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Fusion of drama and gameplay PlayStation Unicorn Lynx (181378)
Hey-hey, I saved the world again today! PlayStation The Fabulous King (1333)
Love it or hate it, this game made the PlayStation. PlayStation Anatole (61)
The seventh era of Square's rule PlayStation DreinIX (9499)
Great 32-bit capture of the original spirit of the series, yet it lead everyone in the wrong direction PlayStation Zovni (10667)
The best Final Fantasy Game by far. Windows Iceman256 (5)
The console RPG that rules its genre... epic, funny, tragic, imaginative, unforgettable. Windows Silverblade (1492)
If Everest is the higher mountain in the world, then Final Fantasy 7 is the Everest of videogames. PlayStation Depth Lord (1003)
Yuffie, give back all my materia!.. PlayStation Fading3 (21)
Quite possibly the most overrated game of all time.... PlayStation MasterMegid (902)

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PlayStation 397 4.2
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PSP 10 4.9
PS Vita 6 5.0
Windows 256 3.8
Combined User Score 682 4.1

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WindowsRPGamer (2007)
Final Fantasy VII is one of the greatest games ever, there's no denying that. With over thirty hours of gameplay, and two optional bosses FFVII will keep you playing forever (or so it seems)! The Materia system, and the storyline also make FFVII a complete package. If there is only one game you get all year, make it Final Fantasy VII!
PlayStationVideo Gamers First (2001)
I have seldomly been able to play a game this good, but hey, it's made by Square. It's the best game ever made, making it hard for me to write a review on it. You have never seen such a piece of art until you've played FF7.
PlayStationUltraNinjas (Apr 12, 2007)
This is the game as far as a whole generation is concerned; the game that brought RPGs firmly into European gamers’ mindset; the game that provided players with an epic, unforgettable story; the game that won Sony the Christmas 1997 battle. ... There’s very little you could criticise the game for, and any title which lasts 40 hours and still makes you want to come back for more of exactly the same has got to be something special. More than being the game that won Sony a sales race or opened Europe to proper RPGs once and for all, on a personal level it’s probably the game that solidified my love for video gaming as a whole. A heck of a lot of people – me included – have a lot to thank Cloud and his travelling band of friends for, even some ten years on.
PlayStationPSX Nation (Sep 07, 1997)
Final Fantasy 7 has one of the most engrossing storylines yet seen in a Role Playing Game. ... This truly is a game that will appeal to a broader audience with its mini games and engrossing storyline. ... The graphics in this game represent a new level of quality for the PlayStation. ... The music fits the storyline and is orchestrated like in a perfect movie. ... This is the game to own for your PlayStation. ... This is *the* one game you must buy or otherwise you'll never see the true power of the PlayStation.
PlayStationNext Generation (Nov, 1997)
The graphics are bar none the best PlayStation has ever seen. ... Following in the tradition of previous entries in the series, which have always dealt with more mature, even heavy-handed themes, the storyline comes away fresh, dealing with "real issues" like environmental devastation, government corruption, the morality of genetic engineering, dual personalities, even prostitution. ... Final Fantasy VII is a game not to be missed. The dream is real, and the bar has been permanently raised for console RPGs. It's a hell of a ride. Don't miss this one.
PlayStationGame Shark (Aug 08, 2001)
FF7 is quite possibly the best console game released to date. Every aspect of the game is virtually flawless, from its movie inspired soundtrack, to the incredibly life-like FMV, to the detailed battle and Materia systems, to the boatload of simplistic and addictive mini-games. This is what RPG fans have been waiting for. This is what will make Americans fall in love with the genre. This is a game we'll be playing for many years to come.
PlayStationallgame (2014)
Explore massive worlds in this seventh installment of the popular role-playing series.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (Jan, 2010)
Before its release, many companies were hesitant on bringing some Japanese role-playing games over because they feared there wasn't a big enough market for them. That all changed after Square's masterpiece was released.
PlayStation1UP (Jan, 2000)
Final Fantasy VII is absolutely epic in scope. With a sweeping story line that spans three discs, the game makes the 40-hour completion time suggested by Square seem like an underestimation ... this is a great game.
WindowsWirtualna Polska (WP) (Mar 02, 1999)
Moim zdaniem jeszcze trochę pracy i kosmetyki zapewniłoby tej grze miejsce w czołówce.
WindowsJust Adventure (1998)
There is no doubt in my mind that Final Fantasy VII is the greatest game ever created. Squaresoft has once again created a masterpiece that goes beyond video games. To many, it is a work of art. ... FF7 has a very dark and emotional story ... there is no way I am giving this story anything less than an A+. ... The gameplay gets an A. ... The music of Final Fantasy VII is very good. ... One of the greatest games ever made, Final Fantasy VII can receive no less than an A+ overall. I truly believe it is the greatest game I will ever play.
Windows BonusStage (Dec 20, 2014)
So 17 years after FFVII has released and it is still one of my favourite games of all time. The graphics are aging by the day but it doesn't take anything away from its charm and for anyone that hasn't played this masterpiece yet I highly recommend you do so!
