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Junctioning GFs with teenage angst PlayStation Unicorn Lynx (181375)
It's a love/hate relationship. PlayStation NatsFan (141)
Not as Good as FF7 but still a good game. PlayStation Attila (590)
J-RPG's have a place in the PC platform Windows John Franco (161)
Worst RPG I've ever played when I played it the first 4 times. Best RPG I've ever played after the 5th try... PlayStation Indra is stressed (20710)
A definite game that marks a millennium. Windows MAT (179127)
Possibly the most underrated game ever PlayStation Sam Tinianow (116)
Like any true work of art...It only gets better with age. PlayStation Edward Beezy (41)
Final Fantasy meets Dawson's Creek with 112471389 hours of non-interactive videos! DUCK AND COVER!!! PlayStation Zovni (10666)
One of the best RPGs of the PlayStation. Everyone has their own opinion, but most (not all) who hate this game are just over-the-top! PlayStation Reborn_Demon (136)

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PlayStation 228 4.1
PlayStation 3 7 4.5
PSP Awaiting 5 votes...
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Windows 143 3.8
Combined User Score 378 4.0

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PlayStationImperium Gier (Aug 30, 1999)
Ostatnie i najważniejsze. FF8 nie jest grą na dzień lub dwa. Aby ukończyć "siódemkę" bez żadnych subquestów, odnajdywania sekretów, nie wspominając o hodowli chocobosów, czy zabawie w Gold Saucer, potrzeba było około 30-40 godzin. Pełne ukończenie gry włącznie z pokonaniem Weaponów, zdobyciem złotego kurczęcia i trzech Master Materii, oraz odkryciem ostatnich limitów postaci, zdobyciem wszystkich Enemy Skillów i wszystkich amuletów czy materii, to co najmniej dwa razy tyle czasu wypełnionego masą przygód. Biorąc pod uwagę, że FF7 zajmowała "tylko" 3CD, nie uważam aby twórcy nie mieli zamiaru zaspokoić rozbudzonych apetytów swoich klientów i nie wypełnić najmniejszych drobin miejsca czymś, co pozwoli mnie (i innym) cieszyć się FF8 przez kolejne 500 godzin.
PlayStationLegendra (Jul 25, 2010)
Il est des jeux qui transcendent le temps, l'univers et l'espace pour nous faire vivre des moments vidéo-ludiques inoubliables. Final Fantasy VIII est de ceux-là et se charge de vous emmener faire un tour du côté de la perfection. Émouvant, drôle et passionnant, c'est une expérience au-delà du commun des mortels qui est à votre portée. S'imposant par la même en tant que vitrine technique de la Playstation, Final Fantasy VIII a tout pour convaincre et ce, même après tant d'années.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Sep 21, 1999)
While this title was in development it seemed like there was a large amount of apprehension running wild on the net. People were afraid that it wouldn’t be able to live up to all of the hype, or to the high standards set in Final Fantasy VII. Honestly, I was part of the camp that believed that there was no possible way it could live up to all of its promises. You can imagine how much joy I took in eating my words over the past few weeks. Final Fantasy VIII is everything we could have possibly hoped that it would be, and a more fulfilling gaming experience is hard to come by. If you don’t have a PlayStation yet, this is an even better reason to buy one than Final Fantasy VII was, and if you do own a PSX there is absolutely no reason not to own this game.
PlayStationFiringSquad (Sep 07, 1999)
Buy it ASAP. Get it before someone ruins the story line for you! Square has done the impossible and followed up the best selling Final Fantasy 7 with a game that is better in just about every aspect (except being an easier game) while being original at the same time. I don't remember the last time I enjoyed a game this much. I really think that it's as close to a perfect RPG as an RPG gets. I have to scrounge just to find anything bad to say about this game. Just about everything I complained about is basically something I wouldn't touch on while reviewing another game because they'd have so many bigger flaws. The only huge difficulty I can foresee is new RPG players finding the game play a bit difficult and intense (I'd recommend Pokemon then). However, I think that most if not all RPG veterans will agree that Final Fantasy 8 is the ultimate RPG to this date, and even some non-hard core RPG fans will enjoy it greatly as well.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
If FF8 were a film it would win the best picture Oscar, if it were a book it would get a Pulitzer Prize, if it were a scientist it would get the Nobel Prize ? you get the idea. This game is a must for all RPG fans, and so brilliant that all gamers should take notice. Just make sure you have enough time set aside to make it worth your while.
PlayStationGamesFirst! (Sep 25, 1999)
I don’t need to say that this is a must play, must own game. It seems to me that Final Fantasy VIII is the final hurrah for the PlayStation as we move into the next generation of consoles. It’s like a story book ending for the generation of PSX gaming. Squaresoft has taken the hardware to the limits, showing us that other developers out there haven’t been taking full advantage of the hardware at their fingertips. By far Final Fantasy VIII is this year’s reigning champion of RPGs, but it’s also the only game I’ve seen take full advantage of the PSX hardware. Go, young gunblade, and experience this RPG.
