Flappy Screenshots

User Screenshots

MSX version

Starting level 1
I am destroying a red stone.
I lost all my lives. Game over. If I want to restart, I can push the blue stone so it falls onto the blue spot.

NES version

Title screen
Enter level passwords here.
Before the stage begins the game tells you whose turn it is.
The first level
Flappy defying gravity.
Crushing a rock
Flappy jumps for joy as the level is completed.
Got killed by an enemy.
Getting smooshed by a boulder.
Game over
The score screen after the game is over.
The second level or side as the game calls it.
Throwing mushrooms at the enemies temporarily freezes them.

PC-88 version

Title screen
First stage

Sharp MZ-80K/700/800/1500 version

Title screen
Scoring screen
Level 1
Game Over

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Controls and scoring
On to Scene 1
First level
With those mushrooms I can put the enemy asleep for a while
Crushing Ebira with the brown stone