Final Fantasy XI Online Screenshots

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A ravine on La Theine Plateau
Battling an Orcish Grunt in Ghelsba Outpost.
Close-up of characters on a bridge in Ghelsba
Sunset and wind storm in La Theine Plateau
The party rests and preps for next battle in La Theine Plateau.
What horrors will twilight bring in La Theine Plateau?
Into Valkurn Dunes
Preparing for the next fight in Valkurn Dunes.
Meditating on the moon in La Theine Plateau.
Battling an Orcish Grunt in a copse in La Theine Plateau.
La Theinie Plateau's Hall of Transference
The Auction House in San d'Oria
Meeting in Valkurn Dunes
These goblins don't stand a chance (Valkurn Dunes).