Even with its quirks, Final Fantasy VIII is one of the few games I would class as a masterpiece. Forget that it's an RPG - this is one of the most polished, vast and totally addictive games of any kind I have played in years. Square has somehow done it again.
PlayStationHonestGamers (2003)
Only a few games reach such lofty heights. This one is remarkable in most every way, and brilliantly executed.
PlayStationPSX Extreme (Sep 08, 1999)
Here it is, the latest installment in the Final Fantasy series, the most awaited video game in history, and it's finally here. The Final Fantasy series was always the most dominant RPG series, mostly because SquareSoft is behind it. I really think Square has outdone themselves, mixing gorgeous graphics as well as killer gameplay they have delivered the game of the millennium.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Sep, 1999)
Final Fantasy VIII…just typing those few words and that number is enough to send chills down my spine and fills my mind with wondrous expectations. The Final Fantasy series has become almost legendary in videogame circles with their incredible stories, innovative battle modes and gameplay. It can also be said that with the release of FFVII, RPG's were finally accepted in the US & Europe and have now become mainstream. With the 8th game in the series supposedly having a more "grown-up" look and feel to it, I was expecting a lot of good things with this title. Well, I was not disappointed!
PlayStationRetroage (Nov 03, 2009)
Podsumowując, Final Fantasy VIII to kawał porządnego softu, jedna z najlepszych pozycji dostępnych na Szaraka. Godnie reprezentuje gatunek jRPG i jestem pewien, że wiele osób za sprawą tej produkcji w końcu przekona się do tego, jakże specyficznego, rodzaju gier. Zapewnia wiele godzin wyśmienitej rozrywki (pierwsze przejście wymaga ponad 60 godzin siedzenia przy konsoli) podczas to której będziemy świadkami kwitnącej miłości, rywalizacji, zacieśniania się przyjacielskich więzi, a to wszystko podane zostało w wyśmienitej oprawie audio-wizualnej. Brać w ciemno. Nie pożałujecie.
PlayStationRPGFan (Jan 23, 2000)
Many people have made the judgment that Final Fantasy VIII's characters are two-dimensional and without depth. Some claim that the game is a failure because it strays too far from the standard series elements that made Final Fantasy what it is today. I disagree completely. While Squall is a typical loner, he undergoes a great transformation throughout the course of the game: he learns to love. He learns to find pleasure in life. This is something that must be experienced. Any gamer with open-minded capacity will agree and find the eighth installment of the most magnificent RPG series worthy of its name.
PlayStationGameSurge (1999)
In the end, Final Fantasy VIII is a great game on so many levels. Personally, it was my favorite of the eight game series, and I found the characters and story in this game was far more developed and mature than the previous. Maybe I was just getting tired of the same old "hero" mumbo jumbo, but all and all, Final Fantasy VIII was fifty hours well spent.
PlayStationNowGamer (Oct 27, 1999)
The RPG’s dull façade has been banished forever. Enemies leap from walls and walkways to do battle, accompanied by a thumping soundtrack. Spells are charged as hand-to-hand battles rage. Seamless FMV is blended into real-time graphics, whilst a magnificent plot embroils the player into the game. If you have a good command of written Japanese or access to a translation document, then this version is highly recommended. If not, the PAL version is released late Autumn. In either case, sell everything you own to purchase this – you won’t regret it!
WindowsCyberJoy (Mar 06, 2001)
Podsumowując. Pomimo kilku drobnych wad, Final Fantasy VIII stanowi nie lada atrakcje dla miłośników gatunku. Wspaniale wyglądająca grafika, cudownie brzmiący dźwięk oraz niesamowity klimat to zdecydowane plusy gry. Polecam!
PlayStationMega Fun (Oct, 1999)
Wahrlich, sich über Squaresofts neusten Meilenstein der Videospielegeschichte auszulassen würde bedeuten, stundenlang ein Loblied abzusingen. Ich kann allen Rollenspiel-Fans das Game nur ans Herz legen, denn alle Kenner der Serie werden sich sofort zurechtfinden. Square hat es verstanden, geballte Erfahrung mit Grafikzauber zu verschmelzen. Anfangs wird der Spieler zwar erst einmal von den ganzen Charaktermöglichkeiten, gerade bei den G.F.s, erschlagen, aber vorbildliche Onscreen-Erklärungen zum richtigen Zeitpunkt lassen niemanden im Stich. Rollenspieltypisch lernen nicht nur eure Charaktere dazu, auch Ihr setzt nach und nach geschickt euer Wissen ein, um alle Gegner zu bezwingen. Worauf wartet ihr überhaupt noch? Holt euch das Spiel und taucht ab!
