Related Web Sites

  • FF-Fan (A fansite that offers all kinds of information on the entire Final Fantasy franchise, including walkthroughs, game media, discussion boards and fan art.)
  • Final Fantasy Extreme (Site that contains movies, wallpaper, codes, guides, walkthroughs, and general information on the Final Fantasy series.)
  • Final Fantasy Online (A Final Fantasy related site containing images, wallpapers, music, guides, etc.)
  • Final Fantasy Online Strategy Guides (Tips, tricks, and just really useful information for Final Fantasy VII.)
  • GameFaqs Files (Comprehensive links to numerous Final Fantasy VII files on GameFaqs)
  • Hints for FF7 (Universal Hint System's hints will help you finish Final Fantasy VII)
  • OC ReMix Game Profile (Fan ReMixes of music from Final Fantasy VII, including the album "Voices of the Lifestream")
  • Square's Official Final Fantasy VII site (Square's official North American website for info on Final Fantasy VII and related games.)
  • Yamaha's XG Website (Yamaha's website for their XG series of software MIDI synthesizers. The YXG-100 version comes on Final Fantasy VII's PC install disc.)

Searches and Links

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Google ; search engine that ranks by popularity

eBay ; Many older games listed on MobyGames are out of print. Auction sites like eBay are the best place to find them.

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