First Queen Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Title screen
Presenting the various races of Logris
The queen of Ornic begins a bloody war
Viewing the map
The king is sleeping in his bed, and I have to do all the job :)
Hey, that looks nice :)
Cardic castle
Talking to the soldiers. Morale boosting, or whatever
Dragging the soldiers with you :)
What's this, just a lousy village... we want to fight already!
Hitting a shop
Don't run away. You'll be easy prey for enemies!
Journey through a forest
Monster alarm!
Finally, civilization! Booze, women... You know what I'm talking about?
Far ato the North, the ominous castle...
We heroes needs lots of beds... and some girls so that we don't feel lonely, if you catch my drift
Hey, don't shoot at me, moron. I'm your general!
I just need some time alone. All this attention is killing me
Little town, Wild West-style
Weapons shop
Deep inside, I always was a good Catholic