Final Fantasy III Screenshots

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NES version

Title screen
From Onion Kids to Crystal Warriors... quite a career
Naming your Onion Kids :)
The first dungeon
Item/equipment/stats menu
Fighting some evil-looking guys...
The first boss battle!..
If it weren't so cold here, I'd swear we were in Israel
On the world map
Town exploration
Armor shop. Couldn't afford more space, eh?..
Mysteriously-looking place...
I wanna relax and have some whiskey...
Hitting an inn
Battle outside, against low-level insects
Nice detail: the boy near the fire
Spooky palace dungeon with ghosts
Fighting beasts in a forest. Note the damage feedback on the creature
Dead end in cave
Poor ghosts in inn
Go to castle
Resurrect water
Magic shop
Night in bed
In castle