Final Fight Screenshots

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Amiga version

Control Demonstration
Introduction Sequence
Select Player
Out on the streets
In a warehouse
Fighting DamnD
The subway
Getting beaten up on the train
The railway tracks
Boxing contest
Bonus Stage: Smash the car up
In a restaurant
"Okay, people. Move along. Nothing to see here"
At a construction site
Bonus Stage: Smash the glass panels
Fighting on the streets at night
Some bikie gang left their motorcycles here
I was sure that the Statue of Liberty was in New York, not Metro City
Great. Another company who thinks it's their best interest to put their branding in here
Nice view of the beach

Amstrad CPC version

One of the character's profiles
The beginning
Destroy the dustbin to obtain weapons, health, etc.
Say hello to Bill Bull
Bill Bull is down
Car Junkyard
Say hello to Damnd
Damnd is down
Andore is down
Looks like the train has just arrived
On the train
On the railway tracks
In the ring
Sodom is down
Bonus Stage. Wreck the car before time runs out
Must be entertaining for the customers watching a fight outside a restaurant
Slash is down
Haggar fighting in a bar
Fighting in front of the boys from the 'hood
Say hello to Edi E.
Inside a factory
Haggar grabs Andore by the arm
Going up...

Arcade version

Some story
Title screen
Good hit - enemy now can fly
In the slums
Haggar is good wrestler
Get up, we want fight!
First boss Damnd
Damnd fights unfair - like rest of the bosses
1:1 fight
Metro entrance
Ride & fight
Andorre and Roxy
Time to stop metro
Fight in tunnel
3x hit
Enter to club
Wong Who
Fight on arena
Andorre family - so annoying
Poison can do nice jump-kick
Edi E. - next boss
Flame is dangerous
Industry area
Elevator fight
Rolento - another boss
Night walking
Poison x2
Typical public place
Abigail - yet another boss
It's a trap!
In enemy hall
Last gate
Belger - last boss
Round 6 clear
Happy End

Atari ST version

Title screen
Demonstration of controls
Profile of Guy
Profile of Cody
Profile of Haggar
First level
Gas pipe is useful thing
First Boss
Subway station
Train arrives
Into the train
Bad girl!
Subway tunnel
Ring Boss
Bonus level - braking a car
Restaurant street
Into the restaurant
Another Boss
Bonus level - braking glasses
Park in the night is dangerous place

Commodore 64 version

Select Player
Fighting on the streets
In a shed
That's one mean killing machine
The Subway
Riding the train
Fighting on the railtracks
In a boxing match
Bonus Stage: smash the car to bits
In a bar
Fighting the two Andores
Two people watching the action from inside the inn
Going up...
Bonus Stage: break the glass plates
Ahh... the night life

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Modify some game settings in the options screen.
These 3 fighters already had made the joy of many generations...
Defeat many enemies with an only punch: this is the Final Fight essence!
Jumping in barrels is the only way of appreciate Metro City's beauty.
Use the special move to hit many enemies at the same time.
There are dialogues before the boss battle in GBA version. Very cool!
This fool needs a lesson now. Defeat him!
You must defeat the bad guys, not talk with them!
To say the truth, not even strongest of the fighters support some heavy moves...
Sodom is the 2nd boss of the game. Look out: these 2 swords are murderous!
Destroy the other people's car and earn many points!
Two Andores are better than one. More fools, more action!
Continue screen.
Fighting against some Andores in a improvised ring.

SEGA CD version

The Baddies
Jessica & Haggar - Happier Times
Cody & Guy
Title Screen
Character Select
Haggar & Guy: Bring it on!
Two on Two
More Baddies
Four on Two
To the Subway
Guy takes the all on
Hard Head!
Game Over, Guy
Haggar Mad!

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Options - like with many arcade ports on the X68000, there are a few resolution choices available - 512x256 is possible in both 15 and 31 kHz, and there is also a 384x256 mode (31 kHz though).
Character selection
Game start
Jumping attack
The boss is just sitting there while Cody takes on one of his underlings
Again - a few folks just sitting there peacefully. But not for long.
Haggar using the piledriver
Boss fight in a ring
Bonus round - break the car
Ready to brawl in the bar
Some items on the ground for use against big guys
Boss Edi.E gets hit by a thrown lackey

SNES version

Title Screen
Metro City ain't a great place to live
Revenge! Revenge! A Death Wish like story unfolds
Choose your fighter. As you can see, Guy is missing
Start of the game with map of the levels visible
Haggar grabs 'em
Haggar performs a pile driver on the first boss, Trasher
Every now and then you can pick up a weapon. Like this pipe for instance
Duking it out in the subway
The samurai is ready for the battle! By the way, this boss is very known in a certain fighting game...
Bonus stage: break this car quickly and earn many points. Good for you, but for others...
The Andores had called somebody to help in the combat. This will change something?
Defeating two Andores with the Muramasa sword: totally valid!
Use the special move to hit many enemies at the same time, including a fool cop.
Really, this is a weight fight!
I believe he can fly
Painful attack
Two in one flight
That's hurt
Don't try fight with Haggar
Strange face
Bandit without legs? No, just glitch.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
This is the map of the city which you've got to fight your way through
The Mad Gear gang have kidnapped Hagger's daughter
Hagger's story
Guy's story
Cody's story
Eating off of the floor is good for you in this game
Cody's flying kick didn't stop this guy
The fat guys can charge at you head first
The metal pipes good if outnumbered
Hagger's piledriver will kill any of the weaker enemies in one go
Hagger also has a spinning clothesline attack
The first boss you face is called Damnd
You first meet this hard nut in the subway
Inside the train are more troublemakers
Cody's found a pole i don't think this weapon is in other versions
Sodom without his swords this time around
Bonus level smash up the car
Sometimes its hard to attack as there's three characters in the same place
The identical Andore twins double team you
This boss will wear you down quickly if given the chance