Flash Gordon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 2600 version

Starting screen
I am among the debris of a disrupter
The spider warriors are hatching
Spider warriors on the loose
I need to rescure spacemen
I was hit
I completed city one

Atari 8-bit version

Starting a new game. There is a spaceman who can be rescued.
Destroying the hatching pods.
Not quick enough, the warriors have emerged from the pods.
A disrupter and its swarm of dangerous debris.
Destroying the last group of hatching pods. Notice the shield around the ship.
Entering the second city.

VIC-20 version

Starting a new game.
If you are near a disrupter, the screen will fill with deadly debris.
Destroy the hatching pods.
Destroy the warriors that emerge from the hatching pods.
Rescuing a spaceman.
Destroying another node of hatching pods. You must clear the city of them.
Any pods you don't shoot within a few seconds will hatch into warriors.
The map shows only one node of hatching pods remains in this city.
Having cleared the first city, you move on to a new one.
Game over.