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Final Fight: "Streetwise"

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PlayStation 2

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What could have been... PlayStation 2 Vecster (24)
It's time for a REAL reboot of the franchise. PlayStation 2 Kadeem Gomez (35)

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Platform Votes Score
PlayStation 2 9 2.4
Xbox 4 2.7
Combined MobyScore 13 2.5

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There's plenty to do in Final Fight: Streetwise, that can't be denied, and the plotline is intriguing in a way that will probably have you still playing it until the early hours, but it still lacks that little extra something that would make it a classic and warrant a greater score than it's receiving. There's never really an explanation of how to fight and as a result I found myself defeating opponents by moving away from them and then attacking, which always landed me the rank of 'Bum' because I never used the defence system. Final Fight was a classic and Streetwise is a long way from some of the crummy remakes that seem to be springing out lately, so if you're the type to go into everything fists flying, then Travers is the perfect character for you.
PlayStation 2MAN!AC
Fans des Originals werden zufrieden sein: unterhaltsame Straßenschlägerei mit viel Abwechslung.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US)
Final Fight: Streetwise picks up several years after the arcade series ended. The original heroes, Cody Travers, Guy (AKA Genryusai), and Mike Haggar, have gone their separate ways, and Metro City has subsequently fallen on hard times. Cody spent sometime in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Mike retired from his mayoral civic position and opened up a wrestling gym, and Guy fell into a life of organized crime and has risen to become a powerful underworld figure --this is not your big brothers Final Fight.
Capcom is the King of gore but can also hold its ground in the beat’em up genre, so prepare yourself for a street fighting game that will give you a lot of bloody - well yeah - street fights. Final Fight Streetwise brings you as close to the dark sides of society as you want to get as a good citizen and all you have to do is let your thumbs do the talking.
This is not to suggest that Final Fight Streetwise is a lost cause -- far from it. But given the recent flood of suspiciously "street" brawlers that have emerged in the post-Grand Theft Auto area, there's reason for concern. When games like Namco's Urban Reign, Rockstar's The Warriors, Sega's Spikeout, and even Capcom's own formidable stable of beat-em-ups (in particular the thematically similar Beat Down) already pack store shelves, what's there to recommend revisiting the past, besides a name and some childhood memories of days spent in the arcade?
PlayStation 21UP
Hindsight is 20/20. Always has been. Always will be. And hindsight tells us that although the Final Fight series, as revered as it is (just not quite on the same level as Streets of Rage), contains decent games, they aren't actually all that. Neither are games like Double Dragon or River City Ransom. Yes, they were fun for their time, but the concept of roaming around the streets and kicking random ass holds up about as well as the sleeveless jean jackets of the same '80s era. So upon the back of a flimsy premise comes the streetwise -- literally -- update, courtesy of the usually reliable Maximo team.
Final Fight: Streetwise is mediocre, and that’s it. The mini games aren’t inspired and as simple as they get, the fighting system is fun but gets old, and the story is boring. You can have mindless fun with it, though, but only until you realize you’re doing the same couple combos over and over. This one is only for fans of past 3D beat ‘em ups.
Still, Final Fight Streetwise is a good beat-em-up for a rental. It is not as good as The Warriors, but if you can look past the SERIOUS glitches, its a fun, but short game.
XboxGame Informer Magazine
I found myself compelled to stick with Streetwise until its pitiful end, if only to see what laughable twists it took next. Considering that it features both an arcade mode and the original game, I can see some people getting the same "it's-so-bad-it's-kinda-good" thrill as I did.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine
I found myself compelled to stick with Streetwise until its pitiful end, if only to see what laughable twists it took next. Considering that it features both an arcade mode and the original game, I can see some people getting the same "it's-so-bad-it's-kinda-good" thrill as I did.
Final Fight Streetwise is an average game, but one which kept us entertained for the few hours it lasts. What is inexcusable is the poor emulation of the original game as a bonus, and the cameras which are simply horrible.