PlayStationFreak (Oct, 1999)
8 בהחלט ממצה את תקופת הפלייסטיישן. הוא מלוטש גרפית, מהפנט מוסיקלית, מבריק באופי משקו ובסיכומו של דבר, פשוט טוב.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Nov, 1999)
Överlag är Final Fantasy VIII det mest avancerade spelet i serien. Hela Guardian Force-systemet gör det komplicerat att förse sina karaktärer med rätt styrkor och svagheter och även om man får mycket hjälp går det inte helt smidigt att navigera sig genom de otaliga menyerna. Men samtidigt ger alla dessa inslag Final Fantasy VIII ett enormt djup, och den som verkligen vill leva sig in i äventyret har näst intill oändliga möjligheter och en bra bit över 50 speltimmar framför sig.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Nov, 1999)
Ondanks dat de typisch Japanse dialogen af en toen een beetje vreemd overkomen, is Final Fantasy VIII een spel dat over de hele wereld zal worden gewaardeerd. Niet alleen de graphics en de soundtrack zijn schitterend maar ook het verhaal is uniek. Kortom, een meesterwerk!
PlayStationArmchair Empire, The (Sep 01, 1999)
Final Fantasy VIII does a great job of adding some new gameplay features to the series with Junctions and the modifications to magic use and summoning. Coupled with great visuals and music, as well as an amazing cast of characters and story and this game’s fantastic.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine (Dec, 2007)
Final Fantasy VIII may not be an exemplar of what it means to be a part of the Final Fantasy canon, but it's a great role-playing game regardless - despite Zell and Selphie.
PlayStationRPGFan (Oct 01, 1999)
I'm sure there will be plenty of debates surrounding the quality of this game, simply because of its pedigree. Square seems to draw extremes of ire like garbage draws flies. All I can tell you is that I truly enjoyed this game. It is a masterpiece of design and attention to detail. Its minor flaws would probably be considered great innovations in other games. Is it the best made RPG I've ever played? Probably. Is it my favorite RPG ever? Not really, but it's damn close. It's an excellent game and every RPG fan should give it a try. Play it with an open mind and you may just surprise yourself.
PlayStationAllRPG (2002)
Overall I don’t know if they come much better than Final Fantasy 8. It’s status in the series from many fan’s perspectives is that it was a failed experiment or something worse but not from this fan’s perspective. Sure, maybe the battle system wasn’t as flawless as one would have liked but the game achieves in its greatest challenge by successfully conveying its themes through its characters. I think that it shouldn’t really be put against the other Final Fantasies in the way of plot because it really wasn’t as good but the game belonged to its characters and it is artistically valuable for their quality. Plus, along the way, I had fun.
PlayStationGameSpot (Feb 24, 1999)
Final Fantasy VIII combines a fantastic story, amazing visuals, and excellent sound with solid RPG gameplay, an eminently tweakable junction system, and scads of secrets and extras. After a string of visually stunning but uninspired games from Square, many gamers feared that Final Fantasy VIII would be more of the same. Cast all fears aside: the latest Final Fantasy is the greatest game ever to bear the name.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Feb, 2000)
Final Fantasy VIII är inte så banbrytande som sin föregångare och därför inte felfritt. Trots det lyckas det med det som varje uppföljare borde innebära: en förbättring på i stort sett varje område jämfört med förra spelet. Enormt, utmanande, beroendeframkallande och ytterst engagerande. Detta är ett storstilat spel.
PlayStationGame Freaks 365 (2002)
I have few things to complain about in Final Fantasy VIII. It is a solid game, with endlessly entertaining gameplay, and an incredibly griping story. It has surpassed FFVII in almost every way in my opinion, and is certainly one of the best games on the PlayStation. If you’re a traditional Final Fantasy guy, who likes MP and customizable armor, you might want to be weary when going into this game. However if you want to take a journey into the new yet familiar world of this epic RPG series, Final Fantasy VIII is a great way to turn.
WindowsGame Over Online (Feb 03, 2000)
So as not to get a lot of flack for this review, I've attempted to cover every possible angle of the game as well as a little history. Die hard FF fans will agree with me when I say that this title is spectacular, though it does have its own set of flaws, which as an FF fan, became rather apparent to me. These were mainly from an "innovation" stand-point than from a technical one. This section has been saved until the end since most readers would have skipped the whole review had I introduced the game as such. I must warn you though, you are entering my opinion area so don't let this reflect upon your purchasing of a great title. I was glad to see Cid reappear in this title (as headmaster of Balamb Garden) since he's been in just about every incarnation of FF.
