Fire Power Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Loading screen
Picking the game type. The game offered one of the earlier modem multiplayer options.
Selecting your vehicle
This tank is faster but not as tough
Starting a single player game
Enemy helicopter attack
Assaulting the enemy gates
Destroyed by the enemy defenses
Game over
Two player on one computer uses a split screen

Apple IIgs version

Loading screen
Choose your game type
Player one chooses a vehicle
Player two chooses a vehicle
Starting a new game
Player one is under attack by enemy helicopters
The game features highly destructible environments

Commodore 64 version

Title screen.
Play against a friend or the computer?
Do you need instructions?
Shall I choose the Scorpion,
the Marc XJ1,
or the Shadow 6.
The arena.
Finding the other tank.
Blow up that gun turret.

DOS version

Title screen
Select your mode of play, the game even supports multiplayer by modem (EGA)
Instructions before the start of the game (CGA)
Tank selection for a two player game (EGA)
Hey, I can see you! A two player game in progress (EGA)
Dirty tactics. The Green tank drops landmines in front of Red's hospital :-> (EGA)
Destroy those fuel domes to increase your tank's fuel level (EGA)
Taking out enemy turrets (EGA)
If you're a sadist, you can squash the enemy's men (and your own) with your tank and enjoy the "squish" coming from the PC Speaker (EGA)
Destroy the enemy's prisons and rescue the POW's. After they've entered your tank return them to your hospital for extra lives [single-player] or mines [multi-player] (CGA)
Enemy choppers will try to destroy you (CGA)
Found the Green flag, now take it back to your garage and you've won the game (EGA)
Post battle summary (EGA)