Windowsallgame (2014)
Square's masterpiece
WindowsAll Game Guide (2013)
Explore massive worlds in this seventh installment of the popular role-playing series.
The most hyped RPG ever made good on its promise with superlative graphics, a solid game engine and an amazing story. ... There's a huge world to explore, a universe to save and a variety of arcade-style minigames to keep things moving briskly along ... Like other Final Fantasy games before it, FFVII has redefined the genre.
If you've never liked RPGs or adventure games, then you may not take too well to FFVII as it still has a lot of traditional RPG style action. If, on the other hand, you are more open minded, sit back and prepare for the cinematic odyssey of a lifetime.
PlayStationArcade (Nov, 1998)
Quite incredible cut-scenes, which mix seamlessly with the moving characters, exciting conflicts and a story-line that will have you emotionally involved throughout. The random battles and linear nature are minor faults, but otherwise, it's a near-perfect adventure experience.
PlayStationFun Generation (Nov, 1997)
Dieses Spiel hat Gott gemacht!
PlayStationComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Oct, 1997)
A must-have game for your PlayStation. All the excitement you expect, empowered by heart-rending emotional scenes you don't. Buy this.
PlayStationplay THE PLAYSTATION (Nov, 1997)
Final Fantasy VII das beste Rollenspiel darstellt, das bisher auf den Markt gekommen ist.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine (Sep, 1997)
It's the best video game ever made, enhanced further with U.S.-only features like three new bosses, increased difficulty, and a new Materia management system.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine (Sep, 1997)
FFVII is the pinnacle of not just role playing but console gaming as we know it. ... I love this game, its characters and its soundtrack more than I can describe. It's beyond perfection.
It's still a must-buy for any PlayStation owner; just keep in mind that you'll have to check a good deal of your freedom at the door.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Oct, 1997)
If you'd like to unleash your imagination on a huge, rich video-game world for a few days, take this Final. Final Fantasy VII definitely moves at a steady RPG pace, but it's time well spent. Any gamer looking for a good fantasy can end the search here.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (May, 1997)
Final Fantasy VII doesn't just live up to the expectations of gamers, it surpasses them. This RPG towers over the competition in terms of graphics, sounds, story, and playability. This game defines an entirely new standard—perhaps an insurmountable level of excellence—against which all RPGs must be measured.
WindowsImperium Gier (Mar 02, 1999)
Podsumowanie - nie wiem jakim cudem to nosi numer 7, a już mówi się o ósemce. Moim zdaniem jeszcze trochę pracy i kosmetyki zapewniłoby tej grze miejsce w czołówce , a tak, wbrew opinii, jaką sieje się na naszym rynku, FINAL FANTASY VII uzyskuje u mnie naciągnięte i wymuszone 6/10.
100 (Jun 23, 2008)
Cela fait désormais dix ans que je cherche au moins un défaut à Final Fantasy VII. Il a bien vieilli en dehors des graphismes, mais on lui doit une durée de vie exemplaire, et rares sont les personnes qui en sont venus à bout à 100%, le scénario est prenant, l’intrigue vous tiendra jusqu’au dénouement final, les personnages ont beaucoup de charisme, la musique signée de l’inévitable Nobeo Uematsu s’avère magistrale et mémorable, l’univers futuriste créé nous surprend et l’aventure FFVII ne peut que nous ravir, à moins de ne pas aimer les RPG ou la série en elle-même. Là aussi, j’en connais. Pour conclure de manière un peu osée, je dirais que FFVII est probablement l’un des meilleurs RPG de tous les temps, à tous les points de vue.
PlayStationGamesCollection (Jan 16, 2008)
Mettiamola così: se avete voglia di vivere un’avventura meravigliosa, molto più lunga di un film e molto più giocabile di quasi tutti i giochi di ruolo disponibili, non potete sbagliare. Se non ne avete voglia, molto probabilmente state visitando il sito sbagliato, magari al momento giusto.
PlayStationMeristation (Nov 15, 1997)
Mucho tiempo ha pasado desde aquellas navidades del 87, fechas por las que apareció para NES un tal Final Fantasy, de una desconocida compañía llamada Square, su éxito fue tal que sentó precedente para el desarrollo de una saga.
PSPSoftpedia (Jan 11, 2008)
When a game gets you excited 10 years after playing it and you still manage to shed a tear when a very important and loved character dies, that means that you found your ideal game. For me Final Fantasy VII is the best game in the world and I'm not only judging it from my point of view. I've done research among RPG fans and there are many Final Fantasy players, Diablo players, Halo 3 players who simply love this title. It's the best RPG ever created, the best game ever created, because it manages to portray human emotions, beautiful characters and a decaying world that's sadly too similar to ours. Simply the best title a team of developers could ever come out with....
PlayStation 3Softpedia (Jan 11, 2008)
When a game gets you excited 10 years after playing it and you still manage to shed a tear when a very important and loved character dies, that means that you found your ideal game. For me Final Fantasy VII is the best game in the world and I'm not only judging it from my point of view. I've done research among RPG fans and there are many Final Fantasy players, Diablo players, Halo 3 players who simply love this title. It's the best RPG ever created, the best game ever created, because it manages to portray human emotions, beautiful characters and a decaying world that's sadly too similar to ours. Simply the best title a team of developers could ever come out with....