PlayStation 2TotalVideoGames (TVG)
After playing Final Fight: Streetwise the first question you have to ask is why? Why would Capcom risk the memory of such a franchise and produce a title that almost has no right being written in the first place? Final Fight: Streetwise may have bonuses such as the original title, but when gamers can purchase that as part of a Capcom compendium it does mean that there's very little reason for players to part with their money for this. You almost have to ask whether Capcom closed Studio 8 out of sheer embarrassment...
PlayStation 2GameZone
Beat-'em-ups aren't what they used to be. Back in the day (and when I say "day" I mean that wonderful time when arcades made a profit), developers could create simple button-mashers knowing that the average gamer would only play for 5 to 10 minutes. Fifty cents never went that far, and thanks to a fairly cheap difficulty setting, each game was guaranteed to be short. This was done on purpose to get gamers to continue pumping quarters into the machine. It was more fun to play these games for short intervals than it was to take ten bucks and beat it in one sitting.
Interacting and exploring are means of building “Respect” in Final Fight Streetwise, which is a central part of the game’s essence. Respect is the ticket to unlocking new missions, character power-ups, special weapons, and even gang support from A.I. controlled characters recruited by the Kylester. Go into a conversation with a bystander with high respect, and watch the chump quiver at your very presence. But go into the same conversation as a nobody, and odds are you’ll be battling before the end of the dialogue.
If you've got a desire to play a good brawler play Rockstar's The Warriors. If you want to play the classic Final Fight, play the excellent Capcom Classics Collection that came out earlier this year. But avoid Final Fight: Steetwise at all costs.
XboxCheat Code Central
If there's any good reason to purchase, rent or even borrow this game, I haven't found it.
XboxGame Shark
In the end Final Fight Street Wise is a slightly below average game with some okay fighting action, a nice arcade mode if you're playing co-op and some adult situations that sometimes cross the line into the land of overkill. If not for the bad collision detection, Street Wise would have been a decent beat 'em up despite the storyline and the swearing. For those that are still not discouraged, I'd recommend a rental first before taking the purchasing plunge.
PlayStation 2Cheat Code Central
Final Fight: Streetwise belongs on the street and not in your home. It's lean and lame and in no way should have ever been made available for the Xbox - unless as an unlockable mode or a bonus disk from another game. To add insult to injury, Final Fight: Streetwise offers the arcade version as a bonus unlockable - and it doesn't play nearly as good as the original game. If everything in this package were priced at the bargain price of $9.95, you would be paying ten dollars too much.
PlayStation 2UOL Jogos
Se havia alguma esperança de que o novo "Final Fight" pudesse superar todas essas desconfianças, isso definitivamente se foi: "Final Fight: Streetwise" coloca a última pá de terra no clássico. Se você é fanático pela série ou por pancadaria - e se for tolerante aos vários problemas do game -, encontrará bons motivos por aqui, mas para a grande maioria dos jogadores, esse é mais um título para esquecer.
XboxGame Vortex
Unlike recent retro-releases like Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Final Fight: Streetwise’s gameplay doesn’t stand the test of time too well. Arcade brawlers like this may have been entertaining ten years ago, but expectations have changed. In its defense, Streetwise tries to evolve the formula, but never fully evolves; the result is bland, broken gameplay. If you really feel the need to play an arcade fighter, pick up the much better (and cheaper) Capcom Classics Collection.
XboxGame industry News (GiN)
“Final Fight: Streetwise” is in the same vein of “Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks,” only it is not as deep, polished, or inventive. With “Streetwise” you pay for what you get. What you get is the 16-bit Final Fight experience with very little learned from a decade of game industry growth. So if you want to waste time in the same mind-numbing fashion you used to, but with a Tony Montana helping of profanity and darts mini games, “Streetwise” should suffice. For everyone else, play real darts.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine
Outside the occasional thrill of blowing some fool away with a shotgun or breaking a baseball bat over someone's head, there are no redeeming qualities to Final Fight: Streetwise. Please, make the right choice and stay as far away from this pile of excrement as you possibly can.
XboxGame Informer Magazine
I am honestly offended by Final Fight: Streetwise. Not because I hold some sort of dreamy nostalgia for the original 16-bit Double Dragon clone, but because it upsets me that somebody thinks that people are stupid enough to pay real money for this garbage. This title is so incredibly flawed on every level that I’m astounded that it’s even being released commercially.
