Fishdom Screenshots

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Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Select a tank. Only one is available at the start.
Buy plants, fish or comfort items like airiators and filters for your tank.
Ready for level 1.
Level 1's puzzle
I matched three of the same, one of which was on a gold tile.
Level complete!
This is how much money I got fet that 1 level.
Level 2's puzzle
I matched six of the same and created a firecracker.
I matched five of the same and created a depth charge.
The depth charge has exploded.
I've added a fish, filter and airiator to my tank.
The locked item must be matched before it can be unlocked and removed.
The goldtiles with the gray plates must be matched twice to remove them.
I have gotten a lightning.
Lightnings destroy all tiles of the type you swap it with.
Viewing the Coral Reef set.
Falling down, all tiles are falling down
Bombs are destroying the surrounding tiles
The Lost Atlantis set.
This looks tricky...
Money, money, money. Note that you get more money after winning prices.