PlayStationGaming Age (Sep 09, 1999)
Despite a few minor flaws, Final Fantasy VIII is one of the best games to be released this year. The story is so compelling, and all of the new gameplay aspects (Junctioning, The Card Game, etc.) make this a very deep Role Playing Adventure. If you're a fan of RPG's in general, I suggest rushing out and purchasing this game as soon as you can. However, let me warn you. If you didn't like FFVII because it wasn't enough like the previous FF's, then you'll more than likely dislike FFVIII. I suggest having an open mind, though, and giving this a shot no matter what. Even people who aren't fans of RPG's may get hooked enough on the story to keep going.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Sep 01, 1999)
Final Fantasy 8 is a great game, but not a perfect one. The battles and junction system have their flaws. At times you'll be too powerful; at other times, you'll just be drawing spells to gain strength. But the long ending that waits in store will make up for most of the negatives. Overall, it plays and feels like a fleshed out Final Fantasy 7. While one can find similarities between the two in characters and ideas, you can really see how things really come together in number 8.
PlayStationVideo Games (Oct, 1999)
Trotzdem muß man neidlos eingestehen, daß diese Systeme, ob man sie nun mag oder nicht, nahezu perfekt durchdacht sind und sich der Spieler durch die recht einfache Handhabung voll auf die (natürlich je nach Geschmack) geniale Story konzentrieren kann. Mit dem salomonischen Urteil von 90% kann ich aber trotz meiner Kritikpunkte sehr gut leben. Für den deutschen Markt (und hey! Das ist nun mal ein PAL-Test!) stellt Squaresofts neuestes Epos eindeutig die Referenz dar (zählt ruhig noch ein paar Punkte zur Wertung dazu), für alle, die Xenogears, LSSSC und Co. kennen, wäre meine persönliche Wertung eines mittelprächtigen Achtzigers eher angemessen. FF VIII ist zweifellos genial - für mich persönlich wird aber, nun auch in nächster Zukunft, FF II nach wie vor den Höhepunkt der Serie darstellen.
PlayStationMeristation (Oct 15, 1999)
Hasta hace poco existían siete grandes obras de arquitectura o estatuaria que por su grandiosidad y belleza se denominaban "Maravillas del Mundo", en el momento en que Square finalizó el último capítulo de su saga Final Fantasy, aun sin ser arquitectura o monumento, estas maravillas pasaron a ser 8.
90 (UK) (Mar 28, 2000)
Final Fantasy VIII suffers from console-to-PC conversion issues and lacks finesse in many areas, and may alienate newcomers with its engrossing story driven gameplay and Japanese approach to role-playing. But it's still bigger and better than any of its predecessors. Once again Square are dominating the RPG stakes, and if you do persist with it, this one will never let you go. It grips you like a good book, and once you've finished it you feel more empty than when you began. Captivating.
WindowsRPGamer (Mar, 2000)
Final Fantasy VIII provides a compelling story with engrossing visuals to portray it. It's a very good balance between content and eye candy. The characters are extremely easy to care about. What carried me from point to point was wanting to see how the cast would change. What actions they'd take and how they'd deal with situations. This feeling of closeness limits the game somewhat, giving it a more linear feel than some previous ones. The sacrifice of freedom for a deeper story was taken advantage of and I'm very glad Square choose to go that route. I enjoyed the game tremendously from beginning to end and it now proudly rests on the pedestal it stole from FF4 as my favorite in the series.
PlayStationTotalVideoGames (TVG) (Nov 30, 1999)
All In all, I think this game is the perfect Final Fantasy game to top off the Millennium. It has around 40 hours of game play, with much more including the mini-games, such as the card playing game you play all throughout the game. Itâll definitely keep us tied over until Final Fantasy IX. A must get for any serious RPG gamer. Looks great sitting next to Final Fantasy VII.
PlayStationDarkstation (1999)
Overall, it is a worth successor to Final Fantasy VIII. Square has done a superb job in upping the ante with this game, and it'll be tough for other RPGs to top, or at least match the standard set by this massive game.
PlayStationGameSpy (Feb 02, 2000)
The gameplay remains the same, just the story is different. Newcomers might not have a problem with this, especially if they missed playing VII. Hardcore gamers and action lovers however, might pass on it due to this lack of innovation. Finally, there's a serious lack of replay value, being pretty linear and rigid for an RPG. Unlike most RPG's, the Final Fantasy series is more like an interactive movie than a true RPG experience. Players used to journeying around fantasy worlds looking for quests and adventures should stick to titles like Baldur's Gate and Fallout.
90 (Nov 04, 1999)
Final Fantasy 8 remonte encore plus haut la barre des jeux de rôles sur Play en continuant à toiser ses concurrents de plusieurs kilomètres. Une vraie suite avec de nombreuses améliorations sous tous ses angles et en gardant l'esprit de la série.
WindowsGameSpy (Feb 02, 2000)
In conclusion, Final Fantasy VIII is a fun game, to be played solely for the cinematic experience more then anything else. The flawed combat system makes playing it a chore at times, but the beautiful movie sequences and graphics more than make up for it. Newcomers to the series might find lots to like, while veterans might get bored quickly. Speaking from a veteran's point of view, I enjoyed the game. While not the most innovative RPG, it's a well-polished product worthy of at least one time through.