PlayStationPSM (Aug, 1997)
Regardless, with over fifty hours of gameplay spanned over three discs, this latest installment of the series is certainly the best - it definitely deserves to have a place of honor in every Playstation owner's collection.
100 (Feb 15, 2008)
Concludendo FFVII è un gioco praticamente perfetto: trama profonda e avvincente, gameplay originale e complesso, grafica avanzata e audio coinvolgente, 60 ore minime di gioco. Se un gioco così non merita il massimo, non vedo perché dovrebbe esistere il 10.
PlayStationSoftpedia (Jan 11, 2008)
When a game gets you excited 10 years after playing it and you still manage to shed a tear when a very important and loved character dies, that means that you found your ideal game. For me Final Fantasy VII is the best game in the world and I'm not only judging it from my point of view. I've done research among RPG fans and there are many Final Fantasy players, Diablo players, Halo 3 players who simply love this title. It's the best RPG ever created, the best game ever created, because it manages to portray human emotions, beautiful characters and a decaying world that's sadly too similar to ours. Simply the best title a team of developers could ever come out with....
PlayStationPSX Extreme (Apr 20, 2008)
Well you might be wondering how long is the game? The game has 3CD's equalling about over 80 hours that is if you get almost everything or 50-60 hours long if you get more than half of everything. But every game has a problem with it, except in FF7's case there isn't any.
WindowsJust Adventure (Jun, 1998)
There is no doubt in my mind that Final Fantasy VII is the greatest game ever created. Squaresoft has once again created a masterpiece that goes beyond video games. To many, it is a work of art. If you play FF7 to the end, you will agree.
100 (GAF) (Jul 15, 2005)
Even though it spawned countless copycats and ushered in the "angsty metrosexual main hero" trend for RPGs, Final Fantasy VII is a game that everyone needs to check out at least once. While some may argue that it's not the best RPG ever made, it definitely ranks up there on the list. If you haven't picked it up yet, buy it.
PlayStationHonestGamers (Jan 28, 2005)
Only a few games reach such lofty heights. This one is remarkable in most every way, and brilliantly executed.
98 (Nov 14, 2004)
Fuera de Squaresoft, otros títulos como el Wild Arms de Sony son bastantes recomendables, ahora, si lo que buscáis es una historia densa, aun sin hablar de RPG's, no podemos hacer sino recomendaros Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. Finalmente, soltamos una pregunta al aire, ¿El mejor juego de la historia?
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Sep, 1997)
Final Fantasy VII is obviously the most impressive RPG to date. If you enjoy RPGs, or even games in general, then you should seriously check this title out. It has a great replay value, and above all, an experience you will never forget.
PlayStationPGNx Media (Oct 13, 2002)
Square was out to make a masterpiece, and boy, did they make one.
PlayStationPlayStation Plus (Nov, 1997)
The best PlayStation game ever. This epic will rupture your mind. If you start playing, you won't be able to stop. Forget your life; this is better.
PlayStationPlayer One (Nov, 1997)
Ce jeu est proprement « FA-BU-LEUX » ! Que dire de plus ?
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Sep, 1997)
There seems to be no easy way for me to break all of this game down to a sentence or two…but okay, here goes…This is the current apex in RPG games. In fact it is probably one of the best OVERALL games ever created for ANY system. A game of this magnitude comes along very rarely indeed. I can't wait to see what else Square has planned to top this baby…guess we'll see with Final Fantasy VIII! Until then though, get this game…even if you are not into RPG's, the overall game is brilliant and should not be missed!
PlayStationRPGFan (Nov 13, 2001)
FFVII is probably one of the less difficult RPG's out there. Does this take away from the fun? Certainly not! This game is bliss throughout, and only people looking to nitpick so they can bash this game will have a bad experience. The game is about 50 hours long. Overall, the game delivers in every department. If for some godforsaken reason you HAVEN'T played this game, do so. Your world will change.
PlayStationHobby Consolas (Nov, 1997)
Tres CDs les han hecho falta a Square para poner en PlayStation las mil aventuras que han soñado. Tres CDs cargados de cientos de localizaciones con impresionantes gráficos capaces de maravillarnos una y otra vez. Tres CDs plagados de amigos y enemigos, de monstruos, de mafiosos, de guerreros... Tres CDs llenitos de la más genial aventura jamás vista, que entusiasmará a los amantes del rol y sorprenderá a los neófitos en estas lídes. Tres CDs que les demostrarán a los incrédulos que el videojuego es un auténtico arte.
WindowsCyberJoy (Apr 25, 1999)
Ta gra oszałamia jakością wykonania i, przede wszystkim, grywalnością jakiej może jej pozazdrościć nawet Quake 2. Człowiek przyglądający się z boku może powiedzieć "co ty w tym właściwie widzisz...", ale gdy sam zasiądzie do Final Fantasy VII możecie nie dzwonić, nie pisać kartek i nie odwiedzać go przez jakiś miesiąc.
