Fire Woman: Matoi-gumi Screenshots

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PC-FX version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Introducing the girls
So, this is your new school...
New student Oleg, hehe :)
Hey, don't touch her! Or else...
...I will beat you to a bloody pulp! Gotta choose four moves with six PC-FX controller buttons...
Well... that ain't right
Character information
Viewing, learning, and assigning new moves
GPS! Gal Positioning System! The greatest invention since fire!
Dashing. Funny animation :)
Playing soccer, increasing stamina!
Nice garden!
Chatting with "unimportant people"
Oh wow, now that's cool
"Important" girls have those anime portraits
Reading book, increasing your "reader" rank
Holiday! I went to the park
Why so angry?..
Martial arts training
Those girls knocked me off...
Conversation choices
I love basketball :)
Looking at the schedule
What is this, Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
The girl is standing alone on the roof...