PlayStationAll Game Guide (1999)
What it all comes down to is that Final Fantasy VIII is THE must-have RPG for the PlayStation. Though complicated and with the occasional fault, it could be remembered as the greatest Final Fantasy game through the 32-bit era.
PlayStationIGN (Sep 10, 1999)
Final Fantasy VIII pushes that envelope even further, and it would be wrong to say it's not the game that everyone expected. And for a lot of reasons that's a great blessing. It's also starting to become something of a curse, because if FFVIII shows anything, it's that RPGs have a little further to go.
90 (Jun 27, 2004)
En conclusión, Final Fantasy VIII es sin duda alguna un buen juego, pero a años luz de sus dos antecesores anteriores. Sin embargo, una historia un tanto superficial y un sonido algo pobre no implica de ninguna manera que sea un mal juego, pues aunque para muchos sea la peor entrega de la saga (Sin contar FFX-2, Mystic Quest, Crystal Chronicles y demás juegos llamados FF por las ventas) sigue siendo un juego excelente, aunque bastante por debajo de lo que se esperaba de él.
PlayStationJust RPG (Oct 25, 2002)
Personally, I don't feel Final Fantasy VIII quite lived up to some of the previous Final Fantasy titles, but it's still one of the better RPGs around. The graphics will get you interested, the unique gameplay will keep you going, and the card game will get you addicted.
88 (Jan 22, 2000)
Ganz persönlich fand ich das einfachere Kampfsystem mit den Materia in Teil 7 etwas besser als die Guardian Forces in Teil 8, die damalige Story des übermächtigen Konzerns interessanter als die der durchgeknallten Hexe diesmal und gebe deshalb dem Vorgänger knapp den Vorzug - doch dafür geht der Oskar für die beste weibliche Hauptdarstellerin in einem Computerspiel klar an Final Fantasy VIII... Für beide Spiele gilt: Es sind seltene Perlen der Softwaregeschichte. Im Detail stecken sie voll kleiner Macken, aber das Kampfsystem ist eine Offenbarung, die Story konkurrenzlos, die Phantasie und die Grafik der Locations unerreicht, und das Aufpäppeln der Helden mit neuen, nützlichen Gegenständen, Zaubern, Guardian Forces und Fertigkeiten befriedigt Rollenspieleransprüche.
WindowsGamer's Pulse (Apr 03, 2000)
Overall I think that Final Fantasy 8 is an exceptional game, and well worth the purchase. Had more effort been put into the Graphics, and the PC user interface, this would be one of the best games of the year. I really think they lag behind on those areas. Even without these problems, I strongly suggest that any RPG fans check this game out. It’s hours of activity, that’ll keep you glued to your monitor. If you start to make any kind of action when the main character attacks, you know you’re hooked :-) One day I caught myself swinging my arm in time with the strikes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Feb, 2000)
Final Fantasy 8 ist kein Durchbruch in neue Spielspaß-Dimensionen, wie man nach einem ersten Blick auf die konkurrenzlos guten Zwischensequenzen und die moderne Aufmachung gerne glauben möchte. Dafür besitzt es einfach zu viele kleine Durchhänger: Schäbige Grafik hier, etwas langatmiges Herumgelaufe in ein paar Labyrinthen dort und dann auch noch der an Adlib-Karten erinnernde Billigsound. Dass wir dem Spiel trotzdem noch einen Gold Player verleihen, hängt mit seinen ebenso deutlichen, unverkennbaren Stärken zusammen. An den Einbau so vieler Kampf-Möglichkeiten etwa wagen die Entwickler der meisten Rollenspiele nicht einmal nach intensivem Drogenkonsum zu denken. Wer sich an der kindlichen Aufmachung nicht stört, dem rufe ich immer noch entgegen: Holt's Euch!
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2000)
Der neueste Teil der Final-Fantasy-Reihe hat mir besonders wegen der erstklassigen Story mehr Spaß gemacht als Teil 7. Klar, man kann die Romanze zwischen Squall und Rinoa kitschig nennen. Doch mir gefallen die Turteleien besser als das pseudo-coole Gehabe von 08/15-Helden alter Schule. Die tollen Rendersequenzen, vor allem die Ballszene, tun das ihre dazu, um mich bis zum dramatischen Ende bei der Stange zu halten. Was mich auf Dauer nervt, sind die viel zu langen Sequenzen der Guardian Forces. Hardcore-Fans werden zudem der lineare Spielverlauf und das spartanische Waffenund Rüstungsarsenal stören. Wenn Sie aber, wie ich, eine gute Geschichte den obskuren Detailfitzeleien vorziehen, sind Sie bei Final Fantasy 8 genau richtig.
