Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Screenshots

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Wii version

Title screen
Main menu
The intro
Ceodore is flying on a Red Barons ship with Biggs and Wedge to the trial
Ceodore's superiors are skeptical about him
We've arrived to the Adamant Isle
Ceodore on the overworld map
Visiting a town
A tavern
Full moon
Restoring HP and MP for free at the ship
Stats and menu screen
The first fight is a tutorial
Biggs and Wedge perform a band move
A fight further in the game (Kain's Tale) - Rosa casts Blessing
Casting Protect
Ceodore and Kain performing a band move
(Almost) Each tale has its Challenge Dungeon accessible with Challengingway
In the first Challenge Dungeon
A powerful monster guards the treasure
It's Addamantite Golem. Not very powerful, but it caught me off-guard
Random encounter with some Baloons