Fire Hawk: Thexder - The Second Contact Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Mission overview (EGA)
Jumping and attacking (EGA)
Accessing communication dish (EGA)
Flying in plane mode (EGA)
Beginning a level (MCGA)
Located some energy, but on the wrong side of a wall! (MCGA)
Under attack (MCGA)

MSX version

Title screen
The Medallion
Does she need help?
An invasion
The Captain
Space ships
Defense condition
Mission overview
Start position mission 1
Transform into a plane...
Need to blast past this end of level boss
Firing at enemies blocking my path
Found an energy expansion!
Flying through a heavily guarded area...
A large, box enemy
There's plenty to shoot at here...
Shoot the core of this thing to destroy it
Ah, I wandered into a dead end
Firing at enemies...
There's a lot to destroy before you can find the exit of this room...
Firing missiles...
Being chased through a narrow corridor!

PC-88 version

Title screen + main menu
Mission briefing
Getting started..
...and getting killed