PlayStationneXGam (1999)
Final Fantasy VIII überzeugt technisch wie spielerisch auf ganzer Linie und kann auch heute noch bedingungslos empfohlen werden. Mir persönlich gefällt vor allem die Story und das erwachsene Flair des Spiels, sowie der nicht so typische Hauptcharakter, der eine phantastische Entwicklung im Spielverlauf genießt ohne sich dabei zu gestellt oder abrupt zu verändern. Also jeder der den 8. Teil noch nicht gespielt hat: Kaufen! Zumal der Titel auch schon lange als günstige Platinumversion erschienen ist.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Feb, 2000)
Selten fand ich es so schwer, ein Spiel zu bewerten wie im Fall von Final Fantasy 8. Einerseits grenzt die handwerkliche Umsetzung stellenweise an eine Unverschämtheit: Pixelige Grafiken, dümmliche Dialoge und nervende Kaufhausmusik, dazu fehlende Sprachausgabe, Speicherpunktsystem und umständliche Menüs machen das Epos nicht gerade einsteigerfreundlich, Andererseits wird die vielschichtige Geschichte von vielen komplexen Charakteren bevölkert. die Zwischensequenzen sind schlichtweg sensationell und die effektvollen Kämpfe können innerhalb kürzester Zeit süchtig machen. Auf dem Weg zum Erwachsenwerden hat Final Fantasy 8 leider noch mit einigen Pubertätsproblemen zu kämpfen; die eingeschlagene Richtung stimmt aber. Hätte man sich bei der Umsetzung von PlayStation auf PC etwas mehr Mühe gegeben, wäre hier locker eine 90er-Wertung drin gewesen. So reicht es leider „nur“ für eine Empfehlung mit Einschränkungen.
WindowsGaming Age (Sep 05, 2004)
There is very little wrong with the gameplay elements that make up Final Fantasy VIII, and the story is much improved over Final Fantasy VII. Yet I have this nagging feeling Square knew this game would be coming to PC and probably could have gone all the way in converting this fantastic console RPG into a complete PC masterpiece. This isn't to say the title isn't worth your gaming dollar. As an RPG, Final Fantasy VIII is one great experience.
WindowsPC Joker (Feb, 2000)
Zwar wirken die direkt von der Playstation übernommenen Renderszenarien vielfach verwaschen, doch die „Kopffüßler“ aus FF7 haben nun ausgedient. Alle Figuren werden jederzeit als normal große Erwachsene dargestellt, was fließende Übergänge zwischen Spiel und atemberaubenden Hires-Videos erlaubt. In der Tat sind es just diese Zwischensequenzen, welche die Motivation aufrecht erhalten - in Bezug auf spielerische Inhalte sowie insbesondere den Abwechslungsreichtum muss sich Final Fantasy 8 seinem anderthalb Jahre alten Vorgänger nämlich geschlagen geben. PC-Finalisten erhalten dafür schönere Optik und eine endlich konfigurierbare Steuerung. Dass die Maus noch immer nicht zum Zuge kommt, lässt sich verschmerzen: In seiner Klasse ist das neue Square-Rollenspiel derzeit unerreicht!
WindowsGamezilla (Mar 20, 2000)
If you are a fan of the series, you'll find plenty to like: a story as convoluted as ever, interesting characters (with slightly two dimensional personalities), gorgeous cinema scenes, breathtaking GF animation, and plenty of ways to customize your characters. If you were expected something completely new and different, or you are a PC owner spoiled by the latest in graphics and sound, you'll probably feel as I do, slightly disappointed.
WindowsLegendra (Oct 21, 2007)
Un très bon Final Fantasy, avec une réalisation du tonnerre pour l'époque. Cependant malgré cela, le jeu a plus de défauts que son prédécesseur: son système de vol de magie un peu pénible, le scénario bon mais sans égaler celui des deux FF précédents. L'univers futuriste est tout de même très réussi, avec des passages grandioses. L'absence de réelle difficulté est aussi à blâmer (level 99 à la fin sans trop s'attarder). Cette version PC nous oblige à un petit temps d'adaptation pour les touches mais rien de particulier, sinon le jeu est inchangé.
WindowsMeristation (Apr 02, 2000)
Imaginaros la mejor historia/ambientacion posible para una aventura, imaginaros jugar al mas puro estilo de los juegos de rol con ella. Añadirle gráficos y combates espectaculares con enemigos siniestros con un epopeya de amor digna de reyes.
PlayStationRetrogaming History (Dec 10, 2008)
Final Fantasy VIII è sicuramente un ottimo gioco, di molto superiore alla media, che però ha risentito un po’ troppo dell’enorme successo globale di quel capolavoro incontrastato quale è il suo predecessore. Rimane comunque un must per gli appassionati del genere.
Windowsincite PC Gaming (Apr, 2000)
But in the end, Final Fantasy VIII is proof that a popular game can live up to its own hype. The naysayers and the nitpickers can focus on the tiny flaws that even the best games can't escape, but to say that Final Fantasy VIII is anything less than astounding would be like saying the Mona Lisa is merely "okay" because da Vinci forgot to give her eyebrows.
