachfolgern nur geringfügig verändert und fand erst im PS2-Epos Final Fantasy X einen komplett neu gestalteten Nachfolger. Die Story mag teilweise recht Klischee-haft wirken, erfreut jedoch mit Tiefgründigkeit und Umfang - Für Fans!
Game Boy AdvanceWorth Playing (Dec 30, 2005)
Sadly, Final Fantasy IV Advance suffers from Old Dog syndrome: You can't teach an old dog new tricks, and you can't remake a remake without it seeming a little tired. The extra dungeons and ability to choose your final party – as opposed to getting railroaded into it – are both welcome additions, but the hefty price they pay comes in the form of the game being a port of a port, a rehash of a rehash. They took the GBA game wholesale from the Japanese Wonderswan version, which is good in theory, but next time, Square should take a look at bug-testing it. If this is your first chance to play Final Fantasy IV, it's not to be missed, but if you already own the PlayStation port or the original SNES version, think about it twice or even three times.
WonderSwan ColorGame Daihouko (2005)
しかし、色々と下調べをしておけば、このような事態は避けられるみたいです。が、 もはや時代も進み、プレステで出来るようになりましたから、今更ワンダースワンでやる人はいないでしょうが、 もしワンダースワンでやろうと考えている人がいましたら一言、