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Final Fight 2

Final Fight 2 Screenshots

SNES version

Title screen
That's the spirit!
Character selection
Maki is the fastest of the three characters - and she doesn't seem to like wearing underwear
In the slums of Hong Kong, Maki is beating up several bad guys at once
Haggar in action (Notice Streetfighter's Chun-Li in the background)
At the harbor, fighting the first boss
France - Carlos is using his special attack
No Final Fight game without some Andore Jr.'s
Find the 2x4 block and kill all the bad guys!
Carlos taking a beating
Bonus Game
Holland - One of the bad guys is recovering while the other one waits to join the action
Holland - Avoid the mines
Haggar grabbed by a boss
England - Fighting on top of a train
Haggar grabbing an enemy
Haggar performing a spinning pile driver
Never underestimate the power of a gang of Elicks
Elevator action
Rolent is fast and throws around grenades like there's no tomorrow
It's raining
Maki is having fun in Japan
This "Frankenstein" doesn't scare anybody!
Smashing the "defenseless" ones.
In this bonus stage, you must break all drumcans in the way. But be fast!
Maki's special move.
Two Makis are better than one...