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Feb 05, 2000)
Удивительно, но на этот раз даже я со своим отчетливым нейтралитетом к аниме готов признать, что реализация Final Fantasy 8 оказалась на голову выше своих предшественников. Final Fantasy 7, Silver и Septerra Core могут спать спокойно и не возникать по пустякам, ибо на свет появился новый эталон для подражания. Конечно, уровень исполнения приставочной RPG на платформе PC все еще не дотягивает до родных компьютерных ролевых игр, но игры эти совершенно точно оформились в отдельный поджанр и развиваются очень бурно. Возможно, скоро они смогут в полной мере конкурировать с такими сериалами как Wizardry и Might&Magic.
PlayStationGamekult (Oct 28, 2000)
Final Fantasy VIII est un très bon jeu. Mais Squaresoft nous avait habitué à tant de merveilles qu'une certaine déception était à craindre. La cause ? Le manque cruel de profondeur. Peu de mini-quêtes, un manque de challenge évident mais aussi un jeu qui dérive d'un point de vue dramatique. Si le septième volet est moins réussi techniquement, il est clairement plus intéressant.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine (Mar 26, 2000)
All in all, Final Fantasy VIII is a wonderful gaming experience for adventure and console RPG fans alike, and is a great reminder that story-driven gaming is far from dead. Vive l'amour! Viva Squaresoft!
WindowsActionTrip (Feb 16, 2000)
Japanese-Manga style animation appears to be invading modern PC games. And why not? Manga animation is accepted and widely popular among console players throughout the world. Porting graphics was once the main problem when converting PlayStation games to PC, but with the appearance of 3D accelerator cards on the market, this problem is beyond our worries. Today, a bigger problem is how to adapt game controls to be used with PC. Along with clumsy current-position saving, these were the main problems with Final Fantasy VII for PC. Obviously, the creative team of SquareSoft hasn't learnt their lesson, so the latest Final Fantasy suffers from similar flaws. What's more, the porting from PSX to PC took them no less than five months. Don't hate me you loyal Final Fantasy fans for this kind of critical intro; I do agree that this is a top-notch game when it comes to the atmosphere and the design.
PlayStationGame Critics (Oct 01, 1999)
FF8 has what it takes to knock FF7 from the memories of gamers. Its story is better developed, the characters are more interesting, and the graphics and music are twice as good and plays pretty darn well for much of the time. However, limitations of the hardware as well as art direction hamper the game too much in the end. It winds up being partly a graphical showcase and movie hybrid and partly a less than epic RPG (which was what it was billed to be). If Square doesn't give up on games and Sakaguchi doesn't abandon us for Hollywood, I'd like to see them come back to the table with another sequel that gets it right. Till then, as far as FF8 goes, what it has been most successful at doing is turning my PlayStation into a VCR.
WindowsPower Play (Feb, 2000)
FF VIII ist insgesamt ein gutes Spiel, das sich einer detailliert ausgearbeiteten Story erfreut. Leider sind aber auch klare Schwächen zu vermelden, die abgesehen von den bereits erwähnten Punkten, nicht zuletzt die nachlässige Umsetzung von der Playstation betreffen. Es dauert und dauert, wenn man nur das Menü aufrufen möchte, wer kein Pad hat, muß sich mit der gewöhnungsbedürftigen Tastatur begnügen (weil die Mausunterstützung wie beim Vorgänger fehlt), und außerdem hätte Squaresoft ruhig mal über eine höhere Auflösung nachdenken dürfen...
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Feb 28, 2000)
Squaresoft heeft geprobeerd met een minimale inspanning op een maximale winst te bekomen. Op de Playstation is dat aardig gelukt, wand het spel maakt daar echt brokken. Maar om boven de middelmaat uit te komen op een PC moeten ze met groter geschut afkomen. En als je toch graag dit soort spel speelt, kijk dan eerst eens naar Septerra Core. Een spel met heel wat lagere ambities, maar dat veel gebalanceerder overkomt op de PC.
WindowsIGN (Jan 28, 2000)
If you've seen the sort of stuff I review and enjoy, you know how much I love console games. It isn't with inbred FFVIII resentment that I criticize the game, it's with disappointment at knowing that this game will undoubtedly sell an incredible amount of copies with little effort on the development team's part. They could have made a few changes, taken a little more time, and really had a shining PC version that showed off the game's beauty, but instead it feels more like a matter of going the easy route. And the game suffers from it, so much so that I can't help but recommend that if gamers really want an authentic FF experience, they should play the much smoother, much prettier (gulp) PSX version instead.
WindowsGry OnLine (Dec 21, 2000)
Final Fantasy 8 jest przeznaczona przede wszystkim dla miłośników japońskich gier RPG. Zwolennicy pozycji takich jak Baldur’s Gate czy Course of Monkey Island nie znajdą w tej grze zbyt wielu interesujących elementów. Gra jest jednak świetna, długa i uzależniająca na wiele wieczorów.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Feb 28, 2000)
Although Final Fantasy VIII possesses its undeniable list of problems, it contains a very solid and engrossing experience for those willing to persist past its control difficulties and graphical aberrations. The game remains extremely faithful to the popular tenets of role-playing while introducing sufficient elements that spice things up for those who have become all too familiar with previous installments of the series. With its similarities both in plot and character to FF7, gamers might at first glance be inclined to pass this title up, but in so doing, would be sacrificing one of the better CRPGs we’ve had in a while.