PlayStationMega Fun (Nov, 1997)
(PAL version)
Wirklich gelungen, muß ich sagen. Die Konvertierung auf das hiesige PAL-System hat geklappt. Das deutsche Spiel ist weder schneller noch langsamer als die US- oder die Japan-Version. Dafür nehme ich auch gerne die PAL-Balken oben und unten in Kauf - mich stören sie im Gegensatz zu anderen Leuten ziemlich wenig! Ansonsten kann ich mein Urteil auf wenige Sätze beschränken: Die Grafik, Sound und der Rest der Technik ist genauso perfekt wie die bereits getestete US-Version. An Handling. Spielspaß und Storyline gibt es nichts zu rütteln - Squaresoft eben! Richte ich mein Augenmerk auf die Übersetzung, so ist sie Eins A. Allerdings ist der Dialekt mancher weniger Charaktere etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig. Das ist jedoch nicht weiter störend. Deshalb erhält die deutsche Version sogar noch einen Punkt mehr als die US-Version und steht nun in unserer ewigen Ranking-Liste auf gleicher Stufe mit Super Mario 64. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!
PlayStationDarkZero (Feb 06, 2004)
This game does the series that destroyed the meaning of the word Final, extreme justice and is definitely a must play game. The game does take an age to complete fully, but that’s the beauty of it. You don’t want to buy a game that you will complete in a day or a week but Final Fantasy VII will keep you enthralled for years and years.
PlayStationAllRPG (Jul 13, 2002)
In my opinion, one of the best RPG's of last year was Final Fantasy 7. It has all the elements and mixes of what an RPG should be. Good character development. Comprehensible battle system, and a wonderful story line. This reminds me so much of my SNES glory days, when graphics weren't considered the game. Much like Final Fantasy 7.
PlayStationJust RPG (Sep 03, 1997)
Final Fantasy VII is a game that set the standards for all other RPGs to follow. A powerful storyline, excellent characters and a great battle system helped to make VII an instant classic. Although it's several years old by now, VII is a truly epic game that you can never grow sick of.
PlayStationGamers Europe (Aug 13, 2003)
It's very rare that a game can truly be called a revolution. However, Final Fantasy VII crashed into the gaming scene back in 1997 with the force of a meteor (see what I did there?) and changed everything. Before its release, RPG games were seen as a rather geeky, reclusive genre; far from the mainstream genre you see it as today.
PlayStationIGN (Sep 03, 1997)
The RPG by which all others are to be measured, FFVII is a cinematic wonder
PlayStationGameSpot (Sep 29, 1997)
Never before have technology, playability, and narrative combined as well as in Final Fantasy VII. Never before have technology, playability, and narrative combined as well as in Final Fantasy VII. The culmination of Square Soft's monumental effort is a game that will enrich just as it will entertain.
PlayStationMega Fun (Sep, 1997)
Wenn ich Final Fantasy VII sehe, so gerate ich nur noch ins Schwärmen. Es ist der helle Wahnsinn, was uns RPG-Könige von Squaresoft hier präsentieren! Dieses Spiel deklassiert, meiner Meinung nach, alles, was es auf dem Markt gibt, ohne Rücksicht auf das Genre. Es beginnt bei der detaillierten Grafik. Das Game strotzt nur so vor Effekten und grafischen Spielereien. Bis auf winzigste Kleinigkeiten, die wir schon suchen mußten, haben wir keinerlei Fehler festgestellt. Unterstützt wird die brillante Grafik durch einfühlsame Musik. Je nach Situation paßt sie sich dem Thema an und reicht dabei von Hektik über Heimlichkeit bis zu sanftem Liebesgeflüster. (...) Das ein solches Squaresoft-Game bei den Punkten Story und Bedienung nicht einbricht, brauche ich wohl nicht zu erwähnen. Alles in allem ist FF VII die absolute Empfehlung und - unter uns - für mich bereits jetzt das Spiel des Jahres!
PlayStationVideo Games (Oct, 1997)
Man kann sich im Leben über viele Dinge ärgern. Doch wenn ein erstklassiges Spiel durch unpassende oder gar schlecht übersetze Textpassagen sich selbst derart deklassiert, dann fehlen einem schon die Worte. Ich kann verstehen, daß Hersteller darauf erpicht sind, die Sprache in einem Spiel einigermaßen “sauber“ zu halten. Aber in einem Rollenspiel wie Final Fantasy VII, wo doch die Stimmung eine lebenswichtige Rolle spielt, darf man die geschriebene Sprache nicht einfach als Maß aller Dinge nehmen. (…) Daß zudem noch auffallend viele grammatikalische Fehler und völlig unverständliche Sätze enthalten sind, sei nur nebenbei erwähnt. Nichtsdestotrotz gehört Final Fantasy VII zu einem der besten 32 Bit-Rollenspiele, die zur Zeit auf dieser Welt existieren. Das Gameplay bietet sowohl einem Rollenspiel-Einsteiger als auch dem versierten Freak genug Stoff für bis zu 100 Spielstunden.
WindowsUltimate PC (1998)
The most epic video game you're likely to experience for a long time - a perfect blend of story, atmosphere and, most importantly, gameplay.
