Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
The intro starts with some suspiciously homoerotic magic...
...which turns into a well-directed, dramatic CGI movie
Revolutionary feature: keywords and dialogue topics in a Japanese RPG! And one originally released in 1988, to boot!
Exploring the palace
Starting town. Nice architecture and all
Status screen
World map
Open-air battle against goblins. Maria here hits them with a bow where it hurts most. Note the lovely background art
Birds do it, bees do it. In a swamp
Visiting a quiet village. A child is walking back and forth through a flower patch
Holy, shmoly! Donate money to the church and you'll be healed!
Cozy inn
Ooookay. Anger management problems?..

Final Fantasy II Screenshots

WonderSwan Color version

Title screen
Dark Knights burn down the village
The emperor is plotting his evil schemes...
Background story
You can change the name of your heroes
The heroes are pursued by the Dark Knights
A battle you cannot win...
Hilda and Mindu find Firion (or Frionel, as he is originally called)
Rebel hideout
Equipment screen
Exploring a house
Town square
An inn
Armor shop
Buying things
World map
Fighting on a field
Fighting in a forest
Fighting in a swamp
A quiet village...
Item shop in a village