PlayStation 2Deeko
There are a lot of things that do pay homage to the original, but this is a shoddy game that lacks polish or any of the simplistic fun offered up by the original. This is a series that should have never come out of hiding. Bad A.I., bad controls, bad camera, bad minigames, bad game. If you love the original, spend your money on the Capcom Classics Collections instead.
PlayStation 2IGN
Can Final Fight's history of being one of the best-loved beat-em-up arcade games of the early 1990s remain intact with Streetwise? No, it can't. This latest release attempts to dress up its action core with absurd and occasionally infuriating mini-games, an inane storyline and oppressively small gaming areas. Furthermore, it suffers from a camera that seems to have penchant for making things as difficult as possible.
XboxDigital Entertainment News (den)
Final Fight: Streetwise pretty much fails to please. A boring story greets you in the main form of gameplay, while the alternate Arcade mode focuses on the lackluster combat. There’s a co-op mode for another player to join in and throw down too, but with the three playable characters in-game, support for a third player would have made more sense. You might have fun killing endless mobs of thugs but after about an hour most gamers will get bored and move on. Gamers would do well to let the past die and move on.
Comme bien d'autres titres ayant connu leur heure de gloire dans les années 90, Final Fight perd beaucoup de son charme en passant le cap de la 3D. Le jeu fait les frais d'une réalisation bâclée et surtout d'un gameplay totalement insipide qui ne peut en aucun cas rivaliser avec la concurrence.
Comme bien d'autres titres ayant connu leur heure de gloire dans les années 90, Final Fight perd beaucoup de son charme en passant le cap de la 3D. Le jeu fait les frais d'une réalisation bâclée et surtout d'un gameplay totalement insipide qui ne peut en aucun cas rivaliser avec la concurrence.
Can Final Fight's pedigree of being one of the best-loved beat-em-up arcade games of the early 1990s remain intact with Streetwise? No, it can't. The latest release of Final Fight attempts to dress up its action core with absurd and occasionally infuriating mini-games, an inane storyline and an oppressively small game area. Furthermore, the game suffers from a camera that seems to have penchant for making things as difficult as possible.
XboxThe A.V. Club
Only players absolutely obsessed with the continuing story of street-fighter-with-a-heart-of-gold Cody and bare-knuckled mayor Mike Haggar need bother checking in.
Adding to the insanity of this package is the original arcade game, which is available as an unlockable bonus. Despite a pretty good emulation of the arcade version appearing in Capcom's classic arcade compilation last year, the version in Streetwise isn't that version. It runs at a ridiculously choppy frame rate and doesn't play well at all. In addition to that, there's also an arcade mode that focuses more intently on the weak fighting rather than the weak story. If you're a fan of the original, get Capcom's recent arcade game compilation and avert your eyes from this disaster of a game, especially if you hold any nostalgic feelings about the original game.
PlayStation 2GameSpot
The beat-'em-up is dead. Really, it's been dead ever since gaming went polygonal. Early 3D attempts like Fighting Force set the tone for games like Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance and Spikeout: Battle Street, making bad cameras and generic, boring action the new hallmarks of a genre that used to have no fewer than three stand-out games in it: Taito's Double Dragon, Sega's Streets of Rage, and Capcom's Final Fight. Fresh for 2006, Capcom has a new take on its series, the curse-filled fist-fest Final Fight: Streetwise. But all this game manages to do is further nail the genre's coffin closed, while sullying the good name of an arcade classic along the way.
PlayStation 2Gamereactor (Sweden)
Nej, det finns inte mycket som är roligt i Final Fight: Streetwise. Spelet blir enformigt efter de första fem minuterna och direkt sömnframkallande efter en timme. Med sjutton år gammal spelmekanik, sjaskig och suddig grafik, långa laddningstider varje gång du öppnar en dörr, ett minimalt soundtrack med hemsk musik, och en övergripande känsla av "nämen grabbar, nu skiter vi i det här, jag går hem" från utvecklarna finns det ingen som helst anledning att återvända till Metro City.
XboxGames Radar
The thinking behind Streetwise is solid: transplant the classic beat-em-up gameplay into the free-roaming, 3D worlds that the gamers of today crave. It’s just too bad it was done so poorly.