WindowsPC Format (UK) (1998)
Might well elicit emotions you've never before experienced when playing a computer game.
PlayStationRetroage (May 01, 2008)
Final Fantasy VII polecam każdemu nawet jeśli nie przepada za grami RPG, a w szczególności japońskimi. Miłośnicy dobrych historii czym prędzej powinni zaopatrzyć się w ten tytuł (jeśli nie grali), a dla fanów jRPG jest to must have. Zatem jeśli ktoś jeszcze nie grał to szczerze polecam. Nie pożałujecie.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Sep, 1998)
Om du aldrig tidigare har spelat ett japanskt äventyrsspel, kommer Final Fantasy VII köra över dig. Om du uthärdar (det är svårt i början) kommer du att belönas med så mycket taktiskt spelvärde och handling som PC:n kan erbjuda.
WindowsPC Zone (Aug, 1998)
If you've never played a Japanese RPG before, you may want to do that old "try before you buy" thing. But that would be boring. Instead, splash out. Live a little. Trust us on this one. You won't regret it.
WindowsPelit (Aug, 1998)
Tässä se nyt sitten on. Final Fantasy VII, laajimmaksi ja muuten vain parhaaksi rooliseikkailuksi hehkutettu konsolipeli omalle kotoiselle PC:lle käännettynä.
92 (Oct 31, 2004)
All of Final Fantasy VII's options provide extremely flexible and interactive gameplay. Materia allows near limitless weapon configurations and the game's intricate story will keep you investigating to see it through; you'll discover that every town and NPC has a tale to tell. With beautiful music, graphics and dynamic gameplay Final Fantasy VII is a testament to the evolution of video games.
PlayStationJaded Gamer, The (Apr 08, 2003)
This was the last great game in the Final Fantasy series, in my opinion. Never before have I seen a game that was surrounded by so much hype actually deliver everything that was expected of it.
PSPRPGFan (May 28, 2010)
I've weighed out the good and the bad, and I've come to a conclusion. If you're anything like me, you'll want to play this game again. And by "like me," I mean that you've enjoyed at least some of the products released in Compilation of FFVII, and when you were younger you thought FFVII was a great RPG. Turns out, it's still a great RPG. FFVII deserves its place in the spotlight. It may be a little overrated by some fans, but that doesn't mean the game itself is bad. It truly is one of the best PSOne RPGs, and it's easily the best PSOne RPG of 1997. So help FFVII stay in that top 5 list on the PSN a few more weeks by downloading it for yourself. Again, playing it on PSP is a treat, so if you have one, go that route.
PlayStation 3RPGFan (May 28, 2010)
Turns out, it's still a great RPG. FFVII deserves its place in the spotlight. .... It truly is one of the best PSOne RPGs, and it's easily the best PSOne RPG of 1997.
WindowsMeristation (Aug 24, 1998)
Imaginaros la mejor historia/ambientacion posible para una aventura, imaginaros jugar al mas puro estilo de los juegos de rol con ella. Añadirle gráficos y combates espectaculares con enemigos siniestros con un epopeya de amor digna de reyes.
WindowsGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
Aside from a few rough patches (some unique to this Windows 95 implementation, some inherited from the original game), this four-CD epic is accessible, cute, fun, pretty, and likely to keep you pleasantly occupied for a long time. ... I guess even when the grass is greener, you still have to deal with a few weeds. But not so many, or so well rooted, as to wreck a charming, light RPG.
WindowsComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Aug 14, 2001)
There's not a lot you can say about Final Fantasy VII apart from YOU MUST OWN THIS GAME. The phenomenal amount of effort Squaresoft have put into the game is immediately obvious from the opening CGI, and from then on it just gets more and more incredible. You'd be mad to miss this, so don't forget to buy it.
WindowsPC Gamer (Sep, 1998)
This giant PlayStation hit isn't destined to change the face of PC roleplaying, but it’s still a blast.
PlayStationRPG Kingdom (Jan 19, 2004)
Pour conclure en deux mots, je dirai que Final Fantasy 7 est l'un des meilleurs de la série, qui vous plongera dans un monde futuriste et magique très prenant, mais qui souffre d'une mauvaise traduction, ce qui est bien là son seul point faible...
PlayStationEdge (Oct 08, 1997)
The ‘interactive movie’ has long been a dirty term to anyone who values a playable videogame, but FFVII succeeds in coming closer than any title yet. The highly complex, melodramatic story and excellently orchestrated chip music really do combine to make players feel real empathy with the characters. This is hardly the easiest of feats and a task usually shied away from by the action/comedy-orientated western graphic adventures. Anyone prepared to commit the admittedly lengthy time it takes to play Final Fantasy VII through to its conclusion will be well rewarded by what is most probably the most wholly entertaining title the PlayStation has to yet to offer. The only problem seems to be that even if its success does start a console-RPG avalanche, players will probably have to wait until Final Fantasy VIII to experience the genre on this mighty scale again.