PlayStationSpel för Alla (Dec, 1999)
Final Fantasy – "världens bästa rollspel" – är tillbaka och miljontals fans världen över jublar. Är du ett av dem det bara att gratulera, några timmars förstklassig underhållning ligger framför dig. Om du är obekant med Final Fantasy kan du självklart ha kul med det här spelet också, även om du kommer att kastas in lite hastigt i en redan lång historia.
WindowsRPGamer (Sep 25, 2000)
While any given element of Final Fantasy VIII seems solid enough, the complete package seems somehow lacking. Perhaps it's the departure from the fantasy setting. Perhaps it's radical changes to all game mechanics. In any case, Final Fantasy VIII is a very good game which seems to have a deal of untapped potential. It does however pack in enough challenging side quests to keep RPGamers busy for quite some time.
PlayStationThunderbolt Games (Nov 03, 2007)
Did Final Fantasy VIII live up to the hype? Not quite, but its prequel left some pretty humongous shoes to fill. Some great eye-candy (at the time) and an aurally pleasing RPG await the brave new traveller, but the battle system is skewered in places that should not have been touched; drawing and junctioning are great ideas that just didn’t turn out to be much fun. Moreover, the focus on a (confusing) friendship-driven story rather than the usual apocalypse now brings the pace of this saga to a crawl at times. I commend Final Fantasy VIII for tinkering with the original recipe to keep things fresh, but it probably bit off more than it could chew. As a result, it’s but a Tonberry to its Bahamut prequels; strikingly different, somewhat inferior, yet not without its own characteristic charm. That aside, there’s still a fair amount of enjoyment to draw out of this sucker.
PlayStationChrist Centered Game Reviews (Jun 01, 2005)
I think only a person of 13 and above would understand the storyline just because I beat it when I was 11 and just saw it as a game nothing more, but I beat it recently and actually understood what was happening. There are some swear words and maybe some suggestive themes as in time space and evil moon (3rd and 4th disks) other than that its not to bad.
WindowsGameSpot (Feb 02, 2000)
You could speculate as to how much better the game could have been in any number of ways, not the least of which being if it actually took advantage of the modern PC's superior power. But as it stands, there's no reason anybody should opt for the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII over the original, if only because the PlayStation game looks and sounds so much better. And if you don't already have a PlayStation, then you shouldn't even bother with the game in the first place. Its interesting story and impressive visual design aren't enough to recommend it in the face of all its ill-conceived, tedious, and irritating gameplay conventions, which are essentially impossible to deal with if you're neither a longtime fan of the series nor an eternally patient player.
65 (Feb 22, 2000)
Déception ! O cruelle déception ! Voici ce que vous déclamerez sur votre rocher après avoir goûté à la magie frelatée de FF8 sur PC. Quasiment tout a disparu et il ne reste plus que les vestiges de ce superbe jeu. Snif.
WindowsGamesFirst! (Apr 15, 2000)
It was difficult to write a review of FFVIII without it coming off as a list of improvements that would make the next installment of this series a better as well as more commercially viable product in the PC gaming world. With so many great choices out there I don't feel that FFVIII is even near the top of my list; in fact, the advice I'd give is to either play it on the Playstation, or wait for the next conversion of this long-heralded mainstay of gaming. By the way, the Playstation version of FFVIII's graphics easily exceeds the competition and ensures its continued reign as one of the most respected series in console gaming. Don't expect the same on your PC.
PlayStationNetjak (Dec 17, 2002)
Final Fantasy 8 is a travesty. A mockery of the good name of Final Fantasy rivaled only by that awful Spirits Within movie. While the Final Fantasy series continues (deservedly) to dominate the RPG landscape, this is one title that deserves to be lost and forgotten. It’s a pseudo fantasy, and not worth your money. Should you download it for free, it’s not worth the 50 or 60 hours you’ll be investing it to reach the end.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (May, 2000)
No matter what your feelings are about FINAL FANTASY VIII as a game, with some minor and a few major tweaks, the PC version could at least have been a great reworking of the PlayStation original. Unfortunately, the released game is inarguable substandard because absolutely no effort has been made to add value to the initial product. And this from a company known for the quality of its work. Shame on you, SquareSoft.
PlayStationGame Critics (Oct 01, 1999)
Compounding all this were the Guardian Force attack animations that grew excessive and tiresome, and the flashback sequences became more tedious and disruptive toward the overall flow of the game. I finally said, "enough is enough," and said "I dont care how popular the series is or how revered its creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is. This game sucks!"