30 (UK)
The fighting system works but it's completely soulless and lacking any dynamism. Hold the left trigger to drain the Instinct meter, which boosts attacks enabling Kyle's limited fist animations to move faster and cause more damage. There's on-screen encouragement like in Devil May Cry, as punches and combos are met with 'Decent!', 'Bring It!', and our favourite, 'Bangin'!' They may as well read 'Cripes!', 'Blinking Flip!' and 'Lordy!' for all the good it does.
Final Fight is one of those great coin-op games from Capcom's past that should be locked away and treasured forever. I remember spending rolls of quarters at my local arcade, loving every moment of Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar beating down the Mad Gears gang. Final Fight: Streetwise, on the other hand, is perhaps the best argument one could make against remaking arcade classics.
PlayStation 2GameSpy
The game's single player story mode puts you in the role of Kyle Travers, brother of Cody from the original game. Following in big brother's footsteps, Kyle knocks out teeth and bashes skulls in the underground fight club scene and spends his evenings drinking away the pain of living in the 'hood.' The 'hood,' as Capcom depicts it, is a place where effeminate men with a pronounced lisp offer thinly veiled compliments to every tough guy on the street, and where overweight British streetwalkers are always curious as to whether you would "fancy a shag." To say that Final Fight: Streetwise's depiction of inner city life is offensive would be appropriate, although this assessment also holds true for the game's controls, graphics, and sound.
PlayStation 2Gaming Age
Games like Final Fight and Double Dragon may no longer have a place on the gaming shelf. They were very simple and repetitive while being charming and fun at the same time, but tastes and expectations evolve. Until someone makes an attempt at remaking one of those games in earnest, however, instead of mixing the nostalgia of a classic with copycat, trendy, poorly executed features of the moment, we will never know.
It's hard to talk about Final Fight: Streetwise without sounding overly scornful or critical, but here's the thing: it deserves every harsh word written about it. It's the worst kind of cynical cash in and not only damages the legacy of Final Fight, but damages Capcom's reputation as a forward thinking games publisher. It's just a shame that a few people will be fooled into buying the game purely by reading the name on the box. Whether you're a fan of the original or simply enjoy 3D beat 'em ups, I have only one thing to say to you: Don't buy this game.
If the game offered anything in terms of originality, fun, or even something as simple as a point, I'd be more forgiving. But Final Fight Streetwise has failed me on all fronts, tarnishing not only the legacy of the original game, but the original game itself. Fortunately, Metro City's still a lovely place in Capcom Classics, and they'll never take that away.
PlayStation 2PAL Gaming Network (PALGN)
In an era where so many companies are protective of their intellectual property, it’s just downright bizarre that Capcom would release a product that would kill what little interest is left in the Final Fight franchise. It boggles the mind to think that a team of people could sit around for 12 or more months producing a product, and releasing it in this state. Final Fight: Streetwise is just outright awful – there is absolutely no reason why a rational individual should even consider playing this game, let alone actually doing so. We hope for Capcom’s sake that this effort is quickly forgotten.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution
Contrary to everything you ever knew about the mindless joy of Final Fight, Streetwise tries to have a plot. You hoist the fading torch of the franchise as Kyle, the younger brother to series mainstay, Cody. Reminiscing about the good old days, your older brother absconds with some Mafioso types who promise that they can fix his knees. You search the city for him, pounding on faces as often as you can. When you find Cody, he is doped up on a crazy new drug called "glow" that turns men into flesh-eating mutants.
XboxPress Start Online
There are one or two good moments in Final Fight: Streetwise (Mike Haggar!), but that’s like pointing out the highlights of Martin Lawrence’s film career. It should be remembered that this game is the exception that proves the rule with regard to Capcom, and that they’ll probably more than make up for this with the forthcoming Okami. But the universal truth remains: Final Fight: Streetwise is just, well…shit.
XboxThe Video Game Critic
In the early 90's the Final Fight series was huge with the side-scrolling fighting game crowd, offering memorable characters, colorful urban scenery, and arcade-style gameplay. Streetwise tries to transition the series into the realm of 3D, and the results are disastrous.