PlayStationConsole Obsession (May 27, 2010)
Final Fantasy VII has rightfully won legendary status and years later, it’s still amongst the best RPGS to have ever been released. It’s one of those timeless games that even if things look and sound a bit rougher than remembered, the quality in other areas – in this case the amazing story and well tuned gameplay – rise above the dated aspects to still offer a truly classic and unforgettable game.
PlayStationRPGFan (Sep 22, 1998)
Although FF7 doesn't quite live up to the hype of being the best RPG ever, it still turns out to be an extremely high quality one, and a staple for all RPG fans. If, by some miracle, you haven't played it yet, don't hesitate to pick it up.
90 (Apr 17, 2009)
Si Final Fantasy VII a aujourd'hui atteint un certain âge, il reste tout de même un des titres majeurs dans le monde du RPG et même des jeux vidéo en général. Long, prenant et extrêmement complet, il fait encore aujourd'hui figure d'incontournable et se doit de faire partie de votre ludothèque si vous ne le possédez pas encore.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games (Oct 24, 2007)
A steaming locomotive comes to a grinding halt within a colossal Shinra Mako Reactor. As Cloud Strife - ex-SOLDIER extraordinaire - flips off the roof of one of its many carriages, he not only marks the beginning of an epic quest for truth and discovery, but sows the seeds of an incredible legacy to follow. I know you know what the deal with Final Fantasy VII is; it is perhaps the most influential RPG ever, and nearly every J-RPG to follow owes a lot to this much-loved gaming masterpiece. At the time of its release, Final Fantasy VII (FF7) broke new grounds with respect to graphics (3D), sound (CD-quality), story (epic) and gameplay (huge game, huge customisation). But does it stand the ravaging test of time? Although Cloud and his fellow eco-warriors may not look as phat as current-day heroes (box-fists and all), Hironobu Sakaguchi's original blockbuster is still one of the finest, most captivating and refined RPG experiences ever.
PlayStationGamekult (Sep 18, 2000)
Si vous ne connaissez pas les jeux de rôles sur console, il y a fort à parier qu'un titre comme Final Fantasy VII ne pourra que vous initier en douceur au genre. Bénéficiant d'une réalisation impeccable et d'une richesse immense, ce titre ne pourra que vous faire chavirer.
PlayStationDarkstation (1997)
The quintessential RPG, Final Fantasy VII was a best-seller the day it hit the shelves. With three disks packed full of FMV, the game boasts the most spectacular effects of its time.
PlayStationUltra Game Players (1998)
I don't know if it's just me, but I think the wait for Final Fantasy VII was well worth it. And for those who don't agree with me, you can eat a wiener with mayonnaise on it. Square's Final Fantasy VII lets gamers take the role of Cloud Strife, a dazed and confused country yokel caught in a war of cosmic proportions. It's not the most original scenario, but believe me, the plot's twists and turns should please most Final Fantasy fans. Even though the graphics have surpassed any standard set by any PlayStation game, Final Fantasy VII still possesses its ubiquitous real-time fighting engine. You can expect to be visually dazzled beyond belief, but don't get depressed when you find out that the gameplay and music have yet to evolve like its polygonal eye candy. Still, this is the best RPG that's currently on the market. I suggest you stop reading this review and pick up a copy if you haven't already -- it's three discs!
WindowsPower Unlimited (Sep, 1998)
Afgezien van het geluid is de PC-versie van Final Fantasy VII misschien nog wel vetter dan de PlayStation versie. Iedereen die de titel nog niet kent en in het bezit is van een flinke computersetup met 3D-kaart moet deze game absoluut in huis halen en even een weekje vrij nemen om samen met Avalanche de snode plannen van Shinra Inc te dwarsbomen.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jul, 1998)
Ich habe nie viel von kleinen Knuddelpüppchen im "Zelda"-Stil gehalten. Japanischer Kitsch und für Europäer nur schwer verständliche Märchenerzählungen stießen mir bislang auf wie dem bösen Wolf das "Rotkäppchen-Sushi süß-sauer". Doch bei Final Fantasy 7 schaffen die narrativen Elemente im Verbund mit einem unbezwingbaren Sammeltrieb à la "Diablo" eine besorgniserregende Form von purer Sucht.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Sep, 1998)
Je merkt het, dit is een toptitel die je als spelliefhebber gewoon in je collectie moet hebben. De enkele minpunten die ik heb vernoemd vallen in het niets tegen de gameplay die het spel te bieden heeft. Bovendien zit het grafisch ook wel erg goed.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Jul, 1998)
Endlich wieder ein echtes Rollenspiel! Unter der gewöhnungsbedürftigen Grafik verstecktz sich ein Schwergewicht, das alle nötigen Zutaten bietet: tolle Story (wenn nur die ewiglangen Rückblenden kürzer wären...), stimmige Charaktere und ein Magiesystem mit fast perfektem Mix aus Beherrschbarkeit und Komplexität. Micht nervt zwar leicht, daß man ständig in Zufallskämpfe läuft. Doch die effektgeladenen Schlachten laufen so zügig ab, daß ich die Erfahrungspunkte gerne mitnehme. An die eingeschränkte Speicheroption gewöhnt man sich erstaunlich schnell. Einziger dicker Minuspunkt ist der schwache Sound - wenn schon keine Sprachausgabe, dann bitte ordentliche Effekte und nicht nur billiges Sägezahn-Gequäke à la C64.
