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Firepower 2000

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - SNES (UK):
    Choose between a Helicopter Gunship or an Armoured Jeep and prepare to enter enemy territory as part of the elite assault team of SPECIAL WEAPONS INTERDICTION VEHICLES. Battle against enemy 'copters, tanks, hovercraft, snowmobiles, mechanised flying fish, giant weapons installations and much more in this vertically scrolling shoot 'em up. But beware, the enemy is armed with the latest deadly weaponry, including the lethal SILKWORM IV homing missile.

    Contributed by Tracy Poff (1672) on Nov 09, 2006.

Back of Box - SNES (US):


    Imagine if all the mega weapons in the world fell into the wrong hands. And then were turned against you. That's time for major firepower. You've got to take the wheel of a jumping, whirling, gun-heavy jeep that fires in any direction. Or master the controls of a deadlyfast, missile-loaded helicopter. Both war machines have special capabilities. Both change into different vehicles on certain levels. It's up to you to pick the right weapon. So get ready to collect your flamethrowers, plasma cannons, lasers, guided missiles, nuclear weapons and more. There's no time to assemble forces--it's just you or you and a partner going straight into the blazing, blasting heart of enemy territory. Make sure you buckle up. And put your finger on firepower.

    Contributed by Tracy Poff (1672) on Nov 09, 2006.