Final Fantasy II Screenshots

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PSP version

Maria in "new" CG intro
Title screen
New game - You can change the name of your heroes
Dark Knights burn down the village
Fighting the Dark Knights at game start – there is no way to win this battle
Hilda and Minwu near unconscious Firion
Inside rebel's hideout
Learning a key term from dialog
In an inn
Cool light effect in chapel
Character statistic with weapons skills levels
Using fire spell on hornets in combat
Leg Eater info from bestiary
Using thunder spell on wererats in combat
Using Phoenix Down on character at menu
Hitting Goblin with Axe
In town controlled by imperials
Ghosts use curse spell on party
Force river line on canoe
Using airship to fly to distant location
In snow covered town
In dungeon
World map
Equipment screen
Dreadnought takeoff in fancy cutscene at some point of story
Riding snowcraft
Using improved thunder spell on band of goblins and grenades
Swimming in pool with beavers