Final Fantasy III Screenshots

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Biggs and Wedge
Fire Beam
Boss fight
Terra resonating with the Esper.
Being chased.
The Mogs are fighting.
Terra casting Fire magic.
Escaping with the chocobos.
Riding a chocobo on the world map.
Edgar attacking multiple enemies.
Resting at an Inn.
Meeting Baron.
Sabin using a Blitz technique.
Selecting a character to continue when they're separated.
Celes using her Runic ability to absorb Tunnel Armor's spells.
Big rats
Steampunk city
What are these enemies?
I find something!
Desert fight
Finally! I hate sands!

PlayStation version

Main Title (there is also another new one in the intro animation)
There are two beautiful FMVs specific for PSX version of a game, intro and ending cinematic.
It is particularly nice to see Celes throwing flowers from the balcony as an FMV, after we've seen that in the game which seems as if it has nothing to do with these videos.
The story unfolds before you get control over your character.
Biggs and Wedge, soldiers on the opposing side, this time as well.
Well, it wouldn't be any fun if PSX version wouldn't have some bonus included in the main menu selection.
Right up form the game start, you're thrown into fights you won't be able to handle hours to come.
Constant checking of store supplies is an imminent action you'll constantly encounter.
Save/Load screen display.
You should often pop behind the scene to set some option for your characters.
Terra is using magic fire attack against regularly encountered beastiary.
Walking with Edgar as the representing character on world map.
Checking your character stats (note how the background display is selectable).
Edgar showing there's still "king" written all over him.
Entering South Figaro from the west. Is that an irony or what?
Entering the cafe.
There's none better than Locke when it comes to virtue in dialogues.
Sometimes selection must be handled quickly... luckily not precisely too.
Glowing blue lights represent save points when you're not on the world map.
Fight on the raft.
Some plans require a lot of strategy first.
There are many chokobo stables which are mostly not visible on the world map, but can be found in varoius forests. Riding a chokobo will save you time and spare you monster fights.
Talking to chokobo... yeah right. But Square didn't think of that yet... maybe one day they will, though.
3D graphic is rare to encounter in this game. Riding a chokobo over a world map is always in 3D though. But don't let that confuse you, just use mini map if you get lost.
Sometimes, answers may interfere with the game's plot resolutions.

SNES version

Japanese title screen
Edgar is wandering through a greenish maze
A regular battle with a nice background
The story
A real 3D intro!
In Narshe
Fighting in robotic suits
The first dungeon in the game: Narshe mines
Frying the first boss of the game
Locke and Terra meet
A ray of light leads way up
View from above
Those baddies try to silence my guys!
Navigating three parties
Main menu
All the heroes together
Strago and the Save Point
Some typical Final Fantasy high-level monsters
World of Ruins, near the airship
Title screen
In a quiet city
On the airship
Chocobo stable
Battle aginst strange green things
In a house
Relm is casting Ultima, the most powerful spell of the game
I like this airship. Kupo! :)
Dialogue (japanese version)
Menu (japanese version)
Selecting spells (japanese version)

Windows version

Main menu
Are you SURE about that...!
Poor guys have no idea what's coming to them.
Completely electrified. Can't even move.
These will come in handy very often.

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