WindowsPower Play (Jul, 1998)
Man mag daran zweifeln, ob die von FF VII benötige Ausstattung in einem vernünftigen Rahmen zur Präsentation oder zu den unter den Käufern verbreiteten Requisiten) steht, aber das soll letzten Endes nicht Gegenstand der Debatte sein. Denn in einem Punkt beißt die nicht vorhandene Maus keinen Faden ab: Wer hat, was das Game will, der bekommt ein furioses Meisterwerk, das, wenn auch in Stil und Form ungewohnt, Spaß für Monate garantiert und mit überraschenden Wendungen verblüfft.
PlayStationChrist Centered Game Reviews (Jun 01, 2005)
FF7 is what I believe to be the best RPG I have ever played in my existence even better than FFX just because its great.
85 (1997)
Die große Stärke von FF7 ist die enorme Abwechslung. Haufenweise Cut-Scenes mit guter Kameraführung, ganze Ställe von sehr unterschiedlichen Monstern mit den tollsten Angriffstechniken, die oft auch besondere optische Effekte haben, und eine Reihe Special-Moves des Spielers. PC-Spieler werden sich zunächst daran stören, daß das Spiel nur an bestimmten Stellen abgespeichert werden kann, dies ist aber der Motivation vielleicht sogar zuträglich - man spielt weiter, bis man an die nächste Speicherstelle kommt. Und dort hört man nicht auf, weil es gerade eine spannende Stelle ist. Ganz so wie ein Buch, dessen Kapitel immer im spannendsten Moment endet. Richtig negativ ist die Benutzerführung, die ohne Änderung von der Konsole übernommen wurde. Sie ist nicht nur stillos, sondern auch gnadenlos unübersichtlich und umständlich. Nix mit Drag und Drop, alles läuft mit dem Joypad.
PlayStationNetjak (Apr 19, 2005)
The debate over whether or not Final Fantasy VII is a good game is a spirited one that, like all debates about video games, comes down to personal opinions. I think the story sucks, but the game is excellent. The thing about Final Fantasy VII is, whether you like it or hate it, the merits of the game can always be argued very strongly from either point. If you like this game but you're ashamed to admit it, I hope I gave you enough ammunition to come clean. Final Fantasy VII is a great game, and I'll scream in defense of that statement until my throat is as red as Red XIII.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Jun 04, 1998)
Still, I recommend it wholeheartedly to fans of Japanese RPG's (perhaps they will be more forgiving than I). However, I only recommend it moderately to everyone else. Final Fantasy VII is hundreds of hours of visually beautiful gameplay, but its frustrating incoherence will make many people cringe and put the game aside before they have even finished.
WindowsPC Action (Jul, 1998)
Squaresoft macht es einem wirklich nicht leicht. Auf der einen Seite reizt Final Fantasy durch seine zunächst unkomfortable Gamepadsteuerung, die nicht immer unproblematische Hardwarekonfiguration und den etwas antiquierten Look PCGemüter. Andererseits gelingt dem Spiel die beinahe perfekte Symbiose von Rollenspiel und Adventure: Eine packende, recht lineare Story wird durch allerlei Entdeckenswertes am Rande atmosphärisch aufgewertet, das Kampfsystem ist schnell erlernt, birgt aber massig strategischen Tiefgang. Wenn Ihnen also eine grundsätzliche Neigung zum japanischen Comicstil innewohnt, sollten Sie sich dieses Mammutwerk nicht entgehen lassen, als Belohnung winken gut und gerne 100 Stunden reiner Spielzeit.
WindowsPC Joker (Jul, 1998)
Wer Japano-Rollis kennt und liebt, wird auch und gerade hier deren Vorzüge (Abwechslungsreichtum und frustfreies Gamedesign) wiederfinden. Wer hingegen auf westliche Serientäter wie Ultima, Wizardry und Co. schwört, mag aufgrund der ungewohnten Präsentation, der begrenzten Speichermöglichkeit und vor allem der vielen Actionsequenzen die Nase rümpfen. Doch sollte man sich nicht durch Ignoranz um eine neue Erfahrung bringen: Bei unvoreingenommener Betrachtung muß man dem Charme von Final Fantasy 7 einfach erliegen.
PlayStationLegendra (Sep 09, 2005)
FFVII se révèle donc être un jeu fort sympathique avec des atouts certains, auquel on peut toutefois faire quelques reproches. Ce n'est donc pas une référence absolue mais ça serait dommage de s'en priver, en particulier de son scénario ambitieux et plutôt réussi, sous prétexte qu'il a eu un succès commercial énorme.
WindowsCincinnati Enquirer (1999)
Fortunately, the game is so packed full of excitement that these shortcomings are fairly easy to overlook. FFVII, with its intense game play and engrossing story line, is one RPG that fans of the genre shouldn’t overlook.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Nov, 1998)
Despite the technical problems and other troubling legacies inherent in console ports, I can’t help hut recommend this game. It is so radically different from other RPGs, and it presents such an intriguing story that I was compelled to play more. However, if you’re a die-hard traditional CRPG fanatic who cut your teeth on games like WIZARDRY VII and ULTIMA IV, and you don’t have a high-end Pentium with a 3Dfx card, you might want to pass. If you’re fairly confident in your hardware, are open to new experiences and perspectives in role-playing, and can put up with idiosyncrasies from console game design, then take the chance and experience some of the best storytelling ever found in an RPG.
WindowsAttack Games (Nov, 1998)
Förutom detta är Final Fantasy VII så bra att du kommer njuta av att sitta ostörd framför datorn i timme efter timme. Du får väldigt mycket spel för pengarna, mycket hjärngympa och en vacker grafik att vila ögonen på.
PlayStationRPGamer (Nov 11, 2004)
Despite the fact Final Fantasy VII has a great deal of upside, its detractors do have a number of legitimate concerns. The battle system is rather incidental to the game, and the localization does leave a bit to be desired. Additionally, aside from the rich backstory that goes into each, character development is largely restricted to a few characters. Nonetheless, the good does outweigh these shortcomings, and does so convincingly. Any gamer looking for an enjoyable game that is sure to endure in their memory would do well to pick up Final Fantasy VII, because it deservingly owns a prominent place in RPG history.
PlayStationGame Critics (Feb 11, 1999)
Still, FF7 deserves credit for trying to push videogames further along the cultural scale even if they do ultimately falter by a narrow margin. When Square Soft announced at SIGGRAH that they were going to push the envelope of computer graphics, they weren't kidding. They accomplished that goal thoroughly, but didn't manage to find an evolution between the typical grammar of games and something else that the mainstream audiences could relate to (something that only a game like Myst has accomplished in recent years). The game does a great job of bringing new visuals to games, but it didn't affect my perception of the world or my emotions to any great extent. If Square Soft wants videogames to be compared equally to other forms of art, then they are going to have to gain that respect by producing a game that is more intellectually and culturally aware and not a game that is essentially a video game screaming for attention and respect.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Jul 27, 1998)
However, if you can get it running it works perfectly, with almost none of the bug problems that plague most PC software. While more of an adventure game than an RPG, it nonetheless provides a unique and fascinating experience that you can't get from any other PC game.
WindowsPC Player (Denmark) (1998)
Jeg er voldsom begejstret for Final Fantasy VII, og har brugt uger på at følge med i den overraskende og spændende historie. Spillere, der er til letfordøjelige rollespil, og tæppetyk stemning vil elske det udover alle grænser.
Windowsgames xtreme (Aug 06, 1998)
Final Fantasy VII. What more can be said of this after such a warm reception on the Sony machine? but after the hype and at its PC debut, we have another chance to look at the "Best Game Of All Time."
WindowsGambler (Sep, 1998)
Jest inna, więc zapewne nie trafi do tak szerokiej rzeszy odbiorców jak M&M VI czy Lands of Lore 2, lecz niewątpliwie wyróżnia się spośród gier obecnych na rynku.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jul 01, 1998)
Wenn Sie japanische Schlagermusik mögen, Monumental-Filme aus dem Land der aufgehenden Sonne jedem Hollywood-Streifen vorziehen und die Steuerung per Maus verachten, liegen Sie bei Final Fantasy 7 richtig. Trotz des vorhandenen Tiefgangs und des reizvollen Gameplays sollten Liebhaber von Might & Magic 6 oder Fallout Vorsicht walten lassen. Die oft quietschbunte Atmosphäre und die mangelhafte Umsetzung könnten weniger experimentierfreudige PC-Rollenspieler schnell nerven. Da es nicht einmal eine Charaktergenerierung gibt, erfordert das Nippon-Epos eine große Umstellung von Ihnen.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jul 09, 1998)
To be honest, there is no compelling reason for console aficionados to purchase the PC version. Other than enhanced graphics, nothing is different. For PC devotees, this is an important release, despite innumerable technical problems. Nothing like it exists for the computer, and although its approach is dissimilar to traditional PC offerings, it is a genuine work of art. Hard-core purists might confer an upturned nose, but I would argue that gamers who recoil from more cumbersome RPGs will take to this game. The powerful emotional punch of the far-reaching narrative, the engaging character interaction, the fierce battles, and the promise of a fresh, magical experience might prove alluring, and bring new gamers into the RPG fold. However, there will be those who, for good reason, turn from the game due to graphic anomalies, inferior sounds, and technical dilemmas. The overall score is based on the current state of the game, and for that reason, it falls short of greatness.
WindowsGambler (Sep, 1998)
[Second opinion] Final Fantasy VII poświęciłem kilkadziesiąt godzin i uznałem, że to produkt dość nudny, a na pewno przereklamowany.
WindowsRPGamer (Sep 25, 2000)
While the gameplay may be average, and it has it's flaws, no one can deny that Final Fantasy VII has left it's mark on the genre, setting new standards for RPG graphics and general presentation. Additionally, while it may not be the most spectacular of games, it paved the way for a vast number of hits.