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    The bell rings, the gates crash open, and you feel your heart jump as your hands clench the white railing in excitement. The mass of graceful forms make their way around the curve, closer to you as you find yourself chanting a number over and over again. In a matter of seconds, the majestic animals make their final push for the goal, sending chunks of dirt up from under their thundering hooves as you bring your program down onto the wooden barrier before you, now screaming the number you only mumbled under your breath moments before. Now, imagine the excitement of that moment contained on your own personal computer. Welcome to Final Stretch – Horse Racing Sim.


    Career Mode: Don’t just ride a legend to the finish – create one. Build your dream stable from the ground up, utilizing every building and tool of the trade, from worker residence to professionally outfitted stables. Carefully hire trainers and dieticians to raise your restless horses into champion thoroughbreds, while managing finances and vital supplies.

    Race: Leave your legacy where people will remember it – on the track. Take the reins of a powerful thoroughbred as you challenge the pack in breathtaking 3D environments, complete with authentic grounds and surrounding features, unique weather conditions, even mountains rising in the backdrop. Use strategy to manage your horses positioning and energy, careful to save some juice for the final stretch. Race around the world, and slowly build your reputation as a champion rider.

    Bet: Take part in the pursuit that put horse racing on the consumer map, and experience the fun that millions of people do around the world. Visit any of the in-game race tracks and keep their distinctive environment and layout qualities in mind as you listen to bookies, horse racing magazine, and personal analysis for advice on placing your hard earned cash on a sure fire winner. Every format is there for the excitement-seeker and connoisseur alike, from win, place and show to Quinella, Dual Place, Exacta, Trio Place, and Trifecta. ItÂ’s the excitement of a Saturday afternoon at the racetrack, right on your computer!

    Contributed by Riamus (8521) on Oct 14, 2003.