Flashback Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Trying to get away on the bike.
Starting the game in the jungle on Titan.
Getting a message from holocube.
Helping the worker.
Joe may help you with anti-gravitation belt.
Fighting the mutant and droid.
Ready to eliminate the camera.
Exterminating the droids.
Ian was visited by a cyborg.
Examining the area with goggles.
Running to the VR console.
Visiting the director of job agency.
Waiting for the train.
Goggles allow you to see the Morphs within the people.
Getting the job.
Throwing the object.
Eliminating the mutants.
Fight with mutant boss
Entering the Death Tower show.
The Death Tower show begins.
Ready to break the camera from not defensed side.
Shooting the enemy while hanging on the ledge.
An award is waiting for you.
Fighting the master of Death Tower show.
In spaceport on Earth
Morphs are distinguished from humans.
Ready to jump on the jet.
Fighting the cyborgs in VR missions.
Riding a bike sequence.
The U.S. President is a morph.
Execution sneak from behind
Execution grab
Strange environment on morph's planet
Shooting some kind of the morph levers.
Fighting the Auxiliary Brain.
Throwing the Neurophage into morphs's source.
Escaping to the shuttle before destruction.
Waiting for cryo-sleep and the sequel