Fisher-Price Outdoor Adventures: Ranger Trail Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Ranger Rudy greets the campers
Signing in
Sorting out the objects that are useful for camping
After completing many activities there is a printable certificate like this one
A typical camp scene - toasting marshmallows and singing songs
The options screen - here the player can view how many pictures have been taken
Ranger Rudy's list of things to find
A little night-time hiking!
Connect the stars.... see the constellation
The player's camping buddy tucks herself into a tent for the night
Choosing a log boat for the race
The race is an arcade game of avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups for speed
Camping buddy Mallory points out the cave entrance
Picking berries to use for paint
The player makes his mark on a cave wall
This bear isn't at all irritated by being disturbed
Another gratifying certificate!
Listening to all the night sounds
The unavoidable match game
This certificate celebrates the main acheivement in the game
More options become available on completing Ranger Trail
From this map screen all the activities are now available
The campers are treated to a slideshow of photos the player has taken