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Final Fantasy

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A game that helped popularize console Eastern RPGs, however, it is over-rated. NES Christian Delano (5)
A treasure of the 80s, but does it really hold up compared to other games of its time? NES Masa♥Yuki (771)
The very first Final Fantasy game. Though a completely different beast all together compared to later titles NES Mr. Huh (112)
I guess this is the first game ever that has a (decent) ending NES Bregalad (917)
The first game that started it all. NES ABGamer (45)

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Platform Votes Score
BREW 3 4.7
J2ME 4 4.4
MSX 8 3.4
NES 77 3.5
Nintendo 3DS 1 5.0
Wii 7 4.2
Wii U Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 100 3.6

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Although this isn't the first RPG, I doubt RPG's would be what they are today if this title never came out. If you ever come across an original copy of this title you might want to pick it up, to see where RPG's really originated from.
Final Fantasy n'a pas beaucoup de défauts mais tous autant qu'ils sont, de la maladresse de la gestion de l'équipement et de la magie à la lenteur des combats, sont liés à l'ergonomie. C'est le grand point faible du jeu, le seul iceberg capable de couler cette oeuvre titanesque des 8 bits. Ce ne sont pas des rhumatismes dûs à son grand âge mais bien des tares de naissance, des difformités de sa jouabilité. A cause d'eux, gêné par-ci par-là, il arrive qu'on y prenne moins de plaisir qu'on aurait pu. Heureusement, ce que l'on retient surtout de ce colosse aux pieds d'argile, c'est sa densité, sa richesse d'idées, de personnages et d'aventures. Il donne l'impression d'être plus grand que la cartouche NES sur laquelle il tient (surtout quand on a joué auparavant à Dragon Quest). La quête se déroule et rebondit plusieurs fois de façon inattendue; il y a un vrai scénario derrière elle.
Final Fantasy is a fine example of an old, 2-D RPG. If you're looking for solid RPG gameplay with plenty of places to explore, items to find, and legends to learn, as long as you don't mind the old school graphics and audio, check it out sometime. It's available at most used game stores, and will probably cost $20-$35.
NESGame Freaks 365
Any fan of RPG’s needs to go back and try this game. This is one of the three major games (Dragon Warrior and its sequel being the other two) that truly brought RPG’s to the videogame scene, and as such, is a blast to the past for people who are used to today's RPG’s.
NESDigital Press - Classic Video Games
There's a lot to love about this first installment in what would become Square's primary franchise: charming graphics, excellent music, and the aforementioned solid plotline among them. On the other hand, there's one big thing to dislike - namely, the endless random encounters which often include attacking already dead enemies. Keeping in mind that the game was released at a time when console RPG's were a new thing and MANY console games of the age required excessive repetition, the good certainly outweighed the bad. In this day and age, it's pretty rough dealing with the fifteenth pack of wolves while making a simple trip from Coneria to Pravoka.
NESNintendo Land
Anyway, after hyping the southern hemisphere, you jack a ship, some TNT, and blow up a section of the sea, so now you're free. You end up in a jacked up city where some whacked vampire destroyed it. The church is gone, makes sense, and you have to buy some spells, and you can't buy some of them, you've got to ADVANCE. Anyway, this might actually add some challenge and play ability to the game if you don't, but it's so boring, you'll just start turning to game off and cry.
WiiNintendo Life
Sure the game is showing its age and does feel a bit sluggish by today's more efficient RPG standards, but you still can't deny the importance and impact the game has had on the RPG genre and console gaming in general. If you enjoyed this NES original back in the day you'll likely enjoy taking it out for a spin, if only for the sake of reliving your memories of the game, but if you've become used to the brisk pacing of the more modern RPGs you'll likely find this release somewhat tedious.