This Collector's Edition includes:

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2
  • An art book containing weapon, area and monster concepts
  • Four-discs original soundtrack
The art book is part of the packaging itself.

European Collector's Edition, Final Fantasy XIII-2: Limited Collector's Edition, comprises:
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2;
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 Composer Selected Soundtrack;
  • «The Art of Final Fantasy XIII-2», hardback book containing artwork from the stages of the game's production;
  • Six computer graphics-made postcards, depicting Caius, Hope, Lightning, Noel, Serah and Snow;
  • High-definition lenticular artprint of Lightning.
To copies pre-ordered from some stores, a limited-edition steelbook case was added, the contents of which consisting in:
  • «Final Fantasy XIII —Episode i—» novella book;
  • Three art cards exclusive to this release of the game;
  • The Fight in Style pack: a piece of digital downloadable content including two alternate costumes (Summoner's Garb for Serah and Battle Attire for Noel) and Final Fantasy's boss monster Omega, available for the player's team once it is defeated.
Steelbook